Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lakshmi's spanking

Oh no doctor, you know how kids get spanked  when doing something wrong.

hmm you are right. sometimes it becomes necessary, absolutely necessary.

Yes doctor , I miss my mother for that. No body to discipline me here you see.

(Now i my chance I though), Lakshmi, if you trust me enough, I will be your mother for today, you know just for the disciplining part.

Lakshmi, wanted this, but acted really stunned, had a sly smile also .

So lakshmi, tell me exactly what your mother used to do.

Now lakshmi, had her head down. started carefully explaining. she would you know start from twisting my ear, badly enough that it would become red. Very dark red.
One time I had drunk local neera and had come home late and neighbours had seen me. So my father was very upset and even tried committing suicide. My mother was very furious. So she took me on her lap and spanked me till my butts were deep red. And she even branded with hot iron. I was crying of  2 complete days. There was septic. I had to take 5 antibiotic injections on my butt for continuous days.
I think I deserved it. Then for 3 months I dint go near alchohol .

She was a little sad and was very upset.

I got up and closed and bolted the door , closed the single window in the room and and pulled the thick curtains. the room became almost scary. for her.  I put on the lights.

Lakshmi knew what she had to do, she moved to the table bent a little and placed her hand on the table and stood waiting.
I went close to her, I could hear her heavy breathing.
I felt her plump butts with my hands I squeezed the plumpiness and felt the need for a thorough kneading.

Not wasting much time.  I landed a swish blow on the side of her buttock. She took out an “aah” nothing more. Then I landed another one on the same place. This was harder than the previous one. I expected a more painful reaction. But No, all I heard was another “aah”. As if she was enjoying it . This was not done for.
She arched her back and tensed her hip muscles.

Again I pulled her using her hair. and made her stand erect. Remove your saree and petticoat. I want to do it on your bare butt. Then she sensously removed her saree and petticoat.

Manit, she her, this is the mark made my mom last year. She pointed to a brown burn wound a clear mark done by a hot iron rod on the middle of her right butt. I put my fingers on the mark and I think it tingled her she squirmed a little.

Then I instructed to stand near a table and bend so that her head is down and arms placed beside her head. Lakshmi, do you have a scale. At this, no doctor not the scale please. not th scale.

I came near her buttocks, and used my hand to splatter her ass away. the first spank from my forearm was brutal. She cried “owwwwwww”, like a dog dropped in cold water. after a few spanks she got from that place and started running to escape from me .  
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