Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story of confused fetish nature girl in medical mess

This is the story of an very erotic fetish loving girl , one day she have to take to undergo a complete medical exam at the gynecologist. this is story is itself spoken by that sick wicked fantasized girl underwriting all her wonderful never forgettable experience at the evil clinic

Walking from the elevator, I found myself on a row of professional looking offices, and while I could not imagine where I had thought that my medical practitioner might send me, the deep pile carpet of the corridor began to have a soothing effect on my nerves and spirits. It was a long corridor and at last, I came to an oak door with no identification other than "CLINIC" on a silver plate. With a trembling hand, I opened the door and entered a receptionist area, which had been tastefully and professionally decorated. I had just started to settle into one of the plush leather sofas, when an office door quietly opened and a slim nurse said, "Cheri, I presume? Won't you come in please."

I followed the nurse into an office area, which overlooks the park and take one of two chairs facing the desk.

In walks Doctor Mhem, he begins, "My practice specializes in the proper assessment and treatment of naught girls who can’t listen to doctor’s orders. That means YOU young lady!" His fat finger pointed right at me. My heart pounded as I sat rooted to the chair. "Your confidentiality is assured here," he continued, "and I want you to feel completely comfortable in discussing the matter which brought you to us. Now how might we be of service to you ?" At first, I thought he was kidding. But the look on his face was too serious.

"Ummmmmm. I don’t know why I’m here. My primary doctor referred me. I’m not naughty, honest. I'm a good girl, really!" I gave him my best 'innocent' look, but it didn't do any good. So I sat there with my eyes downcast, thinking I should run now, before I regret agreeing to come here. What was I thinking just coming here? I’m always told what the appointments are for yet my doctor was so secretive about this one. My nerves were on edge and I couldn't help fidgeting.

“That is not what I heard from your primary physician. He was very clear on how your lack of self care is making your health and general attitude decline. I understand you forget to take your medications, you push yourself so hard you get very little sleep and you don’t eat at times. Your stress level is horrible and you never relax. Depending on how your visit goes today, we will assess if further visits might be required. Although I have no doubt, you’ll be back here frequently, at least for awhile. Now, the nurse needs to take you through some preliminaries.” My heart sunk with every word he said. I had the feeling this was going to be so much more then I first thought! Pressing a button, the nurse enters his office.

“Please follow me Cheri.” And with that I was dismissed! He didn't even look up as I left. I felt small and was starting to get scared. I kept wondering what 'treatment of naughty girls' meant. The thought of running came back to me. Just as I turned the nurse took me by the elbow and escorted me into an examination room. Her grip was so strong, and it hurt a little. The room, which the nurse takes me to, is large in comparison to the small cramped cubicles at my gynecologist's office. Along one wall is a low padded table, covered with pastel sheets, while at the far end, with well-padded stirrups, stood the examination table, though this one had more movable sections. This isn't good I thought.

I jumped when the nurse indicated a screened dressing area. I was instructed to strip ... completely ... handed a cotton, patterned gown, and a pair of-terri-cloth stretch slippers. I asked if I might use the bathroom and am told pleasantly, "No, dear, that will be taken care of later". As I start to undress, I hear her opening and closing drawers and cabinets, but resist the temptation to peek out from behind the dressing screen. I remove my jacket, blouse and skirt, slip, and bra. Hesitating a moment, I slipped my thigh highs down my legs and stand naked before the full length mirror on the wall. 'Enough!' I thought and I slip into the gown, which comes to mid-thigh, and slippers. Having made up my mind to go at least see what they expect of me, I stepped out from behind the screen.

"Now, first I will need to take your blood pressure and temperature, so just sit down on the edge of this table and try to relax," she said without a smile. Slipping the black cuff over my arm, she counted down the blood pressure.

"Your blood is lightly elevated, now I need to take your temperature."

"Well, I'm a little nervous," glancing up I just don't see any mercy in her face at all. My tummy rolls over a little bit. I was looking over the room and not paying attention to what she was doing until she stood before me with a really big thermometer and a greasy gloved finger. I had opened my mouth in anticipation, but she cut me off.

"No, the Doctor wants your temperature taken rectally, so I'll need to have you stretch out on the table and turn over on your tummy."

"OH MY GOD, NO!" I screamed, "NEVER!" I shot up and headed toward the screened dressing area, for my clothes to leave. Suddenly several orderly's (clinic wardboys) walk in the room. I try to push my way out, to no avail. Each has taken an arm by the wrist and elbow. The nurse has taken a seat in the chair and gives me a look that sends butterflies all though my stomach.

"You had your chance to cooperate Cheri. Now you'll begin to see what we do with naughty uncooperative little girls," with that I was firmly escorted toward her no matter how I tried to backpedal. I was lain over her lap without any effort on their part at all. I thought the nurse was strong, but these guys were not giving me any pity at all!

"Noooooooo, please," as I felt my cheeks parted. I couldn't help but feel so tiny and small over her lap like this. I knew the men were looking at my behind, I couldn't hardly move as one of them now held my ankles. The meanie even spread my legs a little! I struggled all I was worth but soon her finger was deep inside my fanny and sliding around. I shook my head no, denying the rising feeling. How I loved my bottom played with, but not like this!

"Cheri, you're bratting yourself right into a very hard spanking young lady," I gasped and my eyes teared up so quickly. I realized that my bottom was arching up and I know I blushed so hard. It was all too much!

"OH!" She pulled her finger out so fast! Then the thermometer was resting against my anus. It was a little cold and the orderly at my feet spread my legs a little more. "Nooooo, please Ma'am," thinking polite was good, but it didn't help. I knew he could see me getting wet and I pounded my fists until the other man took ahold of them.
"Now, this may be a little uncomfortable for just a minute, so relax." she said and with that I felt the bulb firmly pushed on into my bottom. She held it there for what seemed like ages and just patted my raised bottom. I felt like such a child like this. 'If only I hadn't come here', I thought.

"Now stop that humping girl!" I lost my breath when she gave me a slap, it jiggled the thermometer, chills raced up my spine and I blushed harder. I didn't even realize what I was doing! I sniffled and tried to stop the tears, gasping as the thermometer was pulled out of my ass with one quick jerk.

"Your temperature is normal and now I'm going to give you an injection of a mild sedative in your hip.", what no . no i will not take any injection im all right, nurse mummered young brat we are the doctors not u Turning my head I watched her pick up the hypodermic syringe from the instrument tray and, turning back to me, I feel the cold alcohol swab on my left buttock as she prepares the site for the injection. Her technique was rough, as I felt the steel invader enter my tender soft butt skin, one of the orderly comes infront of my face holding my boths hands as he enjoys my painful expression, this feeling of being ashames and controlled by someone was making my mind full of hornyness and finally the nurse takes back the needle .

"OWWWWWWWWWW, did you leave the damn needle in there?" I struggle to get loose from my captors.

“Your attitude is not acceptable child. And we do not allow young ladies to use such language. I’m gonna punish you for that.”

“I’m not a child, how dare you say such a thing,” as soon as I said it I realized how childish that did sound. And there was little I could do to prevent her, being stretched over her lap by the two men. Her hand rose and fell. The sting jolted me so, I hadn't expected her to spank so hard. Slow at first, but she picked up the pace quickly. Soon she was spanking me in a flurry of slaps. My bottom was heating up so quickly, I didn't have any time to cope or shake off the sting. It just kept building and building. I tried so hard not to cry, but just couldn't resist. Tears broke with sobs like a flood. I cried so hard I forgot about my embarrassment. All I knew was how much her hand stung. I was pleading for her to stop, making all sorts of promises to be good. I saw little puddles on the tiles that my tears formed and didn't realize she stopped until I felt my legs edged wider apart. I tried to pull them closed but couldn't.

"My, my, a little wet aren't we my dear!" I died of embarrassment and just hung my head between my pulled arms. Still sniffling and hiccuping. She finally lowered the hem of the robe to cover my buttocks. I knew it had to flaming red. She didn't even give me a little rub or pat.

"Fine, now you're going to lie there while we get you ready for the next step," my ankles were let loose and I could hear the orderly moving things around. I glanced up at the one holding my wrists and wished I hadn't. He just smiled at me, one of those smiles that said he was enjoying himself. I quickly looked down again.

"OK, we're almost ready now. Help her up to a kneeling position," I felt hands on me, helping me to stand. I wiped my tears and nose with the hem of my gown. I didn't care if they saw anything. They led me over to the table and urged my upward and onto my hands and knees. The gown hung down, exposing my swaying breasts. I could feel the cool air swirl around them as she scooted me around until I was in the middle of the table.

"Now I want you to rest your chest on the table, and let the middle of your back relax," I shook my head no and tried to dismount but they were too strong. I felt my shoulders forced downward until my titties were pressed into the linen. She spoke as if I were following her orders, but it was the men making me do what she said.

"You'll need to move your knees apart," and they pushed them apart, "now and bring them up...... just a little forward ... so your bottom is well extended," and they pushed and situated me until my bottom stuck up so very high and bare. My knees were barely on the table I was spread so wide.

"You don't have any choice young lady," as she snuck hands under my chest and gave my nipple a really hard pinch.

"OW," I jerked and tried to move again, but they had already strapped my ankles and the other was holding me down at the neck.

"Please let me go." I was so scared and my bottom throbbed so much.

"No, you don’t have other way little girl, this is for your own good," I moaned a whine and tried to kick my feet, but they barely moved at all. My nipples was really sore from the pinch. The robe was pushed well out of the way and I was completely exposed and getting cold. Except for the fire in my bottom. The forced position has it's effect as I feel the surprisingly cool office air on the delicate tissues of both my anus and the lips of my vagina as my most intimate regions are exposed.

Looking back slightly beyond my bared and upraised rump, I watched as the nurse proceeds to hang a hospital-type enema bag on a hanger stand which had been placed by the table. The bag had a valve in the bottom to which was attached a length of surgical tubing. I don't mind enema's normally, but this nurse scared me. My fanny was so stingy, my nipple throbbed and now they were going to invade my tush. I didn't think it could get any worse until one of the orderly's spoke up.

"Look how wet her vagina is!" Then I was annoyed by the embarrasment they werew providing by talking freely about my thingies private parts ! Everything stopped and all three of them were staring between my spread thighs. I could feel their eyes on me, there, right on all of my secrets. I hated that it made me wetter, made my heart pound a little harder and I arched up a little more. It was such a surprise I didn't know who did it. Suddenly my clit was given a good severe pinch too. It shot up to my head and back to my vagina so fast and hard I couldn't breath for a second. It must have been an orderly as I turned my head and saw the nurse pick up a section of black flexible tubing about 18 inches long and about the size of my little finger. Opening a jar of Vaseline, she coated the length of tube until it, and the bulb, are shiny. She held the lubricated tube in one hand, dipped her gloved index finger into the Vaseline jar and moved until she was at the rear of my upraised bottom.

"I have to lubricate you well now; I'll be introducing the length of the irrigator into your rectum after that. So hold that fanny out as far as you can young lady and I'll insert the irrigation tube into you. I'll be slowly working it down inside you until I have the bulb in place. And you will soon be a very clean little girl. Won't that be nice?" I bit my lip wondering who told her to talk down to me like that. I couldn't take it! It just made me feel like a baby, new tears slipped from my eyes and a small spasm slipped through my spread vagina. I loved it so.

I feel the nozzle pass my sphincter and really feel the tube as she slowly inserts more of it into my bowel. I knelt there moaning and squirming. I wondered if she was going to spank me again. I wanted it and didn't want it, it scared me and excited me. She finally said that she was about to insert the retainer bulb, and I feel my anus distend to receive the small object. As she firmly and slowly pushes it into my behind I let out a loud moan and shook with an orgasm.

"See? You can be a good little girl when you try. And good little girls get rewards. You had such a nice little cum for us, didn't you!" My head was spinning and dizzy. I was a mess, my nose was running and cheeks still wet with tears. I felt totally exposed and helpless. I could only murmur a little sound.

"I'm going to turn on the flow now Cheri," I could feel the fluid, somehow, as it started draining up into an area that felt as though it was somewhere near my diaphragm.
"Now this may be just a little uncomfortable, but try to relax by breathing through your mouth." She patted my raised cheeks and wiggled the tubing. All I could do was moan. I didn't care what they were seeing or thinking. All I could think of was the sweet intrusion in my bottom and how my cheeks throbbed so nicely. I gave a happy little girl sigh.

"This takes a few minutes, we don't want to rush the process, and once you have taken this much I'll have you retain it for a few minutes longer.”

"Noooo," I heard myself whine. Just a sharp slap to a cheek and the nurse said my name sternly was all it took to hush me. I buried my face in the small pillow and bite it down.

"Now you should start feeling full in a bit, but the retaining bulb will prevent you from expelling the fluid, so do try to relax baby." she called over her shoulder.

My abdomen was visibly swelling now and the Doctor chose that moment to open the door and ask how everything was going. I hid my head in embarrassment at the spectacle I must have presented, near nude with my rear high up in the air and the enema tubing sticking out from my rectum. An orderly began to massage my tummy just as the pressure rose. I was beginning to distend and his hand felt so good. The nurse saved me from comment and said “she’s being quite the bad girl, doctor. Very uncooperative, as you can see, I've already had to give her a good spanking." The nurse stroked my buttocks while we waited for the contents to empty. The doctor made a few comments I couldn't hear and left. I felt as though I would burst when she announced that we were done. She turned a valve at the connection point, then disconnected the tubing that was inside me to the beaker. She told me to hold my position and breath through my mouth. She fiddled and fiddled with the tubing causing me to arch and gasp. I think she was teasing my bottom hole. My tummy sloshed each time I quivered at her touch. The bulb was slipped out to my loud gasp and the tubing followed. A bit of liquid trickled out of my fanny, but was soon stopped when she slid a large plug into me. I could feel the heel of her hand against my cheeks as she sunk it home.

"Noooooooo, please, let me..," I had no time to finish as she slapped my bottom hard.

"OW," the sloshing was unnerving and the sting harsh. My slippered feet beat as the straps allowed into the air while she slapped the plug several times. I was lost in space with each jolt. The orderlies stood there chuckling and the nurse kept up her play. Just as I was about to burst in another orgasm she stopped! I whimpered my disapproval of her loudly. She could hear but one word in all of it, and it had to be 'bitch'.
"Ahhhhh such a fowl mouth you have. You’ll regret that," she flicked a finger against my clit hard.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwww," my thighs quivered in need, trying to close. The straps secure and unyielding. She started patting my wet vagina while giving the butt plug twists and pushes. My hair was matted to my face as my whole body broke out in a sweat. She took me to the edge of my prgasm so many times I lost count. Just as I was about to peak, she would start spanking me, and leave the plug and my vagina free to desire in wanting more. I was beginning to cramp as well, I thought I was going to pass out when it finally ended. The hours of pleasurable playing it seemed were over.

"Your five minutes are up Cheri. The orderlies will escort you to the little girls room," I was unable to respond much. They were loosening the straps and helping me up. The whole bottom half of my body throbbed for all sorts of different reasons. I couldn't sort them out. I do remember her finger waving in my face and telling me to obey the men. The next thing I knew they were turning me to sit on a commode. 'Oh no!' I thought, not with them here. I weakly struggled to get away but was no match for their menly strongness. I was humiliated as one bent me forward and the other reached behind me to loosen, twist and pull out the plug. The guttural moan I heard was mine. I tensed for a second, my legs splayed wide as the liquid began to surge out of me. I clung to one arm in a feral hug to remain upright and soon felt fingers on my little clitty.

"Nooo.....," was all I could utter before I was rocked with spasms. My tummy clenched and my head tingled with each wave that rode higher and higher. I no longer cared who was watching what as my bottom squeezed and spasmed right along with my vagina. I'd never felt such a climax before in my life. The next thing I remember is laying on the tile, on my tummy. I must have passed out. One orderly cradled my head and the other was cleaning my bottom. All the embarrassment welled up in me, but I didn't care. My face lay against his very hard penis. I could feel the soft cloth and the hard heat beneath. I rubbed my cheek against it with a purr. It felt so good to be taken care of so well, all the shame washed right out of me.

When I was escorted back from the bathroom, they motioned toward the examination table. The nurse comes over and removes the gown completely.

"You won't be needing this any more young lady. Now I want you to cooperate! You already have another very hard spanking coming your way!" That woke me up slightly, nurse said u will be needing another dose of injection , doctor have prescribed it i yelled at it but didn't have any time to protest. The men lifted me onto the table and helped get me into position. I was lain on my back and cant resist at all, nurse prepares the syringe with a shook in her eyes like she is thinking inside of a mistress master, after prepairing the big animal kind sharp syringe, she looked at me to judge my scaring reactions , she was literally enjoying it, mild sound of her coming nearer towards my butts make me pushed to turn my face away(opposite) from her and letting my young soft butts sold to her, she applid the cotton split and very slowly inserted the needle into less muscular area of my ass to produce more unexplainable pain , i try to control at first when the needle shoots but could not control when the medicine was taking a taste of my blood , all my fetish desires was taking a peak or not . i cant figured it out at that moment . Afetr tha injection gets over,the monaters did not gave any rest to my butts , they scooted my bottom to the very end and lifted my feet into the stirrups. The same straps were placed all around me again. My wrists at one end, stretching my ribs, a strap across my tummy and my ankles. My thighs ached a little from being spread so wide. I lay in a peaceful cloud otherwise. The cool office air was keeping my nipples hard and making goose bumps erupt all over me. I was still so drained though. I just didn't think I had the energy to endure any more attention.

The nurse came over to my side and ran her fingers against my side.

“Hehehehe stopppppp I’m ticklish” She finally broke a smile and snickered. But she didn't stop. I wiggled as much as I could, but couldn't get away.

“Looks like Cheri has a weakness.”

“OH MY GOD STOOOHAHAHAoooooHAHAHAooop. I’m gonna wet myself ........hahahahahahaha.”

"Now we wouldn’t want you going anywhere, young lady," as she mercifully quit and just rubbed my tummy. I felt envigoriated, my heart was hammering in my chest. It didn't occur to me she had done that to wake me up for the next exam. I lay naked as the doctor enters the room and steps up beside me as I lay on the table. He takes the stethoscope and places it on my breast. He can feel the warmth of my body and notices how firm my breasts are. When he feels my breasts, my nipples became even harder! He takes a nipple between his finger and thumb and begins to roll it gently and then push it a little harder. I closed my eyes, murmuring my appreciation.

"I'm going to examine both your vaginal and rectal areas. I'm certain that we won't find any obvious abnormalities, but I want to make sure," all the while playing with my titty. I tried to close my legs so I could squeeze my vagina but had no choice with the restraints. He finally stopped and moved to the end of the table. Right between my thighs so wide apart. He could see everything and I heard him snap the latex glove onto each hand. I pulled my bottom up as a moment of fear took me. My nipple was on fire but the look in his eyes got me worried again.

“Now that won’t do young lady. You can’t move far,” The doctor reaches up and slaps my bare cheeks several times. Then takes aim for my vagina. Laying several hard slaps on my inner thinghs, I moan and squirm to escape the slaps. "Bad girls get their body spanked," a shuddering breath shook through me. Always talking down to me! I'm not a child I thought, I'm not. And I pouted, and I knew they had me nailed. I hated it and I loved it so. I hesitantly scoot the short distance back to the table end. The nurse handed him a tube of lubricant, which he applied to his now gloved fingers. With one hand, he parted the lips of my vagina and gently holding the lips of my labia between thumb and finger, works two fingers in and out of my cunt.

"You obviously take care of yourself, in some areas, young lady. There are no lesions or gland inflammation," I didn't hear him clearly. I was too busy trying to rock my hips down onto his fingers. I was being so sluttish, but I couldn't help it. I was getting so aroused, so quickly. He didn't seem to notice, or just didn't say anything. The orderlies came to either side of my head and the nurse stood with the doctor, assisting him. He held back the covering hood of flesh, my clitoris, revealed and it, together with the area surrounding my urethra, come in for their share of diagnostic probings.

His finger traced the sensitive ridge sending a tiny chill of pleasure up my spine. No other exam has ever evoked that kind of response! Moving his hand down to the opening of my vagina, two fingers were inserted and moved up inside me until I felt them at the tip of my cervix. He then rotated the fingers, pressing against the walls of my vagina and uterus in each direction. I was gasping in huge gulps of air and beginning to lose control.

"Just breath through your mouth, Cheri, and let yourself go", he soothingly advises. Withdrawing his gloved hand, the nurse hands him a vaginal speculum. The nurse once more tells me to relax as I feel the instrument enter my vaginal cavity, then a bit of pressure inside as the sides are opened. Her fingernails trailed up and down the back of a thigh. Each orderly grabs a breast in their big hands, gently squeezing and flicking the nipple. I knew I was soaking wet. The inability to move and respond was driving me to distraction as all the sensations mounted. The Doctor adjusted the work lamp and peers down intently. After perhaps a scant minute, and withdrawing the instrument, the Doctor walks to the head of the table and the orderly steps back.

"Everything looks just fine there, you're a very healthy little girl, at least down there. Are we ready for the next step?" He smiled down at me in a fatherly way. He seemed much nicer suddenly from the scary way he was earlier. I didn't answer, as I had no earthly idea what they'd do to me next. He finally spoke up as he returned to his sliding chair between my thighs.

"I'm going to be examining your anus, that's your fanny hole," as if I didn't know. "And rectal areas for fissures or any other problems, and for this, the nurse is going to adjust your position so that I have, ahmm, maximum entrance ..... nurse, if you will please?" and gestured toward my legs. The nurse gestured with her hand, at the orderly's. The chest strap, the wrist and ankle restraints are momentarily undone. “Hmmmm .... I going to need you to scoot down a little farther...... there, that's a girl." and thus my buttocks was now off the edge of the table. I was still a little scared about what they were doing. Each orderly took an ankle and knee. They each lifted and spread me until my knees were near touching my breasts. I felt like a Thanksgiving Day turkey ready to be stuffed. My ass was spread so wide and stretched. My bottom fully extended in mid air, the lips of my vulva gaping open, soles of my slippers nearly parallel with the wall behind my head! They didn't bother with the ankle straps, the orderlies held me firmly. It actually felt more helpless being in their hands like this. They only needed to hold my ankles, their other hands rubbing up and down the backs of my thighs. I couldn't keep my legs from trying to clench, but was no match for them at all.

I could feel the air on my anus now that my buttocks were fully spread, and watched the nurse liberally lubricate the forefingers of the doctor's right hand with KY jelly. I could hear the nurse ask the doctor if he wants to use the clitoral stimulators. He must not have wanted it. I couldn't tell as I could not lift my head at all.

"I'm going to insert one finger, initially, to examine you as far up as I can without instruments, then I'll introduce more as I feel you begin to acclimate to the exam. I could feel his hot breath between my legs as the finger tickled my little rosebud, circling it, pressuring it. Breathing was difficult with my legs pulled up so far. My head began to swim again. His finger slowly invaded my bottom and my hear raced wildly. I could feel my muscle gripping at him with each thrust. Finally he withdrew it completely.

"Excellent! Next, I'll be introducing two fingers into your rectum," Placing one finger over the other, I felt the firm, insistent, pressure of the insertion.

"Oh! Please!" Was all I could muster. He ignored me completely.

"I want you to push down on my fingers, as though you were trying to go to the bathroom, to relax your sphincter muscle." Pushing down I could feel my body start to tremble and couldn’t control the feeling inside. I let out a loud moan aahahah biting my lips. No one seems to notice as they all remained at their tasks. I felt as if I was on display, an exhibit, to be stimulated as they saw fit, without recourse. My head rotated from side to side as I tried so hard to calm down. Just as I feel a modicrum of control, I feel his hand at my bottom and then a pressure as he rotates the fingers in place. I can feel my moisture and the liquefied KY jelly trickling to my tailbone mixed with the perspiration from my exertions. I'm so close, so very close. He pauses for a moment, fingers still buried in my rump, then looks up at me.

“What is this young lady? Are you getting excited with the exam?” My face turns bright red with shameness and I refuse to answer. The doctor sighs and takes off his gloves. He says something to the orderlies. Then both he and the nurse leave. I can feel a change in the tension and quickly glance at the men holding my ankles. They're both smiling as they unzip their pants.

"Noooooooo," I cry as I struggle. I don't know why I struggle, I want to experience this much so bad I can't even stand it. But I'm struggling for the control that's been denied to me ever since I came to this clinic. The men were unphased. But they didn't move behind me. One took my head and pulled it toward his loosened penis, i decided that i will not open my mouth but the medical tem know the lethal drugs which can turns the wants likes and dislikes of anyone, i can notice another orderly prepairing a injection as they now want to have everything with my charming young irrestible body, she gets up to my butts and injected very deeply in my ass , slowly the drug getting inside my body , i galping no , dont do this but i was bit counfuse also of waht was happening to me , anothet orderly is just waiting with nakjed penis infront my mouth, after soime seconds of th injection i completely lost control over my mind and sexual fury was occepying me , i dont know what was the drug i asked , orderly told that i will make u feel awesome u little clinic coming queen just lay and enjoy , then the guided his hard penis into my mouth while the other lightly patted my exposed vagina. I jerked with each pat and began sucking. My heart felt so light, my head was nowhere I'd ever been before as he pricked my nipples. I felt so out of control and suckled harder. He was already very excited and it didn't take long until he removes his dick. I was busy licking it I could off of him when I was unceremoniously pulled away and given another fresh dick to suck. I felt like such a slut, but sucked anyway. I sucked with abandon as my vagina was continually patted. I was trying to roll my hips as I neared my peak, fucking drugs taking me to a completely different fetish

"Don't let her cum," I hadn't known the doctor had returned until I heard his voice.

Watching my mouth being used by both men. The patting ceased . In my need I ran my teeth over the sensitive head. He sucked a breath but that went unheard over my yelp as he cruelly twisted a nipple again. I learned immediately. I whimpered my submission to him and pushed my face deeply toward him. . I turned my head toward the doctor as he spoke.

"OK, do you think we can continue the exam now young lady?" I only nodded, unable to speak. "Very well then." The doctor nodded at the orderly's and my legs were once again lashed to the raised stirrups. I whimpered slightly as there was no respite to my exposure, the metal leaned back so far. "Three fingers now. You're certainly lubed enough, and stretched a bit." A tad of dignity returned as I began to blush lightly. "I'm sure that doesn't hurt at all, does it?" I shook my head no. All four of them chuckled lightly, I blushed harder.

"Well?" He was waiting for something, so I said what I was feeling.

"No it doesn't hurt, I think it feels kind of nice Doctor."

"Well good! So, how about if we explore that a bit!?" he suggested. I nodded, he motioned to the nurse. "We'll be pleasuring you with direct stimulation, I think you should enjoy that," he smiled, as the nurse added more KY jelly.

"My nurse is trained in massage ...... and we do want you to be very relaxed!" he beamed. Changing gloves, the nurse pours some light oil onto her hands and begins to massage my neck then down to each breast .... kneading ... stretching and rolling each taut nipple between her fingers, then moved down my belly to my damp pubic hair and inserting her fingers between and into the open lips of my vulva. I had never been touched so intimately by another woman in my life! At the same time I felt myself yield to the insistent caresses being applied against my rising bud, and surrendered to it all. The Doctor held all three fingers together, as I feel his finger tips slowly ease into, and past, my anus.

"Let's feel a really good push now !" the Doctor orders. While the pulses from the massage of my clitoris build, I pushed my body down on the table to meet, and help my rectum open to, the welcomed gloved hand. With each push past my anus, I can feel the gloved fingers working up my colon, the drumming of the nurse's massage of my clitoris, my body archs on the table, and the spasms sweep me over the edge. Each massage, each push of fingers seemed to be timed with each wave that coursed through my body. I writhed in the bindings, feeling like some creature of sensations alone, knowing only pleasure and pain, and pleasure.

I finally opened my eyes. There was silence all about me, the quiet so deep it was almost a feeling. I glanced down and saw my still erect nipples, as if clamped so tight they felt. My bush of hair lay in ringlets, damply matted with oil, jelly and my own juices. I felt bathed in the moisture of my arousal. The doctor removed a case from the stand and set it on an instrument tray by my head.

"Here, let me show you these." he said, and opened the case to reveal a series of what looked to be smooth penis replicas. There were about 10 in the case and ranged in size from that of an adult index finger to a monstrous one, a full three inches in diameter and to perhaps 12 inches long. Each was fashioned with a kind of bulb at one end forming a head and then flared out at the base.

“This will be part of your exam. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this and the second part where actually men penetrate your tiny vagina and fanny holes." Such conflicting emotions. So wanton, so childish, so needy. I turn away, looking over my shoulder with a smile. The male attendant had come up near, my head and I can see the obvious bulge in his pants renewed. I lick my lips and raise my brow at him. He bends over my face, with what looks like vibrating nipple clamps. I was learning to love their attentions, giving into my base desires. He reaches down, exposing my clit, than clamps the vibrator to it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” My back arches and juices squirt from the sudden increased clitoral pressure. I look up and the attendants clothed cock is over my face. I lift my head and bite softly thru his pants. Pushing himself off me, the attendant stands up shaking his head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, such a bad little girl you are," he said with a half smile, half stern reprimand for this little girl. I smiled up at him, wanting to be used again. Wanting to be taken without regard to my wishes. I shuddered as the vibrating shook through me in small little orgasms of delight. My clit pulsed in pleasure over and again. I purred in bliss. The doctor picks up a midsize dildo. I feel the head placed against my cunt lips and then the slow steady thrust and opening of my vagina as the aperture made its way deep into my vagina. As the Doctor thrust the instrument in, the nurse takes a slimmer one and slowly walks over the fridge and grabbed an injection vialand a big syringe , she yelled while prepairing the injection , little girl u will now have to bear some stinging pain while all the oderlies were busy playing their parts with me she fully loads the syringe, and gives a unforgettable dready smile to the doctor beacuse he know kow painful this injection going to be she slapped the butt cheek i moaned a lot but was unable to scream then she in a fast motion pricks the needle and my god when the medicine start getting inserted i can feel my ass burnt so much that it make me pushed head back and orderly penis out of my mouth i begged to stop the plunger but th orderlies get more stronger with hold and start kissing very obsessively , thje doctor was continuing with his acts, at the same the time giving so much pleasure to her finally whole of water get entered into her butts through the injection and nurse removes the needle and sgain slapping the injection spot . awwwwww, plzzzz noo . The orderly steps aside. The doctor slows his intrusions. My chest is heaving. I feel so much more naked suddenly. The look in her eye makes my tummy flutter. She leans close, running the dildo over my lips.

"I think our clinic slut is learning how to obey, yes?" I couldn't answer, just look up at her with pleading eyes, seeking mercy, seeking my fate in her eyes. I slip my tongue out to slip over the phallic head. The nurse arches a brow, though her look isn't an evil one. Slowly she slips it into my mouth.

"Suckle on this one baby. Soon it will be deep between your spread cheeks, deep in your fanny," her voice soft, filled with sexual dominance. The dick slides in and out of my face as she gives me a little kiss on the cheek, withdrawing it. She keeps my eyes as she slowly moves toward its destination. I'm so on edge, male hands fingernailing my thighs, tweaking my srected nipples. I feel like some fuck bitch only needing the next usage, wanting it.

"YES, YES, I'll obey.. I will, I promise...," my words trail off in a whimper as the wet dick is pressed and inserted in my anus, keeping a steady rhythm going. I feel, seemingly, every inch of each dildo inside me and dizzy at the thought that these poles had penetrated my each opening. My heat had started once, again and I can no longer contain my sense of excitement nor the urge to abandon myself to the pleasure. I'm shaking harshly, as if all the muscles have to respond at once, protesting their confinement. My head thrashes from side to side as hands work in concert. Each taking a turn, the doctor and nurse trade pats to each fully inserted dick, shocking me deeply. Orderly's pulling harshly on my nipples. I arch so harshly the soft restraints strain as all muscles clench.

The most fearsome howl explodes out of my throat. I'm sure that death awaits, I just can't handle it, too much! I'm flopping and bouncing on the table, my vision tunnels to pinpoints and the world slips away from me. Minutes, hours, I've no notion. Deep slow breaths feel as new and fresh as when the world was young. I could taste the air, every sense alive as I slowly came to. The soft warm sponge dribbled water and washed away the pungent aroma of sex that filled the air. My legs finally stretched out below me. My arms lay free at my side. Another wipes my brow and I lay there in complete contentment, enjoying their attentions.

I'm totally cleansed and have never felt better in my entire life. Each step taken with care and ease. Even warm soft water between my thighs makes me gasp. My vagina hugs itself in lovely little after spasms. My hair is washed, combed out while my legs are massaged. The sweet aroma of lavender and lilac fills the room. I feel pampered as some ancient queen by her minions. I ride along as if on a raft, the river slow, sweet, uncaring where it takes me. All too soon, they begin to dress me. I'm given new panties and bra. I shudder as they snuggle up against my sex. The bra lifting, holding out my sensitive nipples, but leaving them uncovered. The blouse near sheer does little to hide the hard nubs. Only making me quiver as the material passes over them.

They help me to my feet and shimmy up a very short skirt. It barely covers my bottom, but I feel so sexy, so alive. I'm stood before a full-length mirror; one orderly pats my bottom as the other fits high heels to my feet. His hand cupping my ass, I'm led out of the exam room and back into the waiting room. There are quite a few women lingering there. Some mothers with younger daughters, most in their teens. A few very well dressed women scan through the magazines. All the eyes turn to me as I'm held there between the orderly's. Mother's and daughter's whisper to each other as they stare. A few smiles are given and I beam at the attention.

Still, the orderly's stand on either side of me. All eyes are drawn to the door that opens. The doctor and nurse enter the waiting room. He stands in the middle for a moment and all eyes are on him. I've not yet noted the sturdy brush in the nurses hand. He clears his throat.

"Ladies, children, attend please. You are all here for the same reason. You or the one you are with is unable or unwilling to take the time to care for themselves, as they should. Here before you stands one, Cheri. Who recently came to us. She has undergone her first session and I dare say she is a different girl now then when she came. Is that not so child?" Again all the eyes turned to me. I blushed to the roots and hesitated slightly.

"Y yes sir, I am, I am indeed........ changed," I looked down, embarrassed suddenly. Wondering if they all knew that I was spanked like a child and aroused like a want on woman. Still, I knew I would think a lot longer about the things that got me here in the first place. 'Wait! What did he say?' I thought. My eyes widened and the grip on my arms strengthened. The doctor had taken a chair and looked like he was waiting for me. I swallowed and glanced around. Several of the younger girls were shocked, holding hands to their mouths. Their mothers looked amused, the single ladies decidedly uncomfortable and I had a very bad feeling about all this.

"You heard me Cheri. You'll make a fine example for these Ladies and girls," I just shook my head no, but the arms propelled me to his side.

"Noooooooooooooo, please," as I was lowered over his lap. The nurse smirked and once again, male hands took mine and my ankles. Despite my rebellion, I was helpless. I felt the too short skirt lifted and I squirmed for my life. The cool air touched my bottom as the sheer panties were lowered. I felt the heat rise in my face, my humiliation at being so exposed to everyone.

"Nooooo, please don't," he rubbed my ass for a minute and my fear rose. Not only to be spanked, but what if they knew it turned me on! I shivered deeply.

"Now, now Cheri, you wouldn't think it but our young lady has already been spanked today. She was over our own nurses knee having her bare fanny paddled as if she were but a child. She was acting like one and this is to show you all what will happen to you today," with that my humiliation was complete. He raised his hand and began. Each slap caused me to verbalize my pain, my exposure and helplessness. They stung so very much. I was panting in no time and tears already were threatening. Soon sobs were heard by all and he stopped thankfully. I thought that not too bad at least.

As I sighed in relief, the first fall of wood met my fanny. I thought my head would explode! My chest shook and my composure broke entirely. After four or five spanks, I was a ball of tears, crying like a baby. I was begging him fearfully to stop, promising good behavior until the end of time. He painted my fanny a very bright red. Several of the girls turned their heads into their mothers shoulders, but their mom's wouldn't allow it and forced them to witness. I prayed they wouldn't spread my legs. The spanks shocked me in their intensity, jolting me deep inside. The harshness, the helplessness all worked against me. I hated that I loved it, I hated that I loved being so helpless, having my fanny bared and spanked so hard, in front of witnesses. I could do nothing but cry my eyes out.

Finally, mercifully the dreaded hairbrush stopped and I felt his warm hand on my butt cheeks. I sniffled and blubbered tears, no longer caring who was watching, the fire so intense, it burned so very much. And it lit within me the other fires. So in tune and fine-tuned was my body made today that I couldn't help but give a moan that was more erotic then painful. Would he make me cum and buck like a slut in front of all these women. The thought only made it worse. He gripped each butt cheek firmly once, giving me a good squeeze. I shuddered harshly and arched into his hands.

"I think our little girl, Cheri, will think twice before doing anything that would be harmful to her health. Isn't that right Cheri? Are you a very well spanked and sorry little girl?" How I hated his words that I loved so much, so confused and afire.

"Ah.. yes, yes sir. I I I'm very sorry and so well, well spanked. I I promise to be very, very good.... sir."

With that, I was helped to rise. An orderly knelt and pulled my panties upward. He smiled at me as he gave my sexual parts a quick little squeeze. My knees nearly buckled. The other smoothed out my skirt right over my bottom. My heart skipped a beat. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by the women there. I was shocked as they praised me for taking such a hard spanking so well. I could barely answer and gratefully accepted a hankerchief to wipe my face. The staff left with smiles and I made several new friends. Friends who would no doubt share their clinic experiences with me.

I walk from the clinic, accepting the process and knowing I’ll be back for a-follow-up appointment.

Disclaimer: This story is totally fiction, based solely on a fantasy. The characters don't exist and the things they do never happened. If you are under 18, please stop reading immediately!!! Otherwise read on and enjoy .
My next long awaited story will soon be on the floor named Greedy and Fetish step family upto no mercy

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doctor Prescribes injection to Lakshmi in her hostel

After I had given Ms Lakshmi a moderately painful injection. She returned to her hostel carefully. She had a key to the hostel and she could sneak in without getting noticed.

I was expecting her the next day to come to my clinic. At around 11 am, I got a call on my cell.  It was lakshmi on the other side. Her voice was feeble and she requested to come to her room.

I went to the hostel. There in the reception, she had informed of my arrival. I was led to her room. She had a nice room. She shared it with another beautiful girl named Ms Nandini. She was bubbly nice gal standing and waiting for me. The hostel was almost empty as all the ladies had left for their offices and I guess Nandini had not yet gone as her room mate was ill.

As I entered, Nandini remarked that her room-mate has been puking all night long. and She has been sick of her drinking habit. And she mumbled something in Tamil. I do not understand tamil, so all I could get was that there was a reference to injections. I smiled in my mind for Nandhini did look sexy when uttering something about injections.

Lakshmi was sleeping on the bed. She looked a little worn out, I guess because of all the vomiting due to alchohol.
Myself: How are you feeling Lakshmi?
Lakshmi: Not well. I just got up. I am having fever and feel nausea. Had little breakfast, idlis. I am afraid I will vomit that also.
Myself:  let me check you up first.

I took my stethescope and examined her heart beat. I asked her to sit up on the cot and examined her back for signs of phlegm collection. I could find nothing. Then I made her lie down and examined her stomach by touching and palpating at the sides. Her stomach was feeling hot and also I felt a lot of gas accumulated in the upper and lower stomach. That I felt was the cause of nausea and the discomfort.  

I was a bit surprised that she was wearing saree in her room and not wearing a nighty. Then I thought she may do that in her hometown. I dint put my mind too much into that.

Now I took the prescription pad and wrote a prescription.
The prescription looked was for paracetamol, a eno like tablet for relieving gas, and antibacterial injection for relieving infection in the stomach and  for a 5 ml syringe.

I handed over the prescription to Nandhini and asked her to get it. Nandhini looked at the prescription and gave a naughty smile , looked at me and lakshmi and  was gone in a giffy...

I looked at lakshmi , in a way to question about her behavior.

Lakshmi: Oh doctor, she laughed because you have written an injection in the prescription. And she thinks I am very afraid of injections and she wants me to get painful injections because of my bad behavior. You know drinking and all that.
Myself: Oh Oh

I just smiled. I was also a little surprised when I saw a women talking about injection so freely. I usually felt women are shy and afraid of injections. She was not so.

I took out paracetamol tablet from my bag and held it to Lakshmi for her to take it.
Myself: Take this tablet, Your fever will come down.
Lakshmi: No doctor, I cant take the tablet, I will sure vomit if I take it.
Myself: Dont act like a child, otherwise I will give u injection like a child... ha ha
Lakshmi: that is only better doctor.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lakshmi returns to her hostel drunk

I stay at an upmarket locality in Bangalore. Very near to my house is a working woman’s hostel. I am a young doctor, MD general medicine. I have my own little practice on the same road as the Girl’s hostel. I usually have few patients from the working women’s hostel visit me for small illnesses, nothing very serious.

I always wanted to have a sort of tie up with the the women’s hostel, sort of like an official doctor. That had not happened and only had occasional visits from the hostel. One reason I wanted to have a tie up with the hostel was to have regular patients and the other reason, He would only be an idiot who would not want to treat beautiful ladies. The hostel was a pretty large one.

It was on this night about 8 days before this writing, that I chanced upon a way to treat on of the office bearers of the hostel. It was half past eleven and very late for me to stay at the clinic. I had stayed late at the clinic for some errand and was about to lock the doors and leave to my house which was just ahead on the same lane.

It was then I heard a taxi pull up infront of the Ladies hostel. There was faint lighting of the streetlight and in that lighting, I could see a women getting down from the taxi. She was wearing saree and was paying off the taxi driver. I just noticed a commotion and hurried to see what it was. I saw that a quarrel had broken off between the women and the taxi driver. She was hurling abuses at the taxi driver and he was responding back. I took money from her, quietly paid the taxi driver and he drove off.

Now I turned to see my companion on the road. She was a little drunk and was out of her mind. Now I recognized that she was Ms lakshmi who was residing in the hostel. She was one of the office bearers and the it was too late to get inside the hostel as the rules of the hostel were quite strict. She herself would not have been found breaking them and that too in this drunken state. I led her to my house and then I prepared a strong dose of espresso (black coffee) for her. After she had had it it , she was feeling better and she was in her senses now.

Lakshmi : Sorry Dr for causing so much trouble for you. And thanks for not taking me to the hostel in this state.
Myself: Oh no problem. Now do you want to go back to the hostel
Lakshmi: Yes yes, but I am feeling so tired and I guess i have  a fever too ( putting her hand onto her forehead).
Myself: Feeling the her forehead myself.

I went and got a thermometer and put it in her mouth. The temperature read 102 degree F. It was not alarming but was high enough for caution. I informed her about the situation. 

Myself: Have you taken any medicine
Lakshmi: Yes I have taken 2 paracetamols. But I do feel shivering and fever and alcohol has worsened the situation.
Myself: yes yes. Do you mind If I give you an injection. Tomorrow we could do a blood test.
Lakshmi: Yes doctor,(with blushing)

I quickly prepared a paracetamol injection. It was just 1.5 ml and then I prepared a cotton ball with tincture.
I went near her. She was scared of seeing the needle. I think she had assumed that the injection will go in her butt. But this was a small injection and I wanted to give it to her arms.

She quietly lied down on the sofa and started untying her saree nada.
Myself: Lakshmi, this injection will be in your shoulder.
Lakshmi: oh sorry doctor, I thought this will be mmmmm (long pause)
She was blushing and I guess she felt embarrassed.
Myself: If you want we can do it on your waist also.
Lakshmi: No doctor I will take it on shoulder only.
Myself: I applied tincture using the cotton ball  and insterted the needle into her shoulder.

All the while she was looking at the needle getting inserted into her shoulder. I was looking at her face she was very scared and feeling very painful

I removed the syringe and announced its over.

to be continued ..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Revenge of a rejected lover

This is the story of not a pretty doctor named aanchal who has been rejected by her fiancee bcoz he is now being engaged to a rich beautiful girl named laisha , they both insulted her in a restaurant and and her fiancee ditched her bcoz of the new girl , she could not tolerate with the humiliation and while walking on the roadside she met with an accident, her whole face is damaged bcoz of the fire in the accident,
now she has been provided a new face by a plastic surgeon, she has also changed her name and practices her profession of doctor at a new place.

One day that laisha suddenly comes to her clinic complaining about some pain in stomach and high fmild temperature check and palpated the stomach of laisha . suddenly laisha started talking about her husband ex fiancee , laisha addressed her by calling her a poor unfortunate girl.This makes her really angry by pinching the old memories,after checking her up she told laisha that her body need a injection shot for the situation, she was reluctant at the firs instance but agreed to get the injection as aanchal told her it will quickly relieve her from the problem, aanchal opened the fridge and grabbed and injection (the injection was not to improve her ever , at that time aanchal did all that things which a doctor duly does , she started with a health but to make her more ill ) she started preparing with an revengeful look on her face ,when she was preparing it laisha was looking towards the syringe , she distracted her by telling that get prepared for the injection , she was surprised to hear that as aanchal told her that it will on ur bottoms, laisha straight sway said that why u have to give it on my bottom as i can bear it on my arms, aanchal said this kind of medicine can only injected on ur bottoms as they can absorb it easily so plz cooperate and remove ur jeans and underwears for the injection shot, laisha reluctantly does as the doctor said and followed her instruction , she exposed her supples and air ass with panties remaining on, after preparing the injection aanchal comes nearer towards laisha
her panties were covering most of her buttocks , so aanchal herself removed her uptill her thighs
and laisha looked towards aanchal face in helpless way but she convince her by thinking as she is a lady doctor, aanchal slowly rubb the middle of her ass with the cotton swab and slowly jabbed the needle in a wrong manner , not in 90 degree angle , this practice made laisha mummered in pain as her skin was pinched for a longer time and that too slowly by the doctor , aanchal said ssshhhhhhhh, and then slowly pushed the plunger the ill medicine inside laisha,s body , she eventually grabbed the sheet of the examination table to counter with the pain it almost over said aanchal, after the injection get finished for about 50 seconds , she purposely did not massaged her buttocks in order to makes her feel more pain, she was full of tears when aanchal looked at laisha's face , aanchal told laisha to dress and after she also took her blood sample for some routine test and come to her nearby cabin, when aanchal was havin a chat with the doctor about her illness , suddenly her husband gives her a call and by the way of her talking aanchal came to know that both were making fun about her husband ex fiancee which was aanchal , at that instance aanchal decided to take a brutal revenge of her present situation, she deliberately gives laisha her card and told her that if u still feel ill u can call me to ur home, aanchal perfectly knows that she will have her revenge completed .
Aanchal start thinking about what should he do to her in order to justify her anger and depression and humiliation and then suddenly something clicks to her mind and she moved to her laboratary and opened the drawer containing a single bottle of an injection fluid which will slowly deteriorate her beautifulness and will completely destroys her skin d and then she decided that she will inject laisha with it so that her life will become terrible. , laisha called her in the afternoon and told her about her ill body , aanchal told her that she will be their in half an hour , when she reached her home their was nobody in the house , she straight away see that laisha was lying on her couch ,
aanchal; what is the problem now
laisha ; i m feeling strong itching in my whole body
aanchal; well let me the judge for that
laisha; i cant bear this
aanchal; i will suggest for an injection to stop this itching
laisha; phir se
aanchal; kya karein ur body demands it , nahin
to aap so nahi payengi aise
laisha ; par is bar hath pe lagana, bums pe nahin dena,
aanchal ; look miss i have injected so many ladies prettier than u . so if u want me to help u than u should first help me by listening to ur doctor , injection will be given on ur buttocks only , their is nothing to ashamed as i m a lady doctor too
laisha; aacha to phir laga do but slowly
aanchal ; dont u worry
she started preparing the injection but this time the needle was much longer , in between laisha lowered her pajamas buit this time she herself lowered the panties but only exposed her right buttocks , aanchal quickly prepared the injection and again completely exposed her both bums
and rubb the right butts with the cotton swab and slowly darted the needle ,
laisha mummered and said noooooooooooooo and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , aanchal slowly pushed the plunger
she was showing revengeful look when she saw the medicine was injected completely
aanchal completed the injection in about 1 minute and told her to lay on her bottom now for her
, then she exposed her belly and checked her for abdominal pain , she told her to take some tablets , she knows that laisha' skin will get destroyed by the effect of the injection forever
, aanchal grabbed her fees and left her house,
hope u like the but not as the previous one from me
one more is coming this month( greedy step mother)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fantasised and lucky friend

This is the story of my friend priyanka and me about 2 years ago.Priyanka age will be around 20 years ago, she was very open with me and shares every single thought of her .she had a dusky complexion with quiet a nice figure. One day she told me that she likes giving injection shots on a girls butt. i was surprised and to know that she do have same fantasies like me
At that time my penis got erected as i know that soon i will be giving painful injections on a girls soft and supple ass.firstly i tried to change the topic with priyanka but she insisted more (so clever on my part).
Afterwards she told me that their is a girl named akriti who has shifted in her locality. priyanka straightly told me that she would love to give painful injections to akriti. At that time i felt like wow. then we staight away move to priyanka' s house , their was nobody in the house except for her younger brother aged 8 years, we stra
ight away went to priyanka's room
priyanka,s mother mrs. poonam is a doctor, priyanka showed me a fridge containing so many injections . splits and a box with lots of syringes. I quickly came to know about origin of her fantasies as she told me that she never miss a chance when her mother injects any female patient
She told me that this girl akriti from her locality came to her mother's clinic complaining about some high fever , she was watching the whole incident with her eyes keeping in mind that akriti could not see her, priyanka told that mom started taking her temperature check and afterwards placing stethoscope on her breasts and back . she said akriti was damn sexy and beautiful
she also complained about some weakness. Mom prescribed some tablets and a injection shot for weakness. Now priyanka was eager to know whether it will be a butt shot or not. Mom prepared the syringe told akriti to adjust the sleeves of her orange top , priyanka was so disappointed while hearing that. mom jab the needle into akriti left hand . akriti mummered a little bit with a
nice painful expression on her face. Then priyanka.s mom give her the visiting card . akriti paid the fees and left.
After one week clinic phone bell rings, here is the conversation
priyanka: who' speaking
akriti : is it doctor poonam
priyanka: no she is not in the town. im a nurse
priyanka: what happened
akriti: nothing just feeling weak , doctor poonam prescribed some shots
priyanka : do u want me to come to ur place
akriti: i can myself come , but i will be thankful if u can come
priyanka: ok, i will be there in one hour

priyanka knows that she has got the chance to fulfill her injection dreams on her. priyanka told me to dress like a doctor so that i can control the situation . she took all the devices needed with her, priyanka knows quiet a bit about medicines as she is also doing doctory course , she took with her a powder injection which is known to be very painful especially in butts. then she grabbed a sedative and a esctasy drug(it makes a person irrestible to anyting).
Afterwards we reached akriti house . priyanka ranged the door bell . akriti maid opened the door. she was a blackish lady . her maid informed akriti that baby doctor sahab aa gaye hain. maid ne kaha sahab ghar par koi nahin hai auur phir woh bhi ghar se chali gayi.
we both knowing akriti is now our sexy victim. We both entered akriti room . gosh her room was big. she was lying on her bed with pink night suit pajamas. we both sat on opposite of each other on bed side and akriti was lying in the middle . firstly priyanka introduced me to akriti and telling that mam he is doctor mohit . I asked akriti what happened she said she has eaten some s
tale food last night and now she is not feeling well.
First i started checking her beautiful eyes and meanwhile priyanka takes the thermomet
er and the stethoscope from the briefcase afterwards i move my cold hands over neck starts massaging her neck . we can see that she was feeling surprised by the treatment. but poor girl akriti does not know that this was just a beginning . After that i placed the stethoscope on the center of her perfect breasts deliberately making my finger tips touching her skin . we both can see her body movement, we were both liking it. then priyanka inserted thermometer in her mouth and start checking her nerves.
After that i told akriti that u nee
d some further check up , so i think we will first start with belly portion . before akriti could react priyanka unbuttoned her night suit kurti exposing her flat sexy belly , she was wearing a purple bra . we both can feel some helplessness on her face , but we evil ones were enjoying it, i started moving my hands softly over her belly , priyanka lowered her pajama just a little bit so that only little bit of her purple panties can be seen. i was moving my hands upper to lower portion starting right below her breast to downwards upto her panties
akriti was tightening her body whenever i do it, i told her to loosen up, her expression was making both of us horny.
After wards i ordered akriti to lay on her belly , she hesitatingly obeyed it, priyanka upped her kurti upto her shoulders an start checking her lower and upper back applying her hands gently and in a sexy way, priyanka can feel the tickling of akriti.
After all this we suggested akriti that u r shot of wbc,s in ur body that why u r feeling weakness
so to cure it we r going give u two injection shots the first one will be a powder injection,then we will give u sedative so that u can have a sound sleep.At that point of time
akriti was full of fear in her eyes
.I ordered priyanka to administer the powder and the ecstacy injection instead of sedative
when priyanka was loading the syringe i can see evil kind satisfaction on her face,akriti was removing her sleeves , then i told akriti in a dominating tone that this injection is meant to be given on butts just to make it less painful, akriti argued that i can bear the pain on my hands plz doctor inject me at my hands, i told that as a doctor i know better than u, then priyanka told akriti their is nothing to be shy and embarrassed as we have injected many other young girls like u(what a fucking liar), akriti replied that no no doctor its not like that but we know that what was the real argument
poor akriti's attempt for not exposing her beautiful ass did not work and we were finally succeeded in convincing her. now its time for both of us to fulfill our fantasies on her
it was taking
sometime for preparing injection in between i ordered akriti to lower her pajamas and to turn her face towards me and ur butt facing priyanka . now we both can see her sexy and tight panties . very slowly she was obeying as if she was not liking it , after two minutes the injection get prepared, priyanka ordered akriti to move her panties downwards . akriti again argued that there is enough portion exposed to inject . but priyanka told her it will be injected straight in the middle of the butt and i as a nurse always injects in a rightful manner so young lady please cooperate , now without wasting any time she( priyanka )herself in a brutal manneer removed akriti,s panties to her knees , now her whole thighs and vagina was seeing to me and her ass was exposed to priyanka, i can see the some wetness in her eyes as she was feeling embarrassed by the procedure, priyanka applied the cold split on her left ass . akriti tightend her ass cheek priyanka told to just loose it, akriti just couldnot help it as she was also tensed , then this slut priyanka slapped akriti's left butt 2 times to make that portion relaxed , at that moment akriti tears was coming more faster because of the shame in her eyes , priyanka told akriti plz bear the pain and she deliberately slowly inserted the needle , akriti was moving her body and scartching the pillow with her hands , i hold her both hands with little bit of pressure , her crying become more intensive when priyanka started injecting the medicine in her body , with my right hand i started caressing her head and hairs
and continuously saying that girl it is about to over be brave shshshshshshsh , its almost done, priyanka was injecting very slowly so that it hurts more and finally the injection was over after 2 minutes , akriti was crying , priyanka massaged her left butt for about 30 seconds, akriti quickly tried to cover her with her panties but priyanka reminded of another injection , the sedative, now we can see that akriti replied that can u give me this time on my hand, priyanka showed anger in her eyes to control the situation. priyanka ordered that now injection will be on right butt, so can u plz turn in opposite direction for us, now akriti followed up like a good girl, piyanka passed on the tray to me , i started prepairing the ecstacy injection instead of sedative , i prepared the injection quickly applied cotton split , i deliberately placed my hands on the lower portion of her waste and jab the needle into her ass . i ordered priyanka to hold her hands , i also tried to make the injection painful , priyanka was enjoying akriti embarrassed and painful expression, after 4 -5 minutes of the ecstacy injection akriti asked me that doctor what was the injection for , we both now know that akriti is now totally submissive to us , i answered akriti it will make u feel good , akriti told that she has never had such kind of feeling, she was already half nude in front of us , i started caressing her from behind her waist to her belly , she said stop doctor but the drug was strong enough to control her i moved my hands at the inner portion of her thighs , priyanka unbuttoned her bra and start slowly caressing her breasts , akriti resisted just a little bit but she was enjoying because of the drug i was moving my hands on her belly over over again her stomach was shivering and tickling after akriti was hot enough i inserted my finger inside her vagina she literally moved her face upwards and at the time priyanka kissed her lips and pinched her nipples , her nipples got erected, priyanka was showing more obsession with akriti' s ass, psycho priyanka grabbed some empty syringes and one by one painfully inserted into akriti ass , akriti moaned a lot with the pinch of syringes, i bringed my penis upto her mouth, at the first instance it seemed like akriti will not give me head but i was wrong the our drug was showing amazing reaults, for about 4-5 minutes i enjoyed her giving me a very good head (blowjob), i was again n again pinching her pink nipples , manouevering them with my finger tips , akriti was totally enjoying it,she was moving her body so rapidly that i can feel her pleasure, in between priyanka removed the syringes from her ass and now she start kissing her ass and spanking it hardly, i was forcely holding her hands and belly , priyanka and i were feeling like masters and treating akriti as our beautiful slave.
Now priyanka knows that effect of the drug will slowly decrease , so we both controlled ourselves and then we prepared the sedative injection to make akriti sleep well so that she will not be able to remember what she had gone through in recent hours, again our psycho priyanka
painfully injected the whole sedative in the sexy ass of akriti , guess
what this time akriti enjoyed the pain of injection , i cant forget her horny voice and expression at that time
Now we think that akriti may have also developed similar fantasies for injections
After akriti was put to sound sleep . priyanka and i properly made her dressed like before
Before leaving priyanka wrote on a paper that akriti , after waking if u still not feel good . plz come to clinic in tomorrow afternoon, or if u cant come we can come again (what a obsessive bitch)

I will post most stories after comments from u guys .............enjoy being a injection fetish

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