Thursday, December 30, 2010

My wife Shelly getting injection from my friend at my University - A TRUE story

It was about 5 years ago, about 2 years after we got married, the following events happened. My wife, Shelly, is very cute, slim, and sexy. I was a student dong my Masters in a reputed University in the US while my wife was a house wife. We did not have any kids and did not want t, since I was a student and I did not have any health insurance. I took my wife to a doctor for depo injections every three months and had to spend lot of money from my own pocket. 

Since I was a Research Assistant in my department, I had an office that I shared with 4 other Research Assistants from various countries. In one of my classes, I had a very good friend from India, whose name was Tipnis. Tipnis was a studying Nursing in the same University. One day, Tipnis came to my office and we were having chat on different topics. I told him that I would be late in one of the classes next day, since I had to take my wife to a doctor for Depo injection. After hearing that, Tipnis paused for a moment and said that he knows how to give injections and he has means to get Depo Provera injections from the hospital where he practices as part of his course work. He also asked me, with a little quivering in his voice, whether he could give injection to my wife, so that I do not have to spend money from my own pocket. I thought that was a great idea and thanked Tipnis for the help he is offering. When I said that I would be glad to have him give my wife an injection, Tipnis seemed very excited, though I did not take it in any other way at that time. Before we left my office, Tipnis advised me that the kind of Depo he will use requires that the injection site be bare should not come in contact with any fabric at least for 15 minutes. To my surprise he advised that it would be better if my wife wears either a sleeveless blouse or kamiz. To tell you the truth I was little surprised by his advise and did not ponder on it for long. I gave him my home address and asked him to come around 4:00 PM the next day.

I went home and told Shelly about Tipnis. She did not know him. First, she was surprise to hear that I have invited one of my friends to give her injection. Though she initially resisted, I convinced her that Tipnis is a training to be a nurse and I am comfortable with him. She unwittingly agreed at the end. But when I told her that Tipnis has asked that she wear something sleeveless, she said, she does not have any sleeveless blouse or kamiz. I said that we will see what can be done about it.

So next day, there was a knock on the door around 4:00 PM. I opened the door and there was Tipnis with a bag hung over his shoulder. I greeted him in. After few chats, Tipnis asked where is the patient, referring to my wife. I went inside the bedroom and there she was getting ready for her injection. She asked me again what she should do, since she does not have any sleeveless blouse. I thought for a second and told her to think Tipnis as a Doctor and don't be ashamed in front of him. I said she can wear her bra without any blouse and wrap the upper part of the body with sari till the injection process is done. Shelly was very resistant to the idea, but I convinced her that all these we are doing is to save some money and when the injection is done, she would go back and wear a blouse. It was matter of just a few minutes. She finally agreed and started to get ready for the injection. I went back to the drawing room where Tipnis was waiting.

I saw Tipnis started to prepare the injection. He opened his bag and took out a stainless steel dish and a put a moderately sized syringe and few needles in it. In the meantime Shelly came into the room in a black/yellow sari, all wrapped around her body and pallu covering her head. She was also wearing some flower garland from previous day's party we had. I clearly saw that she was feeling very embarrassed thinking that in a few minutes she would have to bare her arms and shoulder in front an unknown male. I introduced her to Tipnis. In a shy voice, Shelly said: Tipnis Bhai, please be gentle on me and use a short needle. Tipnis smiled and said he will try his best. However, I saw Tipnis using a long needle, about 2 inches long. He started to draw the medicine from the vile and asked Shelly to bare her arms. I could see Shelly's face turn red in shyness. However, she slowly removed her sari achal and bared her arm. I felt that Tipnis was also not ready for this. He only wanted something sleeveless. This was very embarrassing for me also. Anyway, to my surprise Tipnis brought a camera with him and asked me whether I could take a picture of him and Shelly while he is giving her the injection, since he could use that photo as part of his coursework to satisfy community service requirements. I was hesistant to do it, but could not say anything before him at that moment and agreed to take a picture. I have attached this picture in this story, however I have hidden the face of both my wife and Tipnis for their privacy.

Shelly was pale in fear of the injection. I could see it on her face. Tipnis started rubbing the cotton on my wife's bare arms. As he was doing it, I noticed to my utter embarrassment, that Tipnis may habe been enjoying the procedure, since I saw a bulge on his pant between the legs. I did not want to create any scene and kept quite. He then slowly poked the needle into my wife's arms and started delivering the medicine. I saw Shelly squeezing her lips in pain. She even said: Tipnis Bhai, please be gentle, I am having pain. Tipnis just kept on pushing the syringe plunger without saying anything. He was doing it very slowly and It took him about 30 seconds to empty the syringe. He then suddenly took out the needle fro her arms. Shelly cried in pain: Tipnis Bhai, please!. He then again started rubbing the injection spot vigorously , which turned slightly reddish. All this time, Shelly was looking away and on the floor with shyness and fear.

Right after that, Tipnis said that he needed to go to the bathroom and I showed him the way. He spent quite a bit of time there. I am embarrassed to say that he may have masturbated there. This was really very awkward for me. However, I did not say a thing to my wife about what Tipnis was upto. I really hated him at that moment. I did not understand why injecting a women would be so sexually pleasing for a nurse who has to it as a profession. Probably every person is different.

After Tipnis left, I sat down with my wife and started inspecting the spot where she was injected. To my surprise she told me that though Tipnis gave her lots of pain, she kind of enjoyed it injection and got slightly aroused for taking it on her arm wearing just a bra. She also said that she would take all future injections from Tipnis, but would wear a sleeveless blouse or sleeveless salwar kamiz, if it was OK with me. She also told me if I could learn how to give injections then she would take it from me. 

Since that event, Tipnis has injected my wife many times. Every time all those times she wore saris with sleeveless blouse. I never in my life could imagine this would happen – but I did it for please of my wife. Gradually I also started enjoying looking at my wife getting injection from Tipnis.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Annual health checkup - a story, Part [2]

Alice stood next to the bed and bent over it. Miss Anita was asked to go and pull up her skirt, and pull down her panties for her antibiotics injection. Miss Anita nervously walked over, seeing all eyes on her. As she bent down her large ass clad in her saree was sticking out, and Dr. Rajan started making plans for how he would uncover it next, he could not let such a round ass go untouched! 
As Alice whimpered, Miss Anita pulled up her skirt, and pulled down her thin panties a few inches, showing part of a white ass that was turning a bit pink from the spanking she had recently received. Dr. Rajan put his fingers in between Alice's legs and separated her legs. 
He had asked Ashok to give the injection this time. Ashok moistened cotton and rubbed it carefully over a large part of her right ass cheek. Alice's breasts bobbed up and down as she whimpered and shivered. Miss Anita started at the large needle in fear as Ashok the young medical student plunged it into the right cheek and everyone in the room watched him push it slowly and deeply in and release the plunger. Alice cried out "Ahhhhh!!". 
When it was done, Alice was released and she stayed that way for a few seconds, crying and rubbing her butt before pulling up her panties and going to retrieve her bra that had earlier fallen to the ground. 

It was now Pasha's turn. She had been brought in to look at a thigh rash. She was currently wearing her skirt and panties, and a bra that barely hid her large dark breasts. 
"Come on Pasha! Lie down on the bed and we'll have a look at you."
Pasha laid down nervously and the nurse was asked to lift up her skirt so that her thighs could be looked at. The nurse ruthlessly pulled up her skirt, exposing her private areas and panties. Her bushy pubic hair could be seen poking up through her thin panties, and around her crotch area. The doctor examined her left thigh which had a red rash. She was then asked to turn over and the doctor and medical student, wearing gloves, ran their hands over the back of her thigh, barely grazing her big dark ass in her panties. The rash was just below her panty line and Dr. Rajan pushed her panties up from her leg area, so that he could see better. Of course, this also exposed part of her large round ass cheek. Once the two doctors examined her and had touched and probed her thigh all over, they decided that an antihistamine injection would be the best solution. 

Once again Miss Anita was asked to hold Pasha down for the injection. Pasha was lying face down on the cot with her breasts spilling out of her bra, her skirt lifted up over her back and her panties hardly hiding her buttocks. Miss Anita pulled her panties down her buttocks, but since they did not want to leave the panties over the rash area, Dr. Rajan asked her to take them off completely. Pasha tried to turn around and protest. The nurse stepped in and firmly smacked her butt. "You stay down now or else you are going to get a spanking far worse than the injection!" she said. 
Miss Anita nervously took off the panties all the way down Pasha's legs and left them on the chair. Dr. Rajan started by massaging Pasha's buttock ("for the circulation," he said). Then he rubbed the moistened cotton over her ass in a circular motion, slowly, as everyone in the room watched. Finally he took the syringe that the nurse handed him, it had a large needle and Pasha started quivering when she saw it. As Pasha cried out, he plunged the needle deep into her ass and released the liquid. 
As Pasha lay on the bed crying and rubbing her ass, Miss Anita heaved a sigh of relief that the whole ordeal seemed to be over. 

She started gathering up her belongings and bag that were at the other end of the room, but Dr. Rajan stopped her. 
"Ma'am, you have been in close proximity of both these girls. The cough/cold and the rash are both highly communicable. We need to make sure that you are not in any danger of getting them. Can you step over here so we can take a look at you also?"

Miss Anita tried to reply coolly "No, thats fine doctor. If I do feel any symptoms or rash, I'll come back."
"No you won't lady! Come on and do as the doctor says now!" said the nurse, advancing towards her. 
Terrified that the nurse would try to spank her (her! a teacher! and in front of this room of people including her students!) Miss Anita tried to put on a brave face and stepped towards the cot. 
"I'm quite all right, I don't need to be checked." she protested as she moved towards the cot.
"That's right young lady, you are just a girl too like the rest of them, just a little bit older. Just think of me as your family doctor now, nothing to be embarassed about." added Dr. Rajan. 
"Now please remove your pallu and unbutton your blouse so that we can check your heartbeat and breathing."
Dr. Rajan licked his lips in anticipation. She was going to do as he said! Very soon he would be rolling those big breasts in his hands. And soon after that - he was getting hard already at the thought that he would be pulling up that saree for a look at what panties she was wearing - and more! He could barely wait. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Annual health checkup - a story part[1]

It was the annual health day for Class XII Section A girls. On the annual health day, the students typically were accompanied by their class teacher to the doctor and got a complete physical exam done. 

Dr. Rajan enjoyed the school health checkup days and his clinic being close to the school, had been doing the school checkups for the last few years.  Today, he had brought in an assistant with him along with his usual nurse. The assistant was a young medical student Ashok, who was for the first time getting to experience a
real clinic situation. The nurse Sister Anne was a strong, tough woman who was good at reducing schoolgirls to tears with a stern look or sometimes with a whack on the bottom. 

This year, the new teacher Miss Anita brought the girls to Dr.Rajan's clinic. Miss Anita was a new recruit to the
school, just newly out of college herself. She had been given limited instructions by the busy headmistress, and was just asked to take the students to Dr. Rajan, who would handle what needed to be done. Miss Anita was of medium height and had a slim waist, but was always selfconscious about her large round buttocks and
big breasts. Today she had dressed in a neatly starched cotton saree, but she was slightly conscious of her figure, feeling that the saree made her look a little bigger because of its material. She had tied up her hair in a neat bun, and her saree blouse dipped low showing off her curving back. 

  The exam for the girls included the following routine.First, the girls had their breathing and heartbeat checked.
Then their height, weight and temperature. Finally, they got their annual tetanus shots. Now usually doctors give tetanus shots in the arm but Dr. Rajan enjoyed having these nubile young girls take down their panties for the shot in their ass. Some girls were a bit frisky and had to be held down for the shot. Others would cry. That is where the nurse and teacher usually came in handy. They and sometimes the other girls were asked to hold down a  trouble some candidate while her panties were pulled down for the shots. Naughty girls sometimes got a tight spanking on their bare ass by Sister Anne and were made to behave.

Today the rest of the class had undergone their regular checkup, but two girls with severe symptoms had been  kept behind.The girls, Alice and Pasha, wore white shirts, grey pleated skirts, blue ties, white socks and black shoes. Alice was sniffling with a cold and cough, and Pasha had a skin rash on her thighs that needed closer inspection.

The nurse was there, and asked them to take off their shirts one by one and come and sit on the examining table
for the stethoscope examination. Both girls looked nervous and Pasha looked like she was going to burst into tears already. Miss Anita was surprised that the girls had to take off their shirts and tried to soothe them.  Dr. Rajan and the medical student waited near the exam table.

The nurse barked out "Alice!", who was a petite young thing, now clad in a white cotton bra through which her dark nipples could be seen. She went and sat nervously on the exam table, and the doctor pulled in his chair right next to the exam table. He asked her to lie down and pressed his stethoscope to her chest, moving from one side to another. Then with one hand, he pulled down her bra cup, and applied his stethoscope directly on her nipple, pressing in. The girl sucked in her breath and the other girl Pasha, who had now stripped off her shirt, watched with interest.

Releasing the bra cup, the doctor pulled down the other side of the bra cup and did the same on her left nipple.
Once this was done, Alice had to turn over on her stomach while the doctor examined her back with the stethoscope. The doctor unclasped her bra and asked her to breathe deeply. As she turned over, her skirt had moved up to expose her upper thighs. Her thigh was fair and smooth. Alice did not notice that her skirt had ridden up, and remained lying down as the doctor examined her back using the stethoscope. 

When this was done, she started to sit up, but the doctor said "We'll need to take your temperature, Alice. Rectally will give the best reading. Miss Anita, can you come and help to hold her?"
Upon hearing this Alice protested in a soft voice but the nurse looked sternly at her and she subsided. Miss Anita went towards the head of the bed, but the doctor motioned her over to the foot of the bed as Alice lay down on her stomach. 

"You know the drill, girl! Skirt up and panties down!" said the nurse. 
The student doctor moved over to one side, and Miss Anita was asked to help Alice pull down her panties. She lifted up Alice's skirt and saw her wearing pink cotton panties. Miss Anita, obeying the doctor and nurse blindly, pulled the panties down to Alice's knees. Her white, rounded ass was exposed for all to see. All eyes in the room were on it. Her skirt was pushed up over her back. 

The doctor now separated Alice's legs. Miss Anita had to hold one leg and the medical student another leg.
Lubricating her pink asshole, the doctor inserted a thermometer into her anus. Then her legs were released so that she could clamp down on it.

She was left that way for a few minutes as the second girl, Pasha, was asked to sit on the other bed on the side. 

Pasha was busty and dark. Her boobs were almost spilling out of her bra and she sat down promptly while the doctor pulled down her bra cup and thrust the stethoscope inside. Her nipples were large and quickly turned pointy in the cold. The doctor released her bra cup but it did not come back fully, so her nipple stuck out on that side. She didnt notice and the doctor continued her exam. The doctor called the medical student to come and listen to her breathing. The student used one hand on her breast to steady the stethoscope's metal circle, and moved it around while listening to her heartbeat. Finally, both doctors were finished with her and she moved to a chair. 

The doctors turned their attention back to Alice, who was still lying on the bench with her white ass up in the air, with a thermometer sticking out of it. What a sight! The doctor separated her legs by putting his hands on her inner thighs. Then, holding down her asshole, he slid the thermometer out. 
"Hmm.. you have a slight fever. I think you need some medicine. I'll give you an injection of antibiotics and you'll need to take some fever tablets every 4 hours." he said. 
On hearing this, Alice who was already whimpering, starting crying and kicking her legs. "I wont have an injection! I hate injections!" she cried out. Pulling her panties quickly up, she sat up and clutched her bra to her chest in an attempt to keep herself covered. 
"Sister Anne! See that this girl behaves!" said the doctor. 

Sister Anne dragged the girl out. "Alice, you need a hard spanking on your bare ass to make you do what you're told. Come over here!" 
The girl trembled and walked shakily to Sister Anne, with her bra half off and wearing her skirt and panties. "Please, dont give me an injection!" she pleaded. 
"Hands by your side!" said Sister Anne. Alice put her hands down and her unclasped bra fell to the ground. Everybody in the room, Dr. Rajan, Ashok, Pasha and Miss Anita all stared at her small white firm breasts as Alice quivered and tears rolled down her cheeks. 
"On my knee, now!" said the nurse. 
Alice lay down on the nurse's lap with her butt in the air. 
The nurse pulled her skirt up and slapped her hard on her panties three times. Her breasts and ass quivered with each slap. 

"Any more out of you and that will be a bare ass spanking! Go back now for the injection!" said Sister Anne. 

Alice walked slowly back, whimpering, and was asked to stand next to the bed and bend over. "Miss Anita! Pull her panties off for the injection." said Dr. Rajan. 

Dr. Rajan watched Miss Anita lasciviously as she bent the girl over the bed and raised up her skirt. 
Miss Anita was not bad looking. Dr. Rajan yearned to see what was under her cotton saree. Perhaps at the end of the day today, I'll give her a full medical exam too, he thought. That big, round ass deserves a closer look. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Preeti's medical checkup - Part 3

But the nurse barked "Pull your panties down! We need to take your temperature.. Now, now come on, are you going to make this difficult for me?" 
"No"she gulped. 
But - Temperature in her ass ! Oh no. This was humiliating. 
"Can you take it in my mouth like Dr.Sarita usually does?" she asked. 
"I know how to deal with troublesome patients like you. You can pull down your panties, or I'll call the male nurse to come and pull them down for you. Hurry up!" said the nurse, angry at Preeti's arguing.

Preeti pulled her panties slightly down, trying to expose very little.
The nurse turned away for a moment, and when she turned back was drawing her gloved finger out of a vaseline jar. 
The nurse lubricated her own finger with vaseline and then looked at the tiny part of Preeti's ass that was exposed. 

Roughly pushing her legs apart to expose her asshole, the nurse slathered it with cold vaseline. 
Preeti shivered and squirmed. 
Suddenly, the door clicked and a man walked in, wearing a white doctor's coat.
"Hallo! Ooh la la what have we got here? " said the doctor walking in, his eyes immediately drawn to her bare ass with the nurse's finger pushing in and out. It was a man doctor! And here she had thought it was a lady doctor, Dr. Sarita! His eyes then roved over her body and breasts pooling out of her bra until she blushed fiery red and did not reply. 

The nurse answered him "Just a troublesome one here, can I get a hand here holding her down for the thermometer, doctor?". The doctor was only to happy to oblige, letting his hands graze over her ass as he pulled her panties off her long legs and to her ankles. He rubbed her injection site and said "I see you've got your swine flu shot!".

Then the nurse took the thermometer in her hand. Preeti turned for a moment to see it and it was huge and bulbous. The nurse spread some more vaseline on Preeti's ass and moved her finger in and out. When Preeti squirmed some more, the doctor slapped her ass! Hard! "Stop moving now or you'll get some more!" he said.
The memories of her father spanking her and seeing her naked down there came back and she was scared and embarassed.

Preeti stopped immediately and the nurse plunged the large thermometer into her asshole, wobbling it slightly as it went in. 
"Ohhhhh!" said Preeti. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Preeti's medical checkup - Part 2

The nurse put on a stethoscope and reached down into Preeti's blouse to place them on her chest. The cold steel made her shudder slightly as the nurse moved it around. "This wont do at all, lets unbutton the blouse now" said the nurse, unbuttoning all the remaining buttons on her blouse with ease with one hand as Preeti's breasts lay exposed in their lacy bra. The stethoscope now delved into her bra and the nurse held down the bra cup with the other hand. "Fine on this side." They moved to her other breast and the nurses rough hands pulled her bra cup open and pushed it to one side. Oh no!Now her nipples were exposed and though she vaguely squirmed in an attempt to protect her modesty, the nurse waved her hands away and continued probing with the stethoscope.

"All right then." Finally, it was over and she breathed a sigh of relief. "Untie your petticoat, pull down your panties and turn over on your side, girl!"
"What is this for?" Preeti asked tremulously. 
"I need to give you a preventive injection for swine flu. We are required to give it to everyone these days."
If there was anything Preeti hated more than stripping naked for a spanking, it was stripping to take an injection. She protested to the nurse and asked if she could take it in her arm. But the nurse was firm. "It's a large injection and needs to be taken in the buttock."

Trembling with fear, Preeti turned over onto her stomach, blouse and bra still askew and pulled her petticoat up to her hips (just grazing her bottom). That way she still maintained a semblance of modesty, her petticoat was tied and her saree was still there. 
The nurse turned back towards her with the syringe and saw that her panties were still on. 
"Look, you do it yourself the easy way, or I'll have to do it for you. What do you want? I have other patients to attend to." 
Preeti shivered again, turned back on her side, facing away from the nurse and pulled down her panties slightly, exposing part of her right buttock.
The nurse shook her head in exasperation. 
Grasping her saree hem with both hands, she lifted it all the way up uncovering her thin white panties. Then she pulled her panty down just below her ass until her whole ass was exposed. 

With a cotton swab, the nurse cleaned Preeti's right ass cheek. The cotton felt so cold! Preeti was squirming a bit. The nurse slapped her ass cheek hard, unexpectedly! "Ohhh!" cried Preeti. 
"Stop squirming or you'll need to redo the injection."
Preeti stopped squirming but cried out "Aahhhhh!" as the sharp needle point touched her soft ass cheek and went right in. The nurse took her time to press the plunger until it was fully done. Preeti squirmed again and rubbed her ass with her right hand "Aaahhhh, that was painful." 
Then with a sigh of relief, she started to pull up her panties. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preeti's medical checkup - Part 1

Preeti went into the doctors office slightly apprehensive. It was a routine examination after all, for her new job. And hopefully would not take long. In fact, the lady doctor may just sign off on the sheet and that would be that - she would pay her, and the doctor could go on to real cases. The thought cheered her up as she sat in the waiting room.
It was slightly chilly in the room and her long legs goose bumped under the thin chiffon saree she was wearing. Along with the saree she wore a cotton blouse and her usual cotton white panties. She had full breasts that were modestly covered with a lacy bra and her breasts were barely contained in the bulging blouse. She could feel her nipples catch a little chill and harden, she did not know whether from the cold or her own apprehension.

The nurse, a busty, large dark woman, called her into the prep room. It was a stark room with a metal cot and a thin mattress, a sink and a row of cabinets and shelves. The shelves she could see had rows of syringes and thermometers. After asking her questions about her health and medical history, the nurse curtly advised her "Take off your saree and blouse, untie your petticoat, unhook your bra, pull down your panties and lie down on the bed!"
She was shocked by the abrupt way in which the nurse said this before turning around and rummaging in one of the cabinets. She timidly responded "what is this for? I just need a form signed. I dont really have to have the checkup."
The nurse said "You are getting a full medical checkup my girl, whether you want it or not. Off with the saree and blouse to begin with, now!

By the time the nurse turned back to face her, she had hesitatingly taken out her saree pallu to her side and unbuttoned the top two buttons of the blouse, hoping that by being conciliatory in this way the nurse would have (gulp!) forgotten about the rest of her command "untie your petticoat, unhook your bra, pull down your panties and lie down on the bed!". It felt demeaning to do that, reminding her of the times her father would spank her as a young teenager. He would ask her to pull up her skirt, and pull down her panties. She would have to either lie down on the bed in that half-naked state, or else stand up - even worse, trying to hide her nakedness with her hands as she bared her ass for the spanking. He always slapped her hard with a ruler, and sometimes her mother helped by holding her down or pulling down her panties by force. 
Gulp! She shivered and tried to put those thoughts behind her. What a fool she was being! She was now twenty-two after all, and this was a medical exam - just a pretend medical exam, really, for the purposes of signing off on her new job. Unbuttoning her blouse was for the stethoscope, she knew. And if everything was normal, well, there was no need to take down her panties was there?

When the nurse turned towards her she was lying down on her back, top two buttons of her blouse open, with her cleavage gently peeking through. Her hard nipples could be seen through the blouse and bra, but she prayed the nurse wouldnt notice. The nurse herself was wearing a short white nurse's uniform that was stretched tight over her enormous breasts. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Injection from Village Doctor

I like to share my experience. I live in a village near trichy in tamilnadu.We have a village doctor who visit us once in a week. He is gen doc in is 40's. Many ladies are scared at him becoz he prescribe only big injection for ladies even for a headache. Any lady who visits him is assured of getting a shot. As i was doing my bio chemistry (UG degree program) he will ask me to assist him when his compounder was on leave. Once day when i was there my neighbor's daughter in law was got married recently came to the clinic as she was sick. The poor girl did not know about this doctor and followed her mother in law. He called her inside and asked her the problem. She told she had cough and pain in her stomach. He took his stethoscope and made too sit on the bench near the window. I was in the room he asked her breathe deeply. She was wearing a mirror work blouse and a mirror work Saree. Because of this he was able to hear her heart beats correctly. he asked to move her pallu and then place the steth but becoz of the mirror there was problem he looked at me and i went near and unbuttoned her blouse her face went red in shyness becoz she was my age(20). She was sitting in front of only wit h a bra (red) . He then asked her to lie down and checked her abdomen by asking her to loose her saree and petticoat .She was not wear a patty i believed. The girl tried to look at the ceiling to avoid eye contact. He looked at me and asked to prepare two injection. One a pain killer and other a saline shot. I feared that this poor girl is to cry in few minutes and also see the fuss she is going to make to receive these shots in butt.She was feeling so embarrassed even to loose her saree for him to check her abdomen. I prepared and instructed her to lie on her side and untie her petticoat. She told she would take in the arm. I looked at him he told it should be taken in the (kundi) -buttock in tamil because it will cause more pain and called her in law.She too agreed ed immediately with the doctor and asked her to lie down without any embarrassment as he his like a god. She held her to loose her saree but the knot was very tight that can't to removed quickly. Her in law without a second thought lifted her whole her from legs to a hip exposing her from hip to leg. He first injected her on her left hip and then on her right butt cheek.She was yelling and crying and shaking her legs. After that she got up and tied hersaree and walked out trying to hide from other that it was she who was shouting and fighting to take the shot. This fact came to known by everyone when her mother in law told her to message her butt in the waiting hall infornt of every one. She again turned red and walked limping.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Injection from younger Doctor

Very long time I come to you one of the new story, which happen recently with me. I visited my native place Pune. Just bcoz of high temperature heat. I am not  feeling well i face the problem of mouth ulcer.  I visited my village male doctor who is recently completed  & compulsory two years training program of village side. He is looked same my age even less than me.
 When I entered the clinic he welcome me then start asking about the problem. I am very shocked because looked very young not even matured doctor. After i told  about my problem he said laid on table and start checkup of mouth, blood pressure & general checkup. After checkup he said you had mouth ulcer problem just bcoz of that
u feel weakness. You required multi vitamin medicine, folic acid tablets & Orosep Gel. When this discussion happened that time I get up & seat in the chair. After this he start walking towards inside room. He told me come inside I gave you one injection. I am very surprised. I didn't taken this age male doc injection. When I entered inside, there is one old big table. I went and seat on that he started feeling the syringe of yellow colour medicine. After that he seen me and said loosed the pant injection goes in your butt. I loosed the pant and lay down on one sided. Loosed the pant till quarter of the butt on right side. He came near to me and pushed me down almost make me sleep on flat position. Then he start checking the injection place using thumb to pushed my butt. He not  
satisfied of my butt raised, he catch my pant elastic down upto exposed right side butt full. Then he again check the injection place and in the middle of the butt he swab the cotton and pushed the needle. I made it sound like ahhhhhh.......ssssssss....... . I tighten the butt bcoz of its painful. Then he given the two normal slap on my butt and start pushing medicine. Its over within minute. I got very nice experience to taking injection of newly made doctor. 
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