Friday, July 29, 2016

Nandhini's Belly injection

Dear shall I help you by applying a hot  water pack?

She agreed and she slept on the bed, her buttocks protruding upwards, as if offering her chubby cheeks, to me, to do whatever I wish I wanted to.

Nandhini, Get dressed, I will go and get the hot pack. Nandhini got up from the bed, slowly wearing her panty back.
She asked me? What do u want me to wear?
I liked the submission in her tone, whatever, but dont wear ur panties. She nodded meekly.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and I opened the door and lakshmi entered. She looked at me with suspicion.
Lakshmi, Let us get hot pack for Nandhini, she needs it after the injection.
Doctor, I will go and get it , she told and went away.
I closed the door, and waited at the door so that Nandhini could get dressed.
I asked her?, Nandhini shall I come in?
Yes doctor, she beckoned.
I slowly walked towards her side of the room, in anticipation.

Nandhini was there, standing tall, she had worn a parrot green saree and a green blouse, she had tied her saree much lower than I have ever seen. Truly sensual, sexy and erotic. She was standing infront of a mirror I could see her front and her back simultaneously. My eyes suddenly fell on her large navel and belly. Her belly was not perfectly toned, but neither was it fat and plumpy. It was full with the right love handles on the sides. Her figure was truly amazing and sensual. I was aroused. I walked closer to her.

Dont I look sexy doctor?, She commented fishing for compliments.
Absolutely, I came nearer.

She was expecting me to do something, anything and I was waiting for the right signal. I knew this was just a sling and a naughty incident which would not go beyond naughty fetish of injections. I definitely dint want a bad affair, I wanted her to be my patient for sometime and nothing more.

I pulled the chair closer to me, sat down. As I sat down, my face was near her belly. I unpacked a syringe and a needle. The needle was thick, I inserted the needle into the syringe and pointed the syringe with needle just close to her navel.
“Ssss” she moaned.
I pressed the needle more,
Doctor, please, not another prick, enough for today.
I know you like injections dear, I too like them. Is there anything else you want from me?
Asking it i pressed the needle further.

At this point she was breathing heavily. And also moaning with the silent pleasure of the what the needle was doing to her belly around the navel. It was just pricking now, not causing much pain, but pain enough for pleasure to kick in.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nandhini's injection continued - part 3

Nandhini's injection continued

 I wiped my lips and she wiped hers. I could see blood on her lip. A small cut nothing much , but easily recognizable.  She tried pressing both lips together not to show it to anybody.

I smiled a  little.
“What are you smiling for?, she asked”
“Nothing, I am sorry”
“For what, the kiss?”
“I really made you cry today”
“No you dint, I am very strong, You cant make me cry”

At this I grabbed  and pulled her to my side, made her to lie down on my lap. Without warning I slapped her ass hard. It was a hard slap . Very hard. I dint care that I had administered a painful injection on her ass. At this she shreiked and belched, I saw a tear roll from her eyes and another and another. Making my sleeves wet.

I made her sit down and looked straight into her eyes. She knew I was mocking her. She held her head down. I said I am sorry . and I was truly sorry. She hugged me and we stayed in the same position for sometime.
At this time, she started gently rubbing her buttocks and she  was feeling uncomfortable  while rubbing. Dear shall I help you by applying a hot  water pack?

She agreed and she slept on the bed.

To Be Continued...
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