Monday, June 1, 2009

Naughty Nurse

I am 32 years old nurse working in a private hospital. I am happily married and my husband is a very nice to me. During my nursing career I have certain erotic experiences. I remember one girl patient of 13 was prescribed penicillin injection every third week. The injection dose is about 10 ml for penicillin injection (normally injections are 1 ml). So it takes a lot of time to give this injection.

Plus it is very painful also. Her father used to accompany her. She was such a beautiful and sexy
girl, well developed vitals for her age. I asked her to lie on the bed. Her father was standing besides her. She was wearing a skirt and top. I lifted her skirt and shifted her panty a bit lower and wiped her right buttock with spirit. Because of the wide bore needle, she started crying and didn't cooperate at all. I asked her, okay if it is so painful I will apply some surface anesthetic drug over her hip. I started applying the cream. I brought down her panty fully exposing her beautiful sexy buttocks.

The sexiness of her behind was in full view of her father. She had a very sexy bottom. Her father was looking at her hips so lustfully that I got vibrations in my heart. My heart started to beat fast. I thought something and I asked the girl to bend her knees and assume knee elbow position because I wanted her hips muscles to be taught while applying that cream.

She looked at her father. Her father asked her to do what I said. She bent her both knees and assumed knee chest position. O my God! Her vaginal lips and anus were in full view from behind. She had slight brown hairs on her privates. I wasted 2 minutes in arranging the nearby table and I was looking at the father eyes. He was staring like anything. He got an erection which was obvious also from the bulge in his pants. Honestly speaking I was getting wet between my thighs.
Once again I started applying the cream but still not obstructing her father's view of her puffy vaginal lips and puckered anus. I applied the cream for 5 minutes and left the cabin telling her father that the drug will take about 15 minutes to act. I will come back after 15 minutes. And told the girl not to worry and asked her to stay like that for 15 minutes. I caressed her hair and cheeks while leaving them all by themselves.

There was a half naked daughter of 13 and her father alone in the cabin. I didn’t know what came in my mind but I was feeling excited after exposing a daughter's hidden glory to her father. Although this was not the first time it was happening with me that I was exposing someone's
privates in front of their close family member but no incidence was carried too far.

I do remember an incidence some 2 years ago. A brother came to hospital with his snake bitten sister. The doctor instructed me to put urinary catheter (tube to collect urine). And I did that procedure in front of her younger brother, taking his help in parting her legs. Elder sister was crying in pain and the 16 year boy was drooling over her right youthful thigh. I thought in my mind that someday he is going to be a good licker. I exposed her inner flesh for her brother's hungry eyes. I am dam sure he must have started fantasizing about his sister afterwards. I took
extra time to do the things. The girl was so beautiful and neat that I didn't even wear gloves. Usually nurses wear gloves while doing such things. I applied anesthetic jelly not only over her urethra (urinary opening) but also rubbed her clitoris with rest of my fingers. After finishing I passed a naughty smile towards the brother and told while washing my hands, "All done". He told, "Thank you nurse". I caressed her both cheeks and told, "Its all right yaar." And added whiling opening the anti-snake venom vials, "Now you have to give great care to her being a sweet brother". He told, "Oh yes." It was when I bent to throw the empty vial in the dust-bin; What I saw was his erection through his pants. I don't know what happened to me and I quit my conversation and did my work seriously.

One more interesting incidence I wish to tell you. There was a boy suffering from some urinary problem. He was asked for urine examination. I gave him the labeled bottle and asked him collect urine in that and sent him to bathroom. He came back with empty bottle and
told he couldn’t. The boy was just entered in his teens and very cute.

I asked him to give me a try. This was the first time I ever did such a thing. Initially he was shy to take out his penis in front me but I used my nursing skills to did so. There was he holding his limp penis in his left hand. I reached with my hand and replaced his hand. I asked him to close his eyes and take a deep breath. I didn't know what happened to me and I started fondling his penis with one hand, the other hand was grabbing the bottle, otherwise I surely wound have caressed his hips with that. He got an erection and his erected beautiful virile penis was pulsating
in my hand. Very slowly I gave him few strokes also but then something came in my mind and I stopped. After a minutes he passed few drops from his cum glistening head of penis. Then suddenly I heard someone calling me. I called his mother to help him in collecting the urine in the
bottle as I told he will take a long time to fill this. In spite of hearing frequent call I did pay a good time how her mother was holding his 4" fully erect member in her fist. Then she looked at me and giving her a smile I left. I tried to finish that unexpected work as fast as possible and came back. When I reached I saw his glistening swollen head of penis. I don't know the mother just retracted the prepuce to help him or she might have stroked him too like I did. The bottle was
half filled. She looked at me and smiled. I too smiled at her and told her to stroke him a few times as it might help. The serious look on her face while doing so was making me extra wet. Anyhow the bottle was filled and my job was over.

I hope 15 minutes passed and decided to go into the cabin for my penicillin injection.
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