Monday, June 24, 2013

Lakshmi's friend Nandhini too wants an injection

No the water is boiling, I dont think u will get hotter than this. Thats when I thought lakshmi was upto some mischief. and I thought I will have a god tim eas well. Its not every day that u get a sexy patient locked up in a room do you? and that too a little injection fetish.

But I felt there is a problem, lakshmi’s friend outside, she would expect me to come out in some time!. unless …

Lakshmi, your friend Nandhini, she is out side, I dont think we should make her wait. So can we do this injection quick.

Lakshmi: WHats the hurry doctor, wont u pls let me relax?

So lakshmi, u and nandhini are from the same town isit?
Yes doctor.
So does she also .. I mean like I mean not fear injections
ha ha , yes doctor, she sort of likes it, infact she wanted to come to your clinic for some hormone injections..
oh is it, ok so does she have the prescription?
Doctor can you open the door, I will call her?
I opened the door
Lakshimi, nandhini come in
Nandhini came in: So Lakshmi, did you get the injection? she asked naughtily
No yaar, not yet, but come here, nandhini bent and lent a ear to Lakshmi,

Thats when I had an opportunity to look at Nanditha,s behind. I hadnt observed that nanditha had worn a saree. ANd that too much below the navel. I hadnt seen it in real life at all, only in movies. She had a curvy body and broad hips, broader than usual ,and her skin was milk smooth and fair. Lakshmi was definitely beautiful , but she was a damsel.

In no time, nandhni, had stood up rushed out of the door and then in a jiff came back with her prescription sheet.
The prescription read hormone and iron shots to be taken for 8 straight weeks. These shots are intramuscular and and pretty painful.

I dint go into the details of why she she had been prescribed these injections.  Iron shots are for iron deficiency obviously, I guess the other hormone injections are due to hormone deficiency I guess. I was more interested in enjoying the moment .

I asked nandhini, do you want to take the injection now or  want to take it in my clinic. This was sort of a bold statement, because I was asking a really beautiful woman to bare her behind to me , either here or in my clinic.

It somehow seemed preposterous but I had just blurted out without thinking about the consequences.

Nandhni responded meekly , can we go to our room.

that seemed jingle to my ears.
lakshmi was eager to come as well... Nandhini u want lakshmi?

She agreed and we were all in nandhini room and nandhini quietely lied down and lakshmi closed the door. Lakshmi was limping a little . and Nandhini dint notice it.

As she lied down, I asked her , Is this ur first dose, she said, “no doctor, first dose I got at home towna nd nurse was very rough . It was 1 week back. Today I have to take the next dose.

The reason I asked whether this is ur first was to know whether she knows that these shots go in her behind.

Then she handed me the packet containing the vials and the syringes. Slowly I opened the syringe and and the needle, and withdrew medicine from the iron vial and filled it upto 3 ml.

Then I noticed that nanhini was busy opening her nada of her saree and had done it elegantlya nd had turned around facing her ass to my direction. Lakshmi had an amusinig face .

TO my surprise, lakshmi held nanditha and she sort of beared her full ass . I had never seen such a sight. As I had prepared the injection, I took some cotton ball and rubbed on her ass. The rubbing produced a strange sound . I had to appear normal and had to preserve my modesty as I rubbed a beautiful woman’s rear. I would say I was lucky that this woman was allowing me to do this to her.

I thought nandhini  was a strong girl, so I wanted make her cry and see some teas in her eyes. So I jammed the needle into the ass.

aaah, I heard the sound from Nandhini , for a woman who was used to getting regular injections, a shot like this would go off without any sound, a squirm in the face may be . But I dint want that. It would have been an insult to me , atleast for today. I wanted to experience the full pain of an injection. I wanted her ass to pain for a few days atleast and in that pain I wanted her to relive this very experience.
I had made the necessary preparations. I had not warmed the medicine and it was a little cold. As soon as I started pressing the plunger I heard silent moans of Nanditha and giggles of lakshmi.
I may appear a bit sadistic, but it is not so, I just felt that nandhini was asking for that pain pleasure combination that an injection would promise and that too getting it administered through a smart handsome doctor like me was great add on.

I instructed lakshmi to hold her tight. Because I was about to cause her more pain.
lakshmi, please hold her tight ma.
Nandhini: doctor, please take it out doctor.

I removed the needle a little and reinserted it a slant position. and i guess this caused nandhini
excruciating pain. and she shouted “ammmmmaaaaaaaa” and her shout only fell into deaf ears. I continued pressing the plunger and withdrew the needle with a jerk.

And even though I wanted to massage the heck out of  nandhini’s butts, I told to myself “not today, not today”.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hot Navel injection video - village doctor

In this rare scene, Nalini, a south actress receives multiple painful injections in her soft pulpy navel. 

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