Monday, August 31, 2009

doc giving injection to nurse

It was the middle of summer in the one of the hottest parts of India and the sun was scorching. It was Dr Mishra's clinic. Dr Mishra runs a small but very busy practice in the dusky town kanpur in UP. His patients consists mostly of young women from well to do and rich families. As the day was hot most of his patients had left and he was preparing to go home for lunch. His secretary and nurse radha was a beautiful women of 28. She was sexy, well rounded in all the right places and a polished lady. She was weatish in complexion and wore a sleeve less blouse which revealed more than it his. Since she worked for an upmarket doctor she was supposed to be in a particular attire. Dr Mishra had instructed to always wear sarees and tie it much below her navel and wear sleeve less blouse and have a clean shaven underarm. As Dr Mishra paid her quite well she dint have a problem.

Of all things she hated was when she fell ill, because then she had endure painful shots in her butts from her boss. Dr Mishra was famous for his shots and his stance on injection. He always believed that the smallest of the diseases have to be cured by injections. And most of his patients agreed and his practice flourished. He usually gave very painful injections. He prescribed these injections and radha used to administer them and most of his patients left with a sore bottom and almost always shed a tear or two. Dr mishra used to take special care of some very lucky patients( read beautiful, sexy patients) when he would prefer to administer the shots himself . Radha was one of his favorite patients.
Radha dint know that today was one of those days that she would have her bottom puntured!!!!. Poor Radha.

As the heat progressed, Radha was sweating profusely as there was a powercut that day. Radha had her lunch while Dr Mishra was away. She just finished her lunch as Dr Mishra entered the office. He greeted her warmly. As it was still 2pm none of the patients had yet arrived. Dr Mishra took his seat and casually started studying something, Just then a loud thud was heard. Dr Mishra left what he was reading and rushed to the lounge of the clinic. There radha fell unconsious on the floor.
She is lying with her stomach to ground. Dr Mishra lifts her up and carries her all the way to his examining table. He sprinkles water on her and she gains consious ness.
Radha: Oh doctor what happened to me ?
Dr Mishra: You fell down in the corridor. Looks like you are very weak now, dint you have food?

Radha: No doctor, I had food, I have been feeling tired and sick now a days. Dont know what to do
Dr Mishra : Oh its nothing, I think you have iron deficiency. I will fix it right away with
Dr Mishra turns to the table and starts preparing the injection. Radha is afraid now, she sits up on the bed and looks anxiously at the doctor. She knows that it is inevitable.
Radha: Doctor, please dont give me the injection doctor, the last time you gave me the birth control injection it pained a lot doctor.
Radha is feeling her left hip at this time
Radha: I could not even sit doctor, please doctor, I dont want to feel the pain again, please give me tablets.
Dr MIshra was in no mood to listen. He pulled out 3 cc of from the vial and filled it into the syringe. The color of the liquid was red and the medicine was thick. Dr Mishra also took a swab of cotton and poured spirit into the swab and approached Radha who was sitting on the bed. She was afraid, she meekily put her hand into her petticoat strings and starts removing it.

Radha: No doctor, please dont give me the injection doctor.
The string came out easily, and Radha slowly lied down sideways like a baby, with her hips protruding . What a site it was and her butts were protruding and her enormous hips were hanging in the air. Slowly Radha's hands go into her petticoat and she pushes her petticoat down along with the saree revealing a small portion of her hips and a slight hip crack, now Dr mishra approaches her and pulls her petticoat and saree further down, exposing almost half of her white creaby butts and half of her panties. Then he pulls the panties down to expose half of her butt crack . At which time Radha jerks her hips, as if she know what is expected next.
Now Dr Mishra applies the spirit on to her left hip which protruded on the outer part.
Radha hisses due to the cold spirit.
The Dr mishra holds the needle at right angle and at one jerk, puts the needle into her butter like hips.
Dr Mishra starts pressing the plunger
Radha :aa,oooooooooo, hhhhhhh, sssssssssss.
Radha has unbearable pain and also wiggles and jerks her ass due to the pain......
Dr Mishra pumps the medicine and puts the cotton swab on the spot and withdraws the needle.
Radha hisses and wiggles her ass again.
At the same time there is some noise at the door and a patient comes in
and as soon as the needle is removed, she pulls her panties up and petticoat up and ties her saree and starts pressing the spot and bends her head down in shyness and hurries out of the doctor's chamber.
Dr Mishra disposes the syringe and the needle with a sly smile on his face.

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