Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lakshmi's painful injection

I took out paracetamol tablet from my bag and held it to Lakshmi for her to take it.
Myself: Take this tablet, Your fever will come down.
Lakshmi: No doctor, I cant take the tablet, I will sure vomit if I take it.
Myself: Dont act like a child, otherwise I will give u injection like a child... ha ha
Lakshmi: that is only better doctor.
I was a bit taken aback by her statement. I thought she was afraid of injections.
Myself: Lakshmi, I thought you were afraid of injections.
Lakshmi: Yes doctor, I am afraid to look at the injection needle. It makes me mad. But otherwise I am not that afraid of injections. Anyways in my hometown, we used to get injections a lot. Nandhini is also from my hometown thats why she told I have to get some painful injections. ha ha

With that I smiled and lakshmi and myself both had a hearty laugh.

Myself: I though you girls are afraid and shy of injections. Sometimes some girls act so funny when taking injections ha ha
Lakshmi understood what I meant and gave a naughty smile. Now I prepared a paracetamol injection. It was a 3 ml injection much larger than last night’s one. This, I was to give it to her butt only. But I wanted to have some fun with her now.

Myself: Lakshmi, Close you eyes, I will give this to your right hand.
Lakshmi: Doctor, please dont make fun of me ….
Myself: ok ok, turn around..
She understood what I meant.
Doctor, please close the door, I dont want Nandhini to know I got 1 more injection, She will make further fun of me.  

I thought to myself, that this is my lucky day …
I bolted the door and then turned around.
Lakshmi was wearing a red saree, She was looking very beautiful in thathe sleeping pose. She was engrossed in trying to untie the nada of

her lehenga. She had work her saree much below the navel. I could have faintly had a look at her butt curve. I could not be sure. Her navel though was a treat to watch. I could also see the folds in her waist, which told she had a well endowed figure.   Atlast she was able to remove the knot. Then she slid the lehenga down and she exposed her panties.  She was wearing black panty. I was staring all the time at her butts, fixated my gaze on her smooth skin, as much as it was exposed now.
Doctor do it fast. I heard the shout from Lakshmi, that shook me from my short dream.
I was standing there holding the syringe with my right hand and the cotton ball in by left hand.  She had turned to her right side, exposing her left butts.

please doctor do it fast, I dont want nandhini to know . She gave a sly smile.
If I do it fast it will pain you.

I pulled her panties down. She buried her face into the pillow. One of the professors  I worked with had taught me few techniques for making injections a painless affair. The methods were unconventional but I decided to try them anyways. In a short span I had developed a liking for Lakshmi and because she had to take 2 injections today and I dint know how many  more later.
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