Saturday, December 25, 2010

Preeti's medical checkup - Part 3

But the nurse barked "Pull your panties down! We need to take your temperature.. Now, now come on, are you going to make this difficult for me?" 
"No"she gulped. 
But - Temperature in her ass ! Oh no. This was humiliating. 
"Can you take it in my mouth like Dr.Sarita usually does?" she asked. 
"I know how to deal with troublesome patients like you. You can pull down your panties, or I'll call the male nurse to come and pull them down for you. Hurry up!" said the nurse, angry at Preeti's arguing.

Preeti pulled her panties slightly down, trying to expose very little.
The nurse turned away for a moment, and when she turned back was drawing her gloved finger out of a vaseline jar. 
The nurse lubricated her own finger with vaseline and then looked at the tiny part of Preeti's ass that was exposed. 

Roughly pushing her legs apart to expose her asshole, the nurse slathered it with cold vaseline. 
Preeti shivered and squirmed. 
Suddenly, the door clicked and a man walked in, wearing a white doctor's coat.
"Hallo! Ooh la la what have we got here? " said the doctor walking in, his eyes immediately drawn to her bare ass with the nurse's finger pushing in and out. It was a man doctor! And here she had thought it was a lady doctor, Dr. Sarita! His eyes then roved over her body and breasts pooling out of her bra until she blushed fiery red and did not reply. 

The nurse answered him "Just a troublesome one here, can I get a hand here holding her down for the thermometer, doctor?". The doctor was only to happy to oblige, letting his hands graze over her ass as he pulled her panties off her long legs and to her ankles. He rubbed her injection site and said "I see you've got your swine flu shot!".

Then the nurse took the thermometer in her hand. Preeti turned for a moment to see it and it was huge and bulbous. The nurse spread some more vaseline on Preeti's ass and moved her finger in and out. When Preeti squirmed some more, the doctor slapped her ass! Hard! "Stop moving now or you'll get some more!" he said.
The memories of her father spanking her and seeing her naked down there came back and she was scared and embarassed.

Preeti stopped immediately and the nurse plunged the large thermometer into her asshole, wobbling it slightly as it went in. 
"Ohhhhh!" said Preeti. 

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