Sunday, July 31, 2011

Revenge of a rejected lover

This is the story of not a pretty doctor named aanchal who has been rejected by her fiancee bcoz he is now being engaged to a rich beautiful girl named laisha , they both insulted her in a restaurant and and her fiancee ditched her bcoz of the new girl , she could not tolerate with the humiliation and while walking on the roadside she met with an accident, her whole face is damaged bcoz of the fire in the accident,
now she has been provided a new face by a plastic surgeon, she has also changed her name and practices her profession of doctor at a new place.

One day that laisha suddenly comes to her clinic complaining about some pain in stomach and high fmild temperature check and palpated the stomach of laisha . suddenly laisha started talking about her husband ex fiancee , laisha addressed her by calling her a poor unfortunate girl.This makes her really angry by pinching the old memories,after checking her up she told laisha that her body need a injection shot for the situation, she was reluctant at the firs instance but agreed to get the injection as aanchal told her it will quickly relieve her from the problem, aanchal opened the fridge and grabbed and injection (the injection was not to improve her ever , at that time aanchal did all that things which a doctor duly does , she started with a health but to make her more ill ) she started preparing with an revengeful look on her face ,when she was preparing it laisha was looking towards the syringe , she distracted her by telling that get prepared for the injection , she was surprised to hear that as aanchal told her that it will on ur bottoms, laisha straight sway said that why u have to give it on my bottom as i can bear it on my arms, aanchal said this kind of medicine can only injected on ur bottoms as they can absorb it easily so plz cooperate and remove ur jeans and underwears for the injection shot, laisha reluctantly does as the doctor said and followed her instruction , she exposed her supples and air ass with panties remaining on, after preparing the injection aanchal comes nearer towards laisha
her panties were covering most of her buttocks , so aanchal herself removed her uptill her thighs
and laisha looked towards aanchal face in helpless way but she convince her by thinking as she is a lady doctor, aanchal slowly rubb the middle of her ass with the cotton swab and slowly jabbed the needle in a wrong manner , not in 90 degree angle , this practice made laisha mummered in pain as her skin was pinched for a longer time and that too slowly by the doctor , aanchal said ssshhhhhhhh, and then slowly pushed the plunger the ill medicine inside laisha,s body , she eventually grabbed the sheet of the examination table to counter with the pain it almost over said aanchal, after the injection get finished for about 50 seconds , she purposely did not massaged her buttocks in order to makes her feel more pain, she was full of tears when aanchal looked at laisha's face , aanchal told laisha to dress and after she also took her blood sample for some routine test and come to her nearby cabin, when aanchal was havin a chat with the doctor about her illness , suddenly her husband gives her a call and by the way of her talking aanchal came to know that both were making fun about her husband ex fiancee which was aanchal , at that instance aanchal decided to take a brutal revenge of her present situation, she deliberately gives laisha her card and told her that if u still feel ill u can call me to ur home, aanchal perfectly knows that she will have her revenge completed .
Aanchal start thinking about what should he do to her in order to justify her anger and depression and humiliation and then suddenly something clicks to her mind and she moved to her laboratary and opened the drawer containing a single bottle of an injection fluid which will slowly deteriorate her beautifulness and will completely destroys her skin d and then she decided that she will inject laisha with it so that her life will become terrible. , laisha called her in the afternoon and told her about her ill body , aanchal told her that she will be their in half an hour , when she reached her home their was nobody in the house , she straight away see that laisha was lying on her couch ,
aanchal; what is the problem now
laisha ; i m feeling strong itching in my whole body
aanchal; well let me the judge for that
laisha; i cant bear this
aanchal; i will suggest for an injection to stop this itching
laisha; phir se
aanchal; kya karein ur body demands it , nahin
to aap so nahi payengi aise
laisha ; par is bar hath pe lagana, bums pe nahin dena,
aanchal ; look miss i have injected so many ladies prettier than u . so if u want me to help u than u should first help me by listening to ur doctor , injection will be given on ur buttocks only , their is nothing to ashamed as i m a lady doctor too
laisha; aacha to phir laga do but slowly
aanchal ; dont u worry
she started preparing the injection but this time the needle was much longer , in between laisha lowered her pajamas buit this time she herself lowered the panties but only exposed her right buttocks , aanchal quickly prepared the injection and again completely exposed her both bums
and rubb the right butts with the cotton swab and slowly darted the needle ,
laisha mummered and said noooooooooooooo and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , aanchal slowly pushed the plunger
she was showing revengeful look when she saw the medicine was injected completely
aanchal completed the injection in about 1 minute and told her to lay on her bottom now for her
, then she exposed her belly and checked her for abdominal pain , she told her to take some tablets , she knows that laisha' skin will get destroyed by the effect of the injection forever
, aanchal grabbed her fees and left her house,
hope u like the but not as the previous one from me
one more is coming this month( greedy step mother)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fantasised and lucky friend

This is the story of my friend priyanka and me about 2 years ago.Priyanka age will be around 20 years ago, she was very open with me and shares every single thought of her .she had a dusky complexion with quiet a nice figure. One day she told me that she likes giving injection shots on a girls butt. i was surprised and to know that she do have same fantasies like me
At that time my penis got erected as i know that soon i will be giving painful injections on a girls soft and supple ass.firstly i tried to change the topic with priyanka but she insisted more (so clever on my part).
Afterwards she told me that their is a girl named akriti who has shifted in her locality. priyanka straightly told me that she would love to give painful injections to akriti. At that time i felt like wow. then we staight away move to priyanka' s house , their was nobody in the house except for her younger brother aged 8 years, we stra
ight away went to priyanka's room
priyanka,s mother mrs. poonam is a doctor, priyanka showed me a fridge containing so many injections . splits and a box with lots of syringes. I quickly came to know about origin of her fantasies as she told me that she never miss a chance when her mother injects any female patient
She told me that this girl akriti from her locality came to her mother's clinic complaining about some high fever , she was watching the whole incident with her eyes keeping in mind that akriti could not see her, priyanka told that mom started taking her temperature check and afterwards placing stethoscope on her breasts and back . she said akriti was damn sexy and beautiful
she also complained about some weakness. Mom prescribed some tablets and a injection shot for weakness. Now priyanka was eager to know whether it will be a butt shot or not. Mom prepared the syringe told akriti to adjust the sleeves of her orange top , priyanka was so disappointed while hearing that. mom jab the needle into akriti left hand . akriti mummered a little bit with a
nice painful expression on her face. Then priyanka.s mom give her the visiting card . akriti paid the fees and left.
After one week clinic phone bell rings, here is the conversation
priyanka: who' speaking
akriti : is it doctor poonam
priyanka: no she is not in the town. im a nurse
priyanka: what happened
akriti: nothing just feeling weak , doctor poonam prescribed some shots
priyanka : do u want me to come to ur place
akriti: i can myself come , but i will be thankful if u can come
priyanka: ok, i will be there in one hour

priyanka knows that she has got the chance to fulfill her injection dreams on her. priyanka told me to dress like a doctor so that i can control the situation . she took all the devices needed with her, priyanka knows quiet a bit about medicines as she is also doing doctory course , she took with her a powder injection which is known to be very painful especially in butts. then she grabbed a sedative and a esctasy drug(it makes a person irrestible to anyting).
Afterwards we reached akriti house . priyanka ranged the door bell . akriti maid opened the door. she was a blackish lady . her maid informed akriti that baby doctor sahab aa gaye hain. maid ne kaha sahab ghar par koi nahin hai auur phir woh bhi ghar se chali gayi.
we both knowing akriti is now our sexy victim. We both entered akriti room . gosh her room was big. she was lying on her bed with pink night suit pajamas. we both sat on opposite of each other on bed side and akriti was lying in the middle . firstly priyanka introduced me to akriti and telling that mam he is doctor mohit . I asked akriti what happened she said she has eaten some s
tale food last night and now she is not feeling well.
First i started checking her beautiful eyes and meanwhile priyanka takes the thermomet
er and the stethoscope from the briefcase afterwards i move my cold hands over neck starts massaging her neck . we can see that she was feeling surprised by the treatment. but poor girl akriti does not know that this was just a beginning . After that i placed the stethoscope on the center of her perfect breasts deliberately making my finger tips touching her skin . we both can see her body movement, we were both liking it. then priyanka inserted thermometer in her mouth and start checking her nerves.
After that i told akriti that u nee
d some further check up , so i think we will first start with belly portion . before akriti could react priyanka unbuttoned her night suit kurti exposing her flat sexy belly , she was wearing a purple bra . we both can feel some helplessness on her face , but we evil ones were enjoying it, i started moving my hands softly over her belly , priyanka lowered her pajama just a little bit so that only little bit of her purple panties can be seen. i was moving my hands upper to lower portion starting right below her breast to downwards upto her panties
akriti was tightening her body whenever i do it, i told her to loosen up, her expression was making both of us horny.
After wards i ordered akriti to lay on her belly , she hesitatingly obeyed it, priyanka upped her kurti upto her shoulders an start checking her lower and upper back applying her hands gently and in a sexy way, priyanka can feel the tickling of akriti.
After all this we suggested akriti that u r shot of wbc,s in ur body that why u r feeling weakness
so to cure it we r going give u two injection shots the first one will be a powder injection,then we will give u sedative so that u can have a sound sleep.At that point of time
akriti was full of fear in her eyes
.I ordered priyanka to administer the powder and the ecstacy injection instead of sedative
when priyanka was loading the syringe i can see evil kind satisfaction on her face,akriti was removing her sleeves , then i told akriti in a dominating tone that this injection is meant to be given on butts just to make it less painful, akriti argued that i can bear the pain on my hands plz doctor inject me at my hands, i told that as a doctor i know better than u, then priyanka told akriti their is nothing to be shy and embarrassed as we have injected many other young girls like u(what a fucking liar), akriti replied that no no doctor its not like that but we know that what was the real argument
poor akriti's attempt for not exposing her beautiful ass did not work and we were finally succeeded in convincing her. now its time for both of us to fulfill our fantasies on her
it was taking
sometime for preparing injection in between i ordered akriti to lower her pajamas and to turn her face towards me and ur butt facing priyanka . now we both can see her sexy and tight panties . very slowly she was obeying as if she was not liking it , after two minutes the injection get prepared, priyanka ordered akriti to move her panties downwards . akriti again argued that there is enough portion exposed to inject . but priyanka told her it will be injected straight in the middle of the butt and i as a nurse always injects in a rightful manner so young lady please cooperate , now without wasting any time she( priyanka )herself in a brutal manneer removed akriti,s panties to her knees , now her whole thighs and vagina was seeing to me and her ass was exposed to priyanka, i can see the some wetness in her eyes as she was feeling embarrassed by the procedure, priyanka applied the cold split on her left ass . akriti tightend her ass cheek priyanka told to just loose it, akriti just couldnot help it as she was also tensed , then this slut priyanka slapped akriti's left butt 2 times to make that portion relaxed , at that moment akriti tears was coming more faster because of the shame in her eyes , priyanka told akriti plz bear the pain and she deliberately slowly inserted the needle , akriti was moving her body and scartching the pillow with her hands , i hold her both hands with little bit of pressure , her crying become more intensive when priyanka started injecting the medicine in her body , with my right hand i started caressing her head and hairs
and continuously saying that girl it is about to over be brave shshshshshshsh , its almost done, priyanka was injecting very slowly so that it hurts more and finally the injection was over after 2 minutes , akriti was crying , priyanka massaged her left butt for about 30 seconds, akriti quickly tried to cover her with her panties but priyanka reminded of another injection , the sedative, now we can see that akriti replied that can u give me this time on my hand, priyanka showed anger in her eyes to control the situation. priyanka ordered that now injection will be on right butt, so can u plz turn in opposite direction for us, now akriti followed up like a good girl, piyanka passed on the tray to me , i started prepairing the ecstacy injection instead of sedative , i prepared the injection quickly applied cotton split , i deliberately placed my hands on the lower portion of her waste and jab the needle into her ass . i ordered priyanka to hold her hands , i also tried to make the injection painful , priyanka was enjoying akriti embarrassed and painful expression, after 4 -5 minutes of the ecstacy injection akriti asked me that doctor what was the injection for , we both now know that akriti is now totally submissive to us , i answered akriti it will make u feel good , akriti told that she has never had such kind of feeling, she was already half nude in front of us , i started caressing her from behind her waist to her belly , she said stop doctor but the drug was strong enough to control her i moved my hands at the inner portion of her thighs , priyanka unbuttoned her bra and start slowly caressing her breasts , akriti resisted just a little bit but she was enjoying because of the drug i was moving my hands on her belly over over again her stomach was shivering and tickling after akriti was hot enough i inserted my finger inside her vagina she literally moved her face upwards and at the time priyanka kissed her lips and pinched her nipples , her nipples got erected, priyanka was showing more obsession with akriti' s ass, psycho priyanka grabbed some empty syringes and one by one painfully inserted into akriti ass , akriti moaned a lot with the pinch of syringes, i bringed my penis upto her mouth, at the first instance it seemed like akriti will not give me head but i was wrong the our drug was showing amazing reaults, for about 4-5 minutes i enjoyed her giving me a very good head (blowjob), i was again n again pinching her pink nipples , manouevering them with my finger tips , akriti was totally enjoying it,she was moving her body so rapidly that i can feel her pleasure, in between priyanka removed the syringes from her ass and now she start kissing her ass and spanking it hardly, i was forcely holding her hands and belly , priyanka and i were feeling like masters and treating akriti as our beautiful slave.
Now priyanka knows that effect of the drug will slowly decrease , so we both controlled ourselves and then we prepared the sedative injection to make akriti sleep well so that she will not be able to remember what she had gone through in recent hours, again our psycho priyanka
painfully injected the whole sedative in the sexy ass of akriti , guess
what this time akriti enjoyed the pain of injection , i cant forget her horny voice and expression at that time
Now we think that akriti may have also developed similar fantasies for injections
After akriti was put to sound sleep . priyanka and i properly made her dressed like before
Before leaving priyanka wrote on a paper that akriti , after waking if u still not feel good . plz come to clinic in tomorrow afternoon, or if u cant come we can come again (what a obsessive bitch)

I will post most stories after comments from u guys .............enjoy being a injection fetish

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