Wednesday, December 30, 2009

injection to sumi

Yesterday I had high fever.I was staying near my work place and my friends had gone home early because of the holidays.
I decided to go to the nearby hospital as the temperature pretty high. I went in the morning - took the chit from the reception, waited for 10 min for my turn.I saw the doctor and doctor examined me , took the temperature -104 degree.
He told its a viral fever , prescibed some medicines on the chit.I then went to the reception to buy the medicines. The lady there told I have to take an injection and showed me a way.I went there. I went near a room and a nurse was there.She took the chit from , read it and asked me lie down on the table.She also latched the door , but not fully.
I was wearing a blue salwar.I climbed the table and lied straight. The nurse was filling the medicine ,she told me that injection is in my buttocks, so loosen my pyjama and lie on my belly.I lifted my top ,held the pyjama thread , untied it and lied on my stomach.After a min, the nurse came . I lowered my pyjama and panty a bit.Nurse caught hold of my panty elastic and drooped it more, to inject it on correct site.I think my left butt cheek and buttock crack was exposed and a bit of right cheek.Nurse told me to lie straight , dont shake my legs and rest my head on the pillow.She then slightly poked my butt cheek and inserted the needele.I felt a bit of pain as it was a strong dose.
I closed my eyes and holded my breath.After 30 seconds the shot was over, and she swiped the location with cotton for a minute. I then got up pulled up my panty and pyjama, tied the thread and placed my salwar top properly . I realised tha i was limping a bit with my left leg. Nurse adivsed me to go home and massage the area. I then went to the reception and bought other medicines and paid the fees and went to my room.
I recieved a shot yesterday

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