Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reshema getting Injection

Again I come to u with a good story. This story was a Muslim girl Reshma Ansari. She is not more than 20-21 years old. One day Reshama come at our clinic very hurry mood we didn't understand what happen. Bcoz already one male patient sitting in front of Mam. But she directly came in inside. Mam told her wait but she still stand in open the door position in door. Again man told wait for 5 minute then she wait outside. After that patient over she came inside. And very afraid mood she told mam," doctor meri gaye mahine me periods first week me
aaye thay abhi tak aaye nahi hai jo ki dusre mahine ka last hafta chalu hai". Then Mam ask him its happen every month or its regular.

Then she told truth I get regular periods. But last month I sex with my boyfriends I afraid get pregnant. She came with wearing burqa and snooze of black colour. Then mam told her lets see to check you. Then she open her snooze and burqa as well. Then I seen she wear green colour salwar and pink colour kamiz. Then mam told her lie down on the table and open slawar nada loose it. Then Mam push the curtains and start checkup her to asking different questions they most of the times  checkup her abdomen and lower part of the tummy. After Mam come to
conclusion you had preganant more than one month. Then she tell mam plz give me injection I cant keep this child. Mam told see nothing would be happen after injection you want to go hospital to do abortion. But Reshma requested Mam atleast u give injection and I day after tummarrow visited hospital for abortion. 

Then Man told him I dont have any problem to give injection. Then Mam prescribe one injection. Then she went to medical to get it that. When she came with that medicine bottle. Mam told me Neel give her that injection. I am
living now and told Reshema Neel give u injection but keep in mind u visited to hospital for that after some time that is not possible ok. Then Reshema said ok. Then I start to prepared the injection. After prepared. I seen Reshema sitting on table to seen at me. 

After I take the alcohol cotton Reshma  start up the sleeves I told her Injection get in butt only. Without
saying anything she start open her salwar nada. After loosing she direcly sleep on tummy to raised the upside  both the buttocks. She down her salwar little bit but not down the panty. Then one side salwar and panty I down the full. Easily seen her butt crack. But not option bcoz her butt is very small, Smooth and whistish. And in ther
middle of the butt I rubb the cotton and given very slowly push the needle. I seen she closed the eyes tightly and murmureed sshhhhhhh.... aahhhhhhhhh ooouuuuuuuu and I pushing medicine its take time more than 45 seconds bcoz medicine is very thick. It didn't go fast as normal medicine. When I finished the injection I seen Reshema is crying. I seen the inj point also tight so I rubbed the more time that point. After I left again Reshma rubb the injection. Then she raised cloth tide the salwar. Again wear the burqa and salwar. Given fees say thanx.

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