Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 injection stories


"In some countries in Asia, injections are very popular, even though if they are not necessary. Patients wrongly believe that, if injection is given the faster the recovery will be. The more painful, the better. Patients are often given painful placebo injection. It is also another way for the doctor to charge higher fee. I believe I only needed 1 injection but was given another one which was a placebo of sterile water. I watched the doctor preparing the injections. Fear began to creep in when I saw he filled the needles. Then when he came over to my table, I rolled over to my stomach, pushing my panties and jeans halfway. The doctor, one hand holding the needle, the other pull my panties even further down, exposing my whole buttock. All the time, while chatting with my dad about some tourist spots. Gosh, I wanted to die. My dad, standing next to where my head rested, saw my butt. The first shot on the left butt. It was painful but quick. The second one on the other butt. This one must have been the placebo shot. I jumped slightly when the thicker needle pricked in, then the unbearable sting. This shot took much longer to finish. It hurt so bad, that I subconsciously grabbed my dad's sleeve. I actually cried a little. My butt was sore for the next 2 days."


I had a slight fever. I went to a female local doctor. She was very busy and agreed to examine me . She took the temperature and told it was a flu fever. She prescribed some medicines and asked me to get it in the reception. The female nurse was busy administering enema to a patient in a separate room so the male nurse called me to the examination room. As i was out aware of the injection i went him coolly. I handed over the pills i have to take and when i was about to Stopped and asked to climb the wooden bench a lay down. I was confused and then he pointed out his butt and told i have to get a shot. I was very embarrassed and asked him if can be in my arms for this disagreed. I removed my sari and petticoat and laid there facing the table. he came and pulled my panties completely down till my knees but gave the shot on upper hip.


I went to my doctor because I wasn't feeling well. I changed into the gown. The doctor came in and asked me how I was feeling. I told him I feel really awful and feverish.. I explained that I haven't visited a doctor since I was about 8yrs old cause I never got sick, plus I didn't have insurance. I had no choice this time. He was very surprised. He said he was going to perform a full exam. The exam started out with my height and weight, he checked my spine and then told me to hop onto the table. He checked my ears, eyes, nose and throat, my lymph nodes, my reflexes, then my blood pressure and listened to my heart. Then he told me to lay back and started pressing down on my lower abdomen hard. I told him he was hurting me. He didn't say anything and then those dreaded words-Turn onto your stomach for the rectal temperature. I protested but he explained that my skin temperature felt very hot and rectal was for accuracy! So I turned over and he lifted my gown up to the middle of my back. He had one of those huge box type digital thermometers and he removed the blue probe and replaced it with the red one explaining that the red one was designated for rectal temps only.. he set it on turtle mode which meant the thermometer does not beep when the temp is finished being recorded but rather gives the doctor the option of removing the probe when he thinks is best. I watched as he loaded a probe cover then squirted KY on it. He then used one hand to spread my buttocks exposing my anus. His forefinger and middle finger were fashioned into a wide V keeping my butt spread wide. He then pushed the probe into my rectum until he met resistance and released by cheeks to envelop the probe. He told me to hold still. He was intently watching the digital screen climb in temperature. When It reached 104.1 he announced ill be getting an injection of antibiotics in my butt and to not move or pull my gown down, He slowly withdrew the probe from my rectum and went to load the syringe. When he cake back and I saw the needle my heart jumped. He swabbed my right cheek and jammed it in without warning. I yelped and my eyes welled with tears but then I started crying when he began pushing in the plunger. He withdrew the needle and alas he gave me a tissue for my eyes but not for the KY on my anus.

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