Sunday, March 28, 2010

injection scenes from spanish movie - download

Here is the download link

This clip has a total of 6 injecttion scenes very very sensual.
All scenes are tinjections to the butts of various women with various butt sizes and shapes.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

injection scenes from spanish movie - very sensual

This clip has a total of 6 injecttion scenes very very sensual.
All scenes are tinjections to the butts of various women with various butt sizes and shapes.
Clip will be posted after comments from you guys

Thursday, March 25, 2010

injection from italian movie - clip download

This scene is just fabulous. In this clip, there is a nude lady on the couch, waiting for the injection into her as. She is cute. The doctor is holding the syringe. Then he goes out to get something. then our comedian arrives , he just love her ass. She mistakes him to be doctor, asks him to give the injection. then he gives her the injection in her ass. Her expression is just amazing. Then he starts massaging her buttocks, just then the doctor arrives and he escapes. Overall an amazing scene

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

injection from italian movie - most erotic

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sexperience with medical student

Hello Readers, My name is Sanjay. I am a doctor. This is a story of how I had sex with my junior Neha in college. It was the year 2004, when I was doing my internship after completing my MBBS from a prestigious college in Hyderabad.Neha was in the third year at that time and was probably the chik with the best figure in our college. She was about 5'6" in height and when she wore her tight tees and jeans, her curves were prominently displayed. In a word, she was a real beauty.However, her reputation was very good, and she was quite studious. Not many guys gave themselves even a chance of bedding this girl. I was not looking forward to any philandering with her when this occured. The third year of MBBS is when one steps up from pre-clinical studies to clinical postings and learns how to examine/treat a patient first hand. The house surgeons posted in various departments help the students learn the basics of clinical practice.This is more so when one is posted in either Medical ward or surgical ward postings. I was already posted in the medical ward, when Neha also got posted in the same ward. It was her first clinical posting.I am generally a friendly person and wasted no time in befriending Neha and her batchmates. Since I was quite friendly with the juniors and also was good at my work, a lot of juniors approached me to help them out with their work and learn new things.All the male house surgeons had this wonderful routine of demonstrating something to the juniors and then overlooking them go about their work. What most of us did was overlook and appreciate the figures of the girls more than looking at their work.Neha was a hot favorite with our gang due to her awesome figure.

One day Neha approached me asking me to demonstrate her the technique for giving intramuscular injections as her professor had asked the students to learn it and show it to him next week.So in the afternoon when the ward was not busy, I demonstrated the same to her on a patient who needed to be injected. Then on another patient, I asked her to try it out. Her hands were trembling when she was giving the injection to the patient.So, I asked her if any of her batchmates was willing to take an injection, I can demonstrate on him. Next day she said that none of the guys was willing and only one girl Suchi who was posted in the community ward had volunteered.Suchi was actually Neha's hostel roommate. Suchi was a marwadi girl and she too had an equally superb body like Neha. So, it was decided that we would gather in the examining room at 5Pm when it would not be occupied.So, on the dot at 5PM, Neha came to the medical ward with her friend Suchi and we went to the examining room and closed it. Since it was past their working hours and no staff would be present, both Neha and Suchi came in their casual dresses.Neha was in her trademark tight jeans and tees, while Suchi was wearing a knee length skirt with a top. Both of them looked gorgeous in their attires. Their sense of eagerness and apprehension showed on their faces. I told both of them to chill out.To calm them, I asked the ward boy to get some coffee for us and we chatted generally for a while having some good coffee. And then I asked if they were ready for the demo. Neha and Suchi both exchanged glances at them and came behind me to the examining table.I asked Suchi if she was willing to go through the demo and if she wasnt afraid of injections. Suchi said that she was used to taking injections as she was advised so by her doctor since she was weak.I told Suchi that I would be giving the injection on her butt and if she had any problems with that. Suchi replied that Neha had told her about it and she had no problem at all. So I asked Suchi to lie down while I supervised Neha in preparing the syringe.

I had got some vitamin vials with me for the purpose. When Neha had the syringe ready, I asked Suchi to lower her skirt. Instead, she raised her skirt up totally to give me a superb view of her legs. I complimented her on her eat legs tongue in cheek and she smiled back.Then I drew imaginary lines on Suchi's butt with my fingers and explained the various areas and muscles present to Neha. Then I held Neha's hands and helped her mark the positions. Suchi had closed her eyes and I could feel that she was breathing heavily.Then I helped Neha guide the syringe into Suchi's butt and inject her. Suchi volunteered to take another injection in the other butt too and this time I saw Neha doing the job nicely. I complimented her and told her that with a little more practise in the ward,she would be able to do the job perfectly. Then I rubbed Suchi's butt with spirit swab and gently tapped her butt complimenting her for it and for helping her friend out. The next day in the ward I helped out Neha by giving her another demo on a patient.I thought that she would l earn nicely by now and so I went back to my work. Then it was Sunday and we had an off day as outpatient ward was shut and I was not on duty. So I was lazing around in my room (i live alone in a room outside the campus)enjoying my sunday with some nice music being played on radio and the cool drinks I had brought to my room. I was wearing just my shorts since it was quite warm and I did not expect anyone to disturb me. At around 7 in the evening, there was a knock on my door and I opened it to see an awesome looking Neha standing there.

She was wearing a low waist jeans with a sleeveless white t-shirt on top which had a plunging neckline and her ample cleavage was easily visible. I asked her what the matter was and she said she wanted to clarify some doubts as her professor was going to question her tomorrow. I asked her to come inside. My room is generally neat and clean and when she looked around, she complimented me saying that it was the cleanest bachelor pad she had ever seen.I offered her some cool drinks and a samosa that I had bought earlier and asked her to fire her questions at me. She asked me a few basic questions which I answered easily and then asked me if I could explain her the methods of examining a patient.So I told her about the basics of percussion, palpation, etc.. She then asked me if I could show her how to check for various organs of the body. She told me to consider her as a patient and show it to her. So I asked her to lie down on my bed and then touching her gently at various parts of her anatomy, showed her how to examine a patient. I had to press her abdomen, chest, breasts, back, neck, etc as part of the whole procedure and Neha was getting quite horny as she was almost moaning whenever I touched her.While checking her chest, I noticed that she was not wearing any bra and her nipples were getting erect and were jutting out of the tee. I just moved my finger over her nipple and she winced in delight.She was satisfied with that and then she asked me to again explain the procedure for an injection. She had brought a syringe ready with her for that. I asked her if she was ready to take the injection. She said yes and I asked her to lie down again and lower her jeans.She did that in a flash and what was before me left my mouth open! She was wearing a string type panty and once she removed her jeans, there was nothing left to imagination. I almost turned away and told her that wasnt she feeling shy?She said there is nothing to be shy off in front of a doctor and asked me to go ahead. She had by then completely removed her jeans as she said they were too tight. And then she removed her panty too saying that anyways it wasnt hiding much.

Now I was having a straight view of her hairy pussy lips and with a wicked smile she asked me to take my eyes off the wrong areas and concentrate on my work and she turned back. While I was touching her showing her the various aspects and landmarks,I made my fingers accidently touch her pussy. When I was giving her the injection, she held my leg tightly saying that it was quite painful. Again while wiping the area, I was discreetly touching her pussy. She noticed it and told that I need not do it so shyly and if I wanted,I could do it openly. I was dumbfounded for some time and then she said Cmon do it. Now this was what I was waiting for and I jumped onto her and started kissing her madly. My hands found their way onto her firm and luscious boobs and helped by her, I removed her top.As expected, there was no sign of a bra. While I was engrossed in kissing and licking her breasts, her hand wandered down to my shorts and releasing my shorts and brief, she held my by now erect dick in her hand. Then she said that she wanted to experience sex now and it would be her first time, though she did masturbate ocasionally. It was all the signal I needed. My face dropped straight to her pussy and I started licking her. Slowly we got into a 69 position and she too started licking my dick.She dint like the taste of it too much and so started to only lick it and not swallow. Then I turned back towards her and slowly directed my dick towards her pussy. I smiled at a shy look from her and winking at her, slowly pushed into her pussy. Man.. It was so hot and tight.Initially she was very uncomfortable, but slowly she felt better as I started stroking my dick into her with rythm. Both of us held each other tightly and I was increasing my speed of pumping into her. After about 10 minutes of good pumping I came into her with a shudder and she alsofelt quite wet inside her. It was a fantastic feeling for both of us as it was the first time for both of us. We continued kissing again, then disengaged ourselves, got dressed and went out for dinner. We came back and again indulged in one more round of hot sex before I dropped her back at the hostel. We repeated this quite a few times during my tenure there. I also got to experience sex with Suchi who was not a virgin and had quite a reputation.
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