Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doctor at work - part 2

There she was laying on the examination table. Her big glorious boobs heaving up and down because of a mixture of fear and excitement.

I got myself ready and glanced at the boy. He was still in the cradle and appeared to be sleepy.

I took my stethscope and went near her. I wanted to win her trust as a doctor who is exact in the treatment. For the next few minutes I examined various parts of her chest and in the process lightly touched both her boobs. This village girl was visibly becoming very excited. But my eyes also noticed that she still seemed to be in pain.

"I have to check you thoroughly" saying this I boldly placed my right hand on her left breast. She closed her eyes but her lips were parted.

A gasp as if from someone in pain escaped her parted lips. "is it painful" I asked her. She nodded her head vigorously, which again confirmed that she is still in pain. "Ok, take of your clothes. I have to see this wound" I told her

I did not get any response from her. But, she was not protesting when my hand moved on to her other breast and began to squeeze it gently. "Is this painful" I again enquired. Now, she spoke saying "No"

Without waiting for her actions or reactions I lifted her dress and began to expose her beauty. But I was shocked when I looked at her left breast, there were little droplets of blood a little bit below the aerola.

I put on the gloves and touched the hurt part and the girl almost jumped. She was bit badly by the little boy. I took a bottle of tinture and cleaned the affected part. The girl grimaced with pain but cooperated to whatever extent she could bear the pain. Sometimes she cried aloud in pain.

After I cleaned her wound. "Now you have to take an injection to prevent the wound from becoming septic" I informed her

She did not know what to say. I began to untie her pajama strings and loosened them. She suddenly got up and gave me a strange look. Something like asking "Why?"

I told her "This injection will be very painful. So, I have to put it in your buttocks" I lied to her. She once again lay down on the examination table. I gently touched her thighs and asked her to lie on her side. Now her exposed buttocks in all its glory is before me.

I took a syringe and fitted a relatively long and thick needle on it. I touched some dettol and began cleaning her butt area. Infact, after a while I used my fingers on which I still had the gloves on. She was moving her butt forward and backward.

Then I asked her to be still and inserted the needle into the fleshy part of her buttocks. This time she screamed the loudest. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaah ...
part3 in next post ......

Monday, January 18, 2010

Doctor at work - part 1

I have for many days now been viewing all these contents without contributing. My life has been good and I all of a sudden thought that I should contribute too. So, this is my first post. Just waiting for your responses.

I'm a medical doctor and this incident happened in the year 2005. I'm young and energetic. It was in Maharashtra and it was that village from which Bird flu spread its wings into our country.

It was a usual, hot summer day. I was in my clinic and the entire place was overcrowded with many patients. I knew it was going to be a long day. I walked out of my room to get some water to drink and a young village girl caught my attention. She was young and very beautiful, the kind of beauty which you find in many of the indian villages. I noticed that she might be around 18 years old or maybe even 19. She had very good assets that hinted that she might be even more older.

But what took me by surprise was that she held a baby boy, who might be 3 or 4 years old. I thought that it was her own child.

I came back into my room without giving much thought to this girl. I continued my job of looking after the rest of the patients until I heard a loud cry ... ... ... ..

"aaaaaaaah, you little demon" ..........

It was the voice of a woman. That's what I thought ...........

atleast at that moment ..............

I was prescribing some medicines to an old woman (around 60-70 years old) who was complaining of chest pain, when I heard this loud noise and commotion. Just as the old woman went out that very young girl who had caught my attention came in literally crying and she was still clutching the young boy in her arms. She was covering herself with a shawl.

I began to talk to her in Marathi and this is what happened after that:

"What is the matter", I enquired

With tears brimming in her eyes she said, "he bit me"

It was unbelievable. "What" I exclaimed. I could see the boy was struggling in her arms.

She again repeated in a loud voice "this little demon bit me, doctor saab"

I made her sit down and asked "where?"

She became quiet, hung her head as if she is ashamed.

I repeated "Where" she said "here" pointing to her breasts

This is getting interesting I thought ...........

There she was a young girl who is pointing to her boobs and screaming "he bit me here". It was kind of a dream sequence situation. I could not believe it and I could not disbelieve it.

"What is the matter with him?" I asked

"My sister thinks that he is not feeling well" she said "He is the only son of my sister" she continued. . . I was relieved to hear her that he was not her son and that she is not yet married.

"He still insists that his mother should breast feed him" she began to narrate her story "when she is away at work I take care of him". At this point I began to examine the boy who was still on her arms. The girl was still looking to be in a lot of pain and discomfort.

The boy seemed to be alright and I just prescribed some vitamin tonic for him.

Now, I proceeded to examine the girl. At first she was not exactly willing, but she was in such pain and discomfort that she took the shawl off her neck.

Oh, what a sight to look at.

Her boobs were so rounded and pushing themselves out of her green coloured salwar kameez. She was not wearing any dupatta over her breasts. Her left boob was as if it had something liquid around the nipple area.

I asked her, "What happened"

"When my sister is away for work, I take care of him" She said "sometimes when he cries inorder to smother his loud cries I used to embrace him tightly to my chest"

I was listening to all this eagerly.

"Somedays, he used to lift my salwar and try to suck my breasts" she continued "but as I have no milk he sucks for a minute or two minutes and then stops"

I interrupted, "Why do you do that?" "You cannot give him milk, can you"

She shyly, with her eyes still glued to the ground, said "When he sucks i feel good"

Then she began to continue "Today, as it was getting late and he was getting very restless and he began to cry" "So I made him, to suck my breasts under my shawl and nobody will notice"

"But as he was expecting to get milk and he did not get it, he bit me very hard" as she was saying her left hand automatically reached to her left breast. I felt that she is still in severe pain.

I asked her "How many more patients are still outside?"

"I don't know" she said matter of factly.

I went out to check and found no one else waiting. She had been the last on queue. I was glad.

I came into the room and asked her to place the boy in one of the many cradles there. She did so.

"Now, sit down here." I said to her. She obeyed without any hesitation. I could still feel that she is in discomfort.

"Now I will check what happened here", saying this I took my hands near her chest area.

She was sitting almost on the tip of the chair and this made her sit back properly. Her milk jugs jerked to action.

I was loving all this.

I once again moved closer on my revolving chair and touched her softly on her left breast. She became a little stiff but I proceeded to press it lightly and she screamed again. . . aaaaaaahhhhh

I asked her to get up and lie down on the examination table and she quietly agreed . . .

Would u like to get to the end of this adventure

Do comment on ............

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injection from a sexy young doc

I was in bombay for a week to see a friend, she lives in the suburbs of mumbai, while on my trip i cut my leg it was a small cut, but it did bleed a bit, the next day when i went to see my friend i had a small limp, so she asked what happened, i not realising what was in store for me just told her it was a minor cut and tried to cover it up, but she insisted on seeing it, she was a bit shocked when she saw it and insisted i see a doctor, i said ya i will just to get over that topic, but she was very adamant and seeing my response she thought its better to take me to a doctor, she forced me to come with her to her doctor whose clinic was nearby. i hesitantly went with her, the clinic was empty but we had to wait for a few minutes before we got called in, then a i heard this very sweet voice saying come in, i was getting excited have always had a fantasy of going to a young sexy female doctor, when i went in i was all the more excited, my fantasy had come true, here was a real sweet young female doctor, she was dressed in a plain white saree looked amazing and a stethoscope around her neck. my friend new her (family doctor) and introduced me to her i exchanged a few pleasantries , trying to hide my excitement, my friend told her what had happened, then the doctor asked me to step aside to her examining table i did as told, she had a look at my leg and said it seems to be a deep cut and went and got everything to bandage it, she cleaned the wound and bandaged it really well i was about to thank her, before i could finish i hear the words i wanted to , she said i needed to get an injection i could literally hear my heartbeat, firstly a sexy lady doctor and then my lady friend was also with me, i acted and said no no it fine i dont need one, just to add to the excitement, she said no you need to with authority which i really liked, so i said ok and went and sat back on the table for her next command, i could see the sly smile on my friends face, the doctor went over to the side to prepare the shot i could see her preparing the shot, which is also quite arousing... she took a couple of minutes to get it ready than came over to me with the syringe in her hand. she looked amazing, stethoscope around her neck, syringe in one hand just amazing, she than said allright this goes in your bottom i got all the more excited i put up a bit of fuss, but than gave in , she asked me to bend over the table , i opened up my pants and stood there bent over, i saw the excitement on my friends face as well. the doctor than came over rubbed alcohol over my left cheek and darted the shot in, i made a few sound on purpose it took her 20 secs to complete the shot did it real nice and slow like i like it. i pulled up my pants thanked her. she was then chatting with my friend while i got dressed, and told her to get me again and check on how my wound is healing, i was more than happy to come back and get another shot dont know how but......
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