Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lakshmi returns to her hostel drunk

I stay at an upmarket locality in Bangalore. Very near to my house is a working woman’s hostel. I am a young doctor, MD general medicine. I have my own little practice on the same road as the Girl’s hostel. I usually have few patients from the working women’s hostel visit me for small illnesses, nothing very serious.

I always wanted to have a sort of tie up with the the women’s hostel, sort of like an official doctor. That had not happened and only had occasional visits from the hostel. One reason I wanted to have a tie up with the hostel was to have regular patients and the other reason, He would only be an idiot who would not want to treat beautiful ladies. The hostel was a pretty large one.

It was on this night about 8 days before this writing, that I chanced upon a way to treat on of the office bearers of the hostel. It was half past eleven and very late for me to stay at the clinic. I had stayed late at the clinic for some errand and was about to lock the doors and leave to my house which was just ahead on the same lane.

It was then I heard a taxi pull up infront of the Ladies hostel. There was faint lighting of the streetlight and in that lighting, I could see a women getting down from the taxi. She was wearing saree and was paying off the taxi driver. I just noticed a commotion and hurried to see what it was. I saw that a quarrel had broken off between the women and the taxi driver. She was hurling abuses at the taxi driver and he was responding back. I took money from her, quietly paid the taxi driver and he drove off.

Now I turned to see my companion on the road. She was a little drunk and was out of her mind. Now I recognized that she was Ms lakshmi who was residing in the hostel. She was one of the office bearers and the it was too late to get inside the hostel as the rules of the hostel were quite strict. She herself would not have been found breaking them and that too in this drunken state. I led her to my house and then I prepared a strong dose of espresso (black coffee) for her. After she had had it it , she was feeling better and she was in her senses now.

Lakshmi : Sorry Dr for causing so much trouble for you. And thanks for not taking me to the hostel in this state.
Myself: Oh no problem. Now do you want to go back to the hostel
Lakshmi: Yes yes, but I am feeling so tired and I guess i have  a fever too ( putting her hand onto her forehead).
Myself: Feeling the her forehead myself.

I went and got a thermometer and put it in her mouth. The temperature read 102 degree F. It was not alarming but was high enough for caution. I informed her about the situation. 

Myself: Have you taken any medicine
Lakshmi: Yes I have taken 2 paracetamols. But I do feel shivering and fever and alcohol has worsened the situation.
Myself: yes yes. Do you mind If I give you an injection. Tomorrow we could do a blood test.
Lakshmi: Yes doctor,(with blushing)

I quickly prepared a paracetamol injection. It was just 1.5 ml and then I prepared a cotton ball with tincture.
I went near her. She was scared of seeing the needle. I think she had assumed that the injection will go in her butt. But this was a small injection and I wanted to give it to her arms.

She quietly lied down on the sofa and started untying her saree nada.
Myself: Lakshmi, this injection will be in your shoulder.
Lakshmi: oh sorry doctor, I thought this will be mmmmm (long pause)
She was blushing and I guess she felt embarrassed.
Myself: If you want we can do it on your waist also.
Lakshmi: No doctor I will take it on shoulder only.
Myself: I applied tincture using the cotton ball  and insterted the needle into her shoulder.

All the while she was looking at the needle getting inserted into her shoulder. I was looking at her face she was very scared and feeling very painful

I removed the syringe and announced its over.

to be continued ..

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