Thursday, March 19, 2009

Innjection to bangalore girls - part 2

I gave ash tray to Preeti, and preeti started enjoying the Zoom TV. I started asking Sanjana, "was the injection painful?" Yeah it was very painful, and she thumbed her buttock and her expression on face was bold, and as if she accomplished something.

I acted as if I was afraid of injections. Preeti said, "Injections are always better than Tablets, yaa". 

I said to Preeti, "so you will always prefer Injections to Tablets?". 

"Yeah, I dont have any fear for prick, I can inject myself, and if you need, you tell me, I will prick you, ha haa aaahh"

I said, OK, I will buy B Complex injection right now, you take the injection. She said "OK". Sanjana said, "OK yaa, lets go home." 

I said, "Sanjana, please take a peg with me", I gave her scotch. she could not refuse, she said "OK," she was very graceful in sipping the Glass, she could take it on the rocks. I started touching her hand, and she did not object, in fact she was so much impressed with me, and with my house and the ambience in my house, she did not want to say anything. 

As usual, Preeti was enjoying her on her own. I was looking into Sanjana's face, and she was also looking into my face. 

Then, Preeti gave her Tumbler to me, I was shocked, it was so fast, I said "OK", and I fixed another drink for her. She said she wanted to go downstairs and buy cigarette, I said, I will buy cigarette for you. I went down stairs, and purchased half a pack of Classic Regular, and while I was coming back to my house I saw the Chemist shop open and I suddenly started palpating fast, I thought I can buy a sirange and B Complex injection. I bought it and went into my house. Both the girls were enjoying the TV. 

I showed Preeti, here is your cigarette, and I also shown her syrange and vial. Sanjana did not understand. Preeti started showing some dislike of me. 

I said, " I simply bought this to scare you, I dont mean to ask you to take the injection,". Preeti said, well, when I was young, I used to play Doctor and Patient with my friends, we can also play, give me that syrange, I will prick your buttocks,

I was scared, she took the syrange and loaded it, sanjana was saying, "what are you doing Preeti, let us go home"

I said, "Please dont prick me Preeti," Preeti said, " yeah, now you will understand how painful it would be when you get the prick, she loaded 3 ml. and she put the needle on, I brought 2 inch large gauge needle, it was quite big for the syrange. Preeti started teasing me, and started running around Sanjana, after two rounds, Preeti got tired and she once again sat on the bean-bag.

She was really tired, now, she started saying, "Now I need to take this, this is not for you, it is for me, she was trying to show off that she is very brave, she stood up and she pulled her white jeans off her right hip, and she also pulled her panty down, and suddenly she pushed the needle into her butt, Sanjana was surprised and she put both her hands on her face cheeks and she was giving expression that she is really feeling the pain of Preeti. 

I told, Preeti, "Preeti preeti, let me learn to give injection please, please please"

Preeti stopped pushing the plunger and I started pushing the plunger. Preeti was feeling the burning as I was unnecessarily shaking the needle and injecting the fluid very very slow, in fact I was not injecting the fluid but I was pushing the syrange so that the needle will give her discomfort, but Preeti was smiling and Sanjana was showing her expression of Shock, by keeping both her palms on her face cheeks. 

I gave her the injection fo rabout 1 minute. and while taking the needle out also, I took it out half way and again I poked it in and then again I started pulling it out and poked it in. Preeti now understood what I was doing. and still as she has to show her bravery, she was smiling. 

I was laughing and appreciating Preeti, "you are genious yaa, you can bear the pain, I cant do that, you know". 

Sanjana also said, "I too had the injection yaa, it is still hurting still you know," she was palming her buttocks.

Then after spending anothe 15 minutes, at around 8 PM, I asked them for Dinner, they refused and said, "tomorrow we will have Dinner, we need to tell our aunty in advance to skip the Dinner"

I said "OK". 

While they were going, I jokingly said, "rubb your buttocks, " both the girls were rubbing their buttocks simultaneously. But I know that Sanjana has had the painful one. 

I kinda like started admiring her buttocks, and her graceful style, and her perfectly curvaceous body, and her traditional and modern looks, I started becoming crazy for Sanjana's buttocks. 

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