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Shivaranjini orgasms through injection - part 2

She turns around and is shocked to see him put his hand on her butt.She can see his deep blue eyes. And his broad face and his almost brown to black lips that have turned that way because of his heavy smoking. She instantly recognizes that He is Dr Motiwala and she also sees his stethoscope. She is more relieved now, but still uncomfortable about the fact that his hand is still on her butt. She quickly adjusts herself and sits down. Now his hand is automatically off her butts' limits.

Oh Good morning Doctor.
Good morning Mrs Ranini, How r u doing? Mallika told me you were not well. Isnt Sushant around
Oh Doctor he is not there thats y I had to trouble Mallika, Oh i am feeling miserable..
What happenned Ranjini

Just then Mallika Limps into the room with one hand on her butts.

What Happenned Mallika , Ranjini asks
Oh its nothing , just an accident , Dr Motawala replies.

Not able to contest his claim Mallika is mum and with difficulty takes a chair infront of the bed..

What happenned to you Ranjini, Dr Motiwala repeats..
Oh Doctor Dont ask, I have been feeling very miserable

the Doctor asks her to lay on her back and starts asking her questions about her problem.

" my stomach hurts, i vomited earlier" she said

"where does it hurt exactly?"
she stammered a bit and then said"all around my tummy, oh i cant tell" she said in a weak voice.

" how is your bowl? Diarrrhea? contipation? "

" constipation" she replies sheepishly.
"ok, lets examine you"
he did the routine temp, bl.pressure, examined her ear nose, chest,abdomen. He was an old man with alot of experience so from her symptoms, his examination he knew that she was faking it, and he decided to have some fun and punish her for disturbing him.

"Hmmmm, I am afraid it might be something serious" he said
" it might be appendicitis or an ovarian cyst, i have to do a more thorough exam to make sure and tomorrow morning we can run tests"

both women were speechless, they knew they were faking it but what is he saying???

" Mam, please take off your panty, lay on your side, i will do rectal exam"
she was shocked and say " no please i dont need that, its something that i ate, just give me something for the pain"

" stop that nonsense, you might be at danger, you (he point to the astonished friend) help her" he was so controlling and scared both of them

he wears gloves lubricate his fingers with gel, starts separating her butt cheeks, she was in tears now, then he introduced his huge finger in her tight anus and she gasps in pain, he kept palpating her rectum and suddenly he introduced 2 fingers in her vagina and did a bimanual exam he was now screaming.
he withdrew his fingers, said to her " well you are lucky, its not appendicitis or a cyst its just impacted stools that caused infection, stomache ache, dont worry I will fix you now"

she tried to cover herself up but he stopped her, he got a bottle of suppositories out of his bag and he introduced 2 large suppos in her butt " these will help your constipation in 10 minutes you will go, now lay there till i prepare your injections"

she was humiliated, in pain and the suppos burn like hell, she regrets doing this but her excitment was growing knowing that she will get a shot, but she was worried as he said injections, so they are more tha one.

she went to the bathroom and relieved herself, when she came out he sat on the chair near her bed and had 4 loaded syringes on the night stand.

" whats that????" she asked in fear
" your shots" he rplied coldly "lay face down, these are going in your butt"

" why do i need all that" she argued
" well, these 2 are antiboitic, this one is for your vomiting and the last one is for the pain"

as her friend helped her to bed, she couldnt get her eyes of the syringes, they were all 10ccs with long thick needles and each was almost half full

now someone else describe the injection seen

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shivaranjini orgasms through injection

Shivaranjini is  a a georgeous lady , all of 27 married happily to a hot shot business man who has not time 
for her. She has all the material comforts that are needed to lead a wonderful comfortable . Though her husband dint have any time for her , he would really make sure she is adequately satisfied in terms of her sexual desires. She has a georgeous figure 27 31 28
 , though she had developed a few rounds of tyres around her waist for lack of exersicing , she was none the less sexy. Her Husband My shushant would love to see her sway her butts like  a gajagamini. He would really love to squeeze it and molest it. Shivaranjini was not really amused about it initially, later slowly she began to enjoy all that and more.

This story is more about what shivaranjini enjoys. I will call her raNow ranjini enjoys spanking and injection

After she had developed her fetish for injections she desperately in need for an injection every now and then. 
She is controllable when her  husba
nd is around is gives a satisfying fuck at night. 
 But certain times when her husband is not around she really satisfies herself with a dose of injection. 

 Initially she used to pinch herself hard in the buttock using her nails to stimulate an injection, 

that would really pain her to no bound. She would actually have an orgasm with that. But as time went she was no longer satisfied with it. 

She needed more, really more. Sometimes it would really pain a lot and she would go to a lady doc for some painkillers, and would actually tell the lady doc that her husband inflicted the wounds on her by mistake. The lady doc would give her a small pain killer to relive her pain but the injection would be so small that it would hardly be a prick for ranjini's well hardened ass. It would leave her wanting for more. But she could hardly ask that doc to give her more. Because that doctor was like more gentle and all that.

As time passed by she met somebody who had similar feelings like her . Her name was Mallika. Mallika was a hot damsel with round firm ass and had been drawn into this fetish. And by some accident these 2 hot ladies had met and wanted to indulge in this fetish. They really tried a lot but they were not satisfied. Once Shushant had to go for a 15 day long business trip. Ranjini sensed a chance to experiment something with Mallika. It was Mallika's idea and they were all set to experiment. Sushant had his flight in the morning, so had made sure that ranji and himself had a wonderful night. He gave her a wonderful night and dint allow her to sleep at all. By the time he actually left she was actually feeling drowsy and  bit feverish.

So as soon Sushant went she picked up the phone. She was in her skimpy night dress which was flustered by all that sushant had done at night.

Hello, Sushant has left, u can come now

sure enough in another 10 mins Mallike landed at Ranjini's door steps. She had a grand plan. Now Ranjini quickly went into her room and mallika Took the phone and dialled the no.

Tring Tring
Mallika : Hello, Can I talk to Dr Motavala. 
Yes said a Grumpy voice, Speaking
Mallika: Dr, Dr sunia, I am Mallika speaking and My friend Ranjini is very ill. Can you please come over.
Yes please tell me the address.

Mallika tells the address and keeps the phone

Dr Motavala, true to his name is very fat with a fat ass. Not a very pleasant face. a dark face and scary one. He had a bad reputation of giving injections to anything and everything . And that everybody knew that. So ranjini dint dare go to him when sushant was arnd, then he would have suspected about her fetish. Dr Motivala was also know for his his rude rough and vulgur ways.

After 10 mins.....

Tring Trong
Mallika opens the door, a Huge grumpy man stands at the door with his heavy briefcase. Mallika ushers him in. Mallika is wearing a pink saree with sleeveless red blouse, with huge cleavage. She has tied her saree much below her navel

While he walks inside the house Mallika walk just infront of him shaking her heavy ass just to taunt him. As the Dr moves he is swinging his bag and the swinging bag hits Mallika heavily in her ass pushing her off the ground. She swings ,swirls and lands several feet from where the Dr stands. Now the Dr moves fast and gives her a hand , Mallika is in Pain and one of her hands is firmly placed on her hips and one hand she is trying to give to the dr. Dr motivala pulls her and she stands, with all her weight on her right leg and one hand firmly placed on her left hip. 

Dr Motivala: You should be more careful.
He starts patting her ass and mauling it as if to relieve pain.
Mallika: No Dr no, Its ok its ok 
She is help less as the huge hand of Dr Motivala pats , rubs her ass over her this saree. 
owwww, owwww,  She is howling in pain now. Now she limps to show her Ranjini's room .

Ranjini is lying on the bed. Ranjini has now changed to a saree, which more suits her figure. She has a skipmpy blouse which hugs her breasts. Her blouse ends just below her breasts, and her saree begins just above her ass crack. She is sleeping with her back towards the door. She has been hearing noises from outside and because she is acting sick she had to control her anxious ness and remain sleeping sideways. She also has her hand on her stomach. As Mallika is limping Dr Motowala is the first to enter the room. He sees her back profile as she has turned that side, it looks like an fallen hourglass, Dr motewala is just stunned at her figure for a second. He then regains his consiousness and walks towards her. SIts down infront of her and puts his heavy hand on her buttocks. She turns around and is shocked to see him

Tell us How the story should go . We will write it just that way. Post a comment

To Be Continued....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

u r a good girl sneha nothing will happen,

this is also a force butt injection and with saree. i had been to my coussin's place. her parents told me that, she has gone to her nearby friend's home. i went to her friend's place. her friend's name is sneha. she is 21 years old. she is also beautiful, good figure and red in color. when i knocked the door, my coussin came, opened thedoor & told me, sneha is not feeling well, her dad has called up a doctor, he will be coming soon for checkup, so i will come after her checkup. then i asked her what is her problem, she told me, she is having strong stomache pain. then i told ok, i will wait for u in u r place. she said ok, closed d door went inside. while coming back, i just had a flash in my mind, anyway doc is coming for checkup. why not let me try to see this. then i went to terrace of her home. there was a ventilator, one down glass of which was not there, and it was the ventilator of the bedroom where sneha was sleeping. i also saw my coussin is sitting beside her. then i made up my mind to stand in a correct place and watch the whole process.

doc came within 10 minutes on scooter. sneha's dad opened the door and welcomed him. both went inside. when doc to sneha's room, my coussin gotup from bed and allowed him sit. he sat close to sneha. he asked her what's the problem. she replied, i am having strong stomache pain since yesterday night. then he said ok, let me checkup. he sent my coussin outside and closed the door. now only sneha, doc and her dad were present in the room. doc told her to lie down started blushing with shyness and started resisting in slowly crying voice. then doc told her nothing will happen, don't worry, u shouldn't feel shy infront of doctors etc. he came closer to her. he himself (doc) holded the edge of saree pallu and lifted and put it aside and her complete belly was visible. now inside she was wearing a petticoat. she tried to run away from him, he caught both her hands, u r r a good girl sneha nothing will happen, come lie on bed. he made her lie on bed. he took his stethscope and checked all over on her chest. then doc told her now i will check u r stomache, where it pains more, u tell me. she told ok with shy face.

doc inserted his hand inside her shalwar and tried to take out the nara (thread) but she caught his hands and started resisting in crying voice, don't undress me, check without undressing. then removed her hands, told her dad to hold her both the hands, and he told her, if u do this way, i will give u a injection at the end. then started crying loudly, papa i don't want injection, papa tell him, i don't want, it pains a lot. then doc took out the nara of chudi's pant, opened d knot, dragged the pant down till half legs, now she is wearing a sexy pantie inside. now doc started pressing right hand on different parts of stomache and was asking her where it pains, she was crying slowly with lot of shyness and once she told, it pains here. then doc checked that area throughly. and finished checking her. he told her dad, i will give her two injections one today and one more tommrow, with this she will be alright and stomache pain will go fast. her dad nodded his head. sneha listened this started crying loudly. dad was convincing her nothing will happen. you will become well soon. u r a good girl thatway. doc took out a big glass syringe from his bag opened d door and gave it in my coussin's hand to
sterlize it. she went to kitchen to sterlize. doc came back, he saw her crying and resistance and told her, if u cry, u will feel more pain.

if u keep quite, there will not be any pain ok. she continued crying. within no time my coussin entered the room with a steel cookware having the sterlized syringe, doc received that, and sent my coussin outside and closed d door once again. doc took it out and loaded the syringe with dark brown colored medicine. then he told her, this injection has to be given in u r buttocks, pls turn that side, she was still resisting, then he told her dad to turn her. her dad turned her forceibly, doc pulled down once again the pant which was pulledup and tied by sneha, and he also pulled the pantie down till half legs, he then cleaned the butt area with alcohol swab and injected her right butt hardly, as soon as he

the scen looked like the scene in hulchul

injected the syringe, she screamed loudly saying that, mummy noo... aah aah, no mummy, daddy it pains, it is burning, pls remove, i don't want, both doc and her dad were saying, nothing will happen sneha, u r good girl, good girls never resist for injections, keep quite, don't hold u r legs tight, otherwise it will pain u. then completed loading d whole medicine into her butt, then slowly he removed d syringe. he massaged the area for few seconds, then her dad also massaged d butt for sometime,

nothing will happen, it got over see my dear girl. then doc got up from bed, sneha pulledback her pantie and rubbed her butt on her pantie, then she pulled down her petticoat and pulled back her pant and started putting the knot. then doc told her dad, let her not go anyware outside, it will pain the leg a bit, its a strong dose. i will come tommrow at the same time, let her sleep and take rest. dad nodded and went with doc outside to send him, then my coussin came inside, asking why u r crying
and where did d doc gave u injection. she was answering my coussin with shy face by showing her backside on her dress.

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