Saturday, December 18, 2010

Injection from younger Doctor

Very long time I come to you one of the new story, which happen recently with me. I visited my native place Pune. Just bcoz of high temperature heat. I am not  feeling well i face the problem of mouth ulcer.  I visited my village male doctor who is recently completed  & compulsory two years training program of village side. He is looked same my age even less than me.
 When I entered the clinic he welcome me then start asking about the problem. I am very shocked because looked very young not even matured doctor. After i told  about my problem he said laid on table and start checkup of mouth, blood pressure & general checkup. After checkup he said you had mouth ulcer problem just bcoz of that
u feel weakness. You required multi vitamin medicine, folic acid tablets & Orosep Gel. When this discussion happened that time I get up & seat in the chair. After this he start walking towards inside room. He told me come inside I gave you one injection. I am very surprised. I didn't taken this age male doc injection. When I entered inside, there is one old big table. I went and seat on that he started feeling the syringe of yellow colour medicine. After that he seen me and said loosed the pant injection goes in your butt. I loosed the pant and lay down on one sided. Loosed the pant till quarter of the butt on right side. He came near to me and pushed me down almost make me sleep on flat position. Then he start checking the injection place using thumb to pushed my butt. He not  
satisfied of my butt raised, he catch my pant elastic down upto exposed right side butt full. Then he again check the injection place and in the middle of the butt he swab the cotton and pushed the needle. I made it sound like ahhhhhh.......ssssssss....... . I tighten the butt bcoz of its painful. Then he given the two normal slap on my butt and start pushing medicine. Its over within minute. I got very nice experience to taking injection of newly made doctor. 

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