Saturday, November 28, 2009

Injection from bhabhi

Few days back i have given to injection one in each butt cheek to my bhabhi who is also same age of bhabhi really scared of injection and i have noticed earlier when i give someone in the home injections like tetanus or any other type to my neighbour and all she wached my each movement and scared to take any injection.One day my brother is not at home he has visited amritsar to do some work .my bhabhi is a school teacher while coming home she cut her leg finger so badly.
she not tell anyone in the family about that and covered it with bandage.My sister has seen it but bhabhi has convinced her not to say to anyone but my sister told me quietly all that at night.i feel so angry about that and told my bhabhi to come in the treatment room she understant that i knows all that she wear a salwaar kameej i told her to remove the bandaged the whole area swells up by that it got really worse then i told her now u have to take two injections one is to control the reaction and the one for that u tells lie to me so please be ready for your shots i am just going to gt the medicine by the time u lie on your stomach and adjust your buttocks i have taken two syringes and start filling the medicine in it the tetanus injection is a small one but at home i dont have the big syringe for the antibiotic so i use the glass syringe then i enter the room to inject her .she simply sitting theni told her to lie she askked me that if u give that in arm i said no i can give the tetanus injection in the arm if it is day time because in hand the movement is required
i then forsefully lie her down i close the door and then loosened her salwaar and remove it till the knee height she now starting to scare and telling me please i am fine u please inject the tetanus i have completely neglected her and adjusted her panty she has really a cute butt i say plz now plz reay for jab otherwise i will tell this to yor husband and then u know what will happen she is slowly started to cry i then searching her hips to poke the needle she is really looking me like she going to slap me then i pick the tt injection and in one hand rub the site then i slap the region and with 90 egree angle jab her buttocks so quickly she started crying like a hell.i remove the injection and then rub her hip gently and then i told her to be cooperative otherwise if u move and cry like that then this one is going to hurt u really badly plz calm down then i asked her where u want to take that on the same side or the other so u can sleep properly she told me whereever u want to for that i kissed her forhead to calm her down and the start rubbing the other hip and slapped that two or thee times and then pick the big one i pricked her skin at 100 degree angle and so fastly she feel the strong pain after the cry and when i injecting her she mooning so badly i keep on telling her to keep taking deep breath .after that i told her that now u have to take one more she was shocked then i told her that i was just kidding injecting the family members i really not a easy work.
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