Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lakshmi reveals her true nature

Doctor, May I turn so that nandhini wont know about first injection. ya you can .
Now I got a blanket and spread over Lakshmi, But you dont have to dress again . You see Nandhini wont know. Oh ya thanks doctor. Then lakshmi turned

As she turned , her butts touched the bed, and she felt a chill of pain up her butt cheeks, due to the shot she had just received.

Lakshmi “ssss ahhhh”
Nandhini : What happened?
Lakshmi: Nothing, I think There was a bangle
Nandhini, Please be out side for a moment. I will call you in a moment.
Nandhini: No doctor, I will also be there when u give Lakshmi the injection.
Lakshmi: No nandhu please go out.

Nandhini was a little angry and went out and slammed the door. I got up and closed the door. Just when I closed the door, and I turned back to see lakshmi, I got a wicked idea of taking undue advantage of Lakshmi. So started to play naughty tricks.

Lakshmi started to look at the cover which had been brought by nandhini . She opened one by one neatly arranging each of the articles on the table. There was a 5cc disposable syringe, a 1.5 inch needle, and a small 3 c c ampule of thick white liquid. Lakshmi was staring at it.

It will pain no doctor, she sort of asked in a meekly voice and her hand touching the butt. Yes but not much. I was sort of lying because I knew that the amoxycillin injection (the injection I am going to administer) is notorious for its sting even after days after the administration. And few people will be able to walk properly even after the 2nd day.

Lakshmi: Ahh, Doctor the last injection is stinging badly. Can I put hot water on that. 

Myself: It is common practice to put alternate hot and cold water on the butt muscle to help it expand and contract to help the medicine absorb. Hence the pain reduces drastically.

Lakshmi was trying to get up.

Lakshmi, don't get up, I will go and get it for you. I went in there was a steel mug, I poured boiling hot water into it. Usually Luke warm water , but I wanted to have fun u see..

I got it, and wrapped the steel tumbler in cloth so that the heat reduces. Now I gave the steel tumbler to lakshmi and warned her that it is too hot. Then she suddenly placed the bottom part of the tumbler on her hips. Then she left out a moan of both the pain and the pleasure.

Doctor, This is not very hot, Can you make it more hot?

No the water is boiling, I don't think u will get hotter than this. That's when I thought lakshmi was up to some mischief. and I thought I will have a good time as well. Its not every day that u get a sexy patient locked up in a room do you? and that too a little injection fetish.

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  1. I love to give her injections. So the injection should not hurt, I pull her panties off, I get on her butt meanwhile I prepare the injection. As I am injecting her, I caress her butt. After the injection,.I massage her buns and kiss them.


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