Monday, July 8, 2013

Nandhini's injection continued

And even though I wanted to massage the heck out of  nandhini’s butts, I told to myself “not today, not today”.

Now I turned my back to them and neatly started cleaning up the needle and started cleaning up and putting the needle back to my bag.

I heard whispers from back and hissing sounds, sssss, aaahh, mmmm.
They were erotic sounds . These were sounds of pain mixed with great pleasure.

I looked around, I saw that laxmi was helping nandhini wear her panties back. Then was helping her to tie the nada . Laxmi was completely covered, but there was some sensualness to her that I cant put into words. There was some elegance to her posture. She was lying sidewise, and laxmi was sitting beside her. Nandhini had turned away from me, lying side wise and deeply concentrating on the knot of her nada and occasionally her hand moved to the injection spot, lightly pressing it re assuringly, as if to measure the pain - whether it was tolerable or not.  I can assure her , it was not tolerable, Whenever her hand moved to the spot and tried to press lightly, it moved back swiftly into its previous position.

I had removed the needle from the syringe, and placed it in a bean shaped tray. and the needle was a iron needle . And the glass syringe also I placed it in the bean shaped tray. Also in the tray was the cotton I used to apply spirit to nandhini and the one I pressed while I took the needle out. The latter had blood stains in it.  I approached Nandhini with the bean shaped tray in my hand , then placed it next to Nandhini’s face.

As I did that I noticed that nandhini’s eyes were wet, but she was not crying. Her ears were red. She tried to get up, I helped her get up and then she placed a soft pillow underneath her left buttocks and then sat uncomfortably .  She looked at laxmi, as if to signal her to leave the room. The atmosphere was tensed hence, laxmi left the room and closed the door behind her.  I went and bolted the door, which unusual, but I thought that it was needed.

I came and sat next to nandhini. Her face was reddish and her eyes wet , suddenly she started sobbing uncontrollably. I tried consoling her hugged her face, put it to my chest. Then she started shouting at me , and hitting at me madly like a small kid. I took it all with grace, for I had done some mischief today.

Why did u do it like that?, she questioned, wasnt it wrong, u being a doctor. DO you know how much it is paining. oh no yammaaa.
I tried consoling her, no dear, allow me to reduce your pain, then you will thank me. I went and brought a spray, its sort of numbing spray. As I was getting the spray , nandhita , lied down on the bed side ways in slant position, with hips outwards Then removed nada and I had to pull down the panties. When I pulled down the painties, she screamed, the band might have brunshed against the injection spot .
I sprayed the numbing spray on to the injection spot.
ssssss she hissed as I sprayed the aerpsol onto her butt cheeks.

She then closed her eyes in relief.

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