Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shivranjini orgasms through injection part 4

Dr Motiwala was slowly rubbing Ranjini's ass with a cotton ball and the huge ass cheeks was jiggling and Ranjini started to moan a bit due to the pain/pleasure. Dr was rubbing the smooth silk like cheeks that resembled a ball of butter. The cotton and the spirit left a large round shining spot on her cheeks with a small red dot in the middle. The doc continued to massage the pained cheeks in a rounded fashion...

Dr: Mallika, I am sorry I hurt you while I came . I really did not mean to hurt you. Is it still hurting...

Mallika was in two minds, she had masterminded all this drama for herself , but it had horribly backfired on her friend, ranjini. On one hand she really wanted to satisfy her crave for getting injected in her bum, on the other she really dint want, what Ranjini got, and is going to get in the future.
Mallika: Ji doctor kuch nahi..
Dr: Dont be scared, nothing will happen..

Now mallika is a bit angry and furious
Mallika: How do say that? I am damn scared of you and ur injections. Poor girl you just took an injection you would give cattle and shoved it up her damn fucking ass. What do you think of yourselves you male chauvinistic pig.

Dr Motiwala is unperturbed and continues to massage Ranjini's bum and amid Ranjini's moans and hisses, turns to Mallika. He does not look angry, just gives a sly smile.

Dr: ha ha , bitch now you speak!

Dr Motiwala removes his hand from Ranjini and mallika is sitting on a chair right across the bed. She is sitting cross legged in an extreemely arrogant position , with her hand going up and down on her well grown plump ass.

Now Dr Motiwala, got up and his hand went straight up to mallika's ears which were covered by her hair, then he suddenly started twisting her ear, as a strict school master twists the ear of a naughty student.

ow, ow owowow owwwwwwwwww, please what r u doing, Mallika quickly got up from the chair and tried to break free from Dr Motiwala, but his grip was quite tight, Now her both hands were trying to catch the hands of Dr Motiwala, in an attempt to breakfree from him. .

Dr Motiwala now sat down on the chair that Mallika was sitting, his grip strong on her ears. Now Mallika had almost bent down and had started getting restless and started moving her hands and legs violently. Please doctor Please leave me , I am sorry , i should not have told it. All this while Ranjini is lying on the bed unconscious and enjoying her pain, occasionally moaning, hissing and moving her hands over her bums.
Dr Motiwala brought Mallika's face close to both his thighs and her torso bent over his knee. It looked like he had on her knees and getting ready to spank her bottom. Now after few mins, Mallika cooled down a bit and was helpless and was sobbing a bit and tears rolling down her chin.

Now the doctor spoke and the lady on his knees listened , anyways she did not have a choice.

Mallika, you think you are a smart ass. You are right, your bottom is indeed smart...

Smack, he gave mighty blow on her ass

owwwwwwww, she howled..., Doctor what are you doing..
But I am smarter than you,
you bitch, What do you think , I dont know the games you play!

Mallika: What What doctor, I am confused, What are you talking about..

Smack, Smack Smack, Smack, Smack, there goes another 5 hard seasoned
blows on her supple bottom

Mallika: ok ok ok ok, sorry sorry sorry!. I will tell u..But I still dont know what you are talking about. Please don't do like this doctor please tell me what you want, she pleaded..

Doctor: Promise you will tell the truth, otherwise, the doc picked up a 10CC syringe fille
d for Ranjini held it at Mallika's eye level with one hand and while the other hand pulled the nada of her petticoat and went to dismantle the knot of her saree. Now the doctor had released his grip on her ear. She had no reason lie on his knee with her bottom in such a vulnerable position, yet she continued to lay there still mesmerized by his fear. Seeing the huge syringe and his actions on her saree, she was stunned with her eye balls popping up and she clenching her butts tightly and taking in a deep breath. She was certainly horrified.her heart was beating fast and she had goose bumps all over.

Mallika: Doctor please please, I will tell u the truth.

Doctor: WHy did u call me?

Mallika:(Still taking a chance)Because Ranjini was not feeling well.

Dr Motiwala was furious now, he removed knot of her saree and opened up the petticoat and the saree, like a kid opens up his gift. Now her panties were exposed, the panties had gone and scuttled in her ass crack completely and both her ass cheeks were completely visible.. He started applying spirit to her right ass cheek. and he started pushing out the air bubbles out of the syring..

Now mallika knew she had no choice.

ok ok doctor you are right ranjini dint have any pppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeeeeemmmmmm.

By the time she had finished her sentence Dr Motiwala had inserted the needle in her ass and she started experiencing the first fists of pain that she longed for all these days. She experienced ecstasy, joy and a slight orgasmic experience that she could not explain. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and raised her neck and head and let out a light moan aaaaaaaaaah, and she just let herself be in that feeling. That pretty little needle though was big and scary for most would not have caused much pain to her fully mature, fleshy and fluffy ass, yet her eyes were moist may be because of what she experienced and her longing for it. She turned around to look, her eyes were moist , lips were curled and her face expressed only thanks and gratitude for the doctor who had satisfied her crave.....

Now Mallika If you do not speak I will ahead and pump this whole stuff in here.... the doctor threatened her..

No doctor no, you are right doctor, I called you for this only. Both of us have severe liking for injections given to our butts. But our husbands suspect that we have a liking so we really cant get our liking satisfied regularly, and thats y we called you doctor.


Doctor, poor Ranjini she is in real pain, Why did u do it to her...

Oh no I was just having a bit of fun. Ask her once she gets up she must have enjoyed a lot...

How do u know doctor?

I am am giving injections to ladies like you from a long time dear..

ok doctor can you remove the needle,

oh you should I remove it , i will complete the injection.

No doctor I cant take it please please.

Comeon dont be a sissy, be bold

No doc please,,

ok I will give 5 cc, is that ok with u

oh ya 5 cc, will be difficult but I think its ok. and doctor will you give Ranjini the rest of the shots forcefully.

No dear, only if she wants
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