Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing injection and medical pics

Look at the position. Look at the smoothness of her ass. The doctor is readying to do some serious medical examination. Her expression is a bit of shock.

wow! Look at the syringe at a very sensual spot on her ass. The needle is entering her smooth butt.

The girl is screaming as the needle enters her ass. Ass the doc presses the plunger, she pleads for mercy as it starts to burn her buttocks. I wish she had been an indian woman clad in a saree receiving such a burning injection

Wonderful shot of her smooth silky butt cheeks. The needle is prodding her asshosle

Looks like the doctor also spanker her bottom . Some marks seen on her smoot butts.

Something bigger getting into her ass hole

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Injection Video from Kannada Movie

This is a clip from a kannada movie Mamatheya madilu. In this movie the heroin is very afraid of dogs and gets bitten by a dog. She goes to a doctor who is a family friend and tells him that she has been bitten by a dog. The doctor prescribes an injection. 

Then she shows her hand to be injected. The doctor says that the injection cannot be administered there. So she points to her butt and says does it go there?. The doctor answers that the injections needs to be administered around her navel. She lies down on the bed, bares her stomach and receives a very painful injection on her stomach around her navel. She actualy receives 3 injections . I will post all of them . Please wait...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Realizing My Fantasy

I had a dream, a fantasy but I never knew it would get realized so soon. It started with this very blog when I wanted to get to know people who were interested in similar things. I got to know few people and one of them was a lady doctor.

We started talking and both of us stay in the same city. After a lot of reluctance we agreed to do something more than just chat about our fantasies. Let me call the lady Dr Anjali for now. Dr Anjali practices general medicine in one of the hospitals in bangalore. I got to know from her that most of her patients are middle aged and she would love to treat me. Then after exchanging our details we agreed to meet on a saturday in her hospital. 

As Agreed I dressed up in blue jeans and white T shirt and went to the hospital at around 7 pm. I registered my name in the outpatient department to consult Dr Anjali. I got the token number. The token number read 15 which meant that I had 15 more patients before me after which I would be called in. I waited impatiently . I was getting nervous and I was getting excited. It was 9pm when the 12th patient was called in. As I sat there I observed the various patients and the various doctors there. The injection room was also close to where I was sitting. I was observing who would go into the room and how they would come out. I did observe quite a few beautiful ladies go into the room with injection vials and I did observe them coming out with a bit of discomfort, either rubbing their buttocks or facing difficulty to sit. More of it in another post. 

As I was imagining things my turn came. I went in . There were no patients at all after me . As I entered I saw a doctor sitting on the chair, she was wearing a red saree, and a white doctor's coat on that saree. And there was a nurse standing there as well.  The doctor asked the nurse to go do some rounds which I dint understand much.  Now I was sure that she was the same doctor I chat with because she was wearing red saree and red blouse as we had agreed upon. She ushered me to sit down. I sat down. She had broad very beautiful eyes. She was looking gorgeous even at the end of the day. May be she had got ready for this. 
She asked me "Name". 
I replied "Manit". 
As soon as I told her my name her face lightened with a sly name on her lips.  
So what happened "Mr Manit", She was smiling unusually and there was nobody in the room.
I replied "Doctor I have weakness from 2 days, I hope you can give me something quick for energy"
Dr Anjali started writing some prescription and handed it over to me "Get this and come to me"
I took the prescription. The prescription read "inj B12  3 ml"
I went to the medical shop , was excited and gave him the prescription . He gave me a syringe, needle and a single vial. 
I rushed to her consulting room and gave her the medicines, she asked me to come to the next room.
We entered the injection room. She closed the door and I was a bit nervous, a bit scared but very much excited and jumping inside. She opened the syringe, and needle and broke the vial and filled 3 ml of medication into the syringe and inserted the needle into the syringe . She took a cotton ball and wet it with spirit. The smell of spirit was intoxicating I should say and at that moment transported me to a different world. At that point.

Dr Anjali" you write very well manit, I wish I would write like you!"
I was a bit naughty now . I told her " I look very beautiful, I wish I would give you a shot"
"You are very naughty manit, Tell me where will you take the shot, In your arms or in  your hips"
She stresses the word hips in a naughty way and It was a feast to hear a beautiful lady doctor talk so explicitly. 
I dint answer her , I just lied down and unbuckled my belt and loosened my jeans and rooled over to the side, with my hips to her side. She came near to me and applied spirit onto my butts and it felt cold and I really loved the smell of the spirit as well as the smell of her scent. Then she slowly inserted the needle to my hips.
She was telling " its a small shot to start with, it will get over fast, Dont worry"
I felt a tinge and a sharp prick at my right hip. She must have aspirated and then started pressing the plunger at which point I felt a tingling burning sensation for a short 30 seconds at which point i gave out a "ssssss" for her pleasure. Then she removed the needle pressed the spot with cotton. Then I wore my pant and got up.

As I turned to her she was disposing the syring and the needle.  I thanked her . She smmiled at me. I asked her for her fees. She asked me to pay her Rs200. I paid her and left extreemely happy. Hope to have many such encounters.

Please comment and give me your opinion how you felt about my unique experience

-- Manit

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