Friday, December 24, 2010

Preeti's medical checkup - Part 2

The nurse put on a stethoscope and reached down into Preeti's blouse to place them on her chest. The cold steel made her shudder slightly as the nurse moved it around. "This wont do at all, lets unbutton the blouse now" said the nurse, unbuttoning all the remaining buttons on her blouse with ease with one hand as Preeti's breasts lay exposed in their lacy bra. The stethoscope now delved into her bra and the nurse held down the bra cup with the other hand. "Fine on this side." They moved to her other breast and the nurses rough hands pulled her bra cup open and pushed it to one side. Oh no!Now her nipples were exposed and though she vaguely squirmed in an attempt to protect her modesty, the nurse waved her hands away and continued probing with the stethoscope.

"All right then." Finally, it was over and she breathed a sigh of relief. "Untie your petticoat, pull down your panties and turn over on your side, girl!"
"What is this for?" Preeti asked tremulously. 
"I need to give you a preventive injection for swine flu. We are required to give it to everyone these days."
If there was anything Preeti hated more than stripping naked for a spanking, it was stripping to take an injection. She protested to the nurse and asked if she could take it in her arm. But the nurse was firm. "It's a large injection and needs to be taken in the buttock."

Trembling with fear, Preeti turned over onto her stomach, blouse and bra still askew and pulled her petticoat up to her hips (just grazing her bottom). That way she still maintained a semblance of modesty, her petticoat was tied and her saree was still there. 
The nurse turned back towards her with the syringe and saw that her panties were still on. 
"Look, you do it yourself the easy way, or I'll have to do it for you. What do you want? I have other patients to attend to." 
Preeti shivered again, turned back on her side, facing away from the nurse and pulled down her panties slightly, exposing part of her right buttock.
The nurse shook her head in exasperation. 
Grasping her saree hem with both hands, she lifted it all the way up uncovering her thin white panties. Then she pulled her panty down just below her ass until her whole ass was exposed. 

With a cotton swab, the nurse cleaned Preeti's right ass cheek. The cotton felt so cold! Preeti was squirming a bit. The nurse slapped her ass cheek hard, unexpectedly! "Ohhh!" cried Preeti. 
"Stop squirming or you'll need to redo the injection."
Preeti stopped squirming but cried out "Aahhhhh!" as the sharp needle point touched her soft ass cheek and went right in. The nurse took her time to press the plunger until it was fully done. Preeti squirmed again and rubbed her ass with her right hand "Aaahhhh, that was painful." 
Then with a sigh of relief, she started to pull up her panties. 

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