Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doctor at work - part 3

When she screamed loudly I took the syringe out and began to massage her buttocks with a small peice of cotton. She got some relief from pain and she was lying there quietly.

Soon I threw the cotton away and began to massage her entire buttocks area with the palm of my hands. After about a minute, she turned and said "OK, doctor I have to go home"

"But, the treatment is not fully complete" I said

I once again glanced at the cradle and saw that the boy has slept and is fast asleep.

I began to tell lie to the girl. "If you do not complete this treatment, then your left breast will always be smaller than your right breast".

It is common knowledge to all doctors that mostly women have one breast slightly smaller than the other. But she did not know this.

She looked at my face with fear. I once again asked her to lie down. Now she obeyed.

I showed both her breasts and said "Can you see that your left breast has become smaller than your right breast?" She nodded her head innocently.

"If the treatment is not done properly, then your left breast will continue to become smaller and smaller every year" I told her many lies. "When you get married then your husband will find this out and he will not live with you"

Now, she was completely convinced about the treatment and completely cooperated with me.

She had earlier attempted to cover her glorious beauty of the breasts. But, now she was not feeling too shy anymore.

I once again slowly massaged her left breast. Now her pain has reduced considerably. But, it has not healed completely. So, I put my hand on her soft right breast. It was so good to grab it.

Soon the girl was enjoying my touch and I think she began to get very wet down there. I could guess this because, she suddenly got up and began to wear her clothes properly.

I was confused and asked her "Why? What happened?"

She said "I'm getting a different feeling between my legs and I'm feeling as if water is flowing. My mother says that nobody should touch me at these 3 days".

I knew she is talking about her periods. I tried to persuade her to stay. I said, "This is Ok. I am a doctor anyway"

But, she grabbed the sleeping boy and put him on her shoulders and rushed towards the door.

"Come back next week for the treatment." I cried out after her. She might not come back I thought ..........................
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