Monday, August 18, 2008

picnic enjoyment

I was studying in my college.. My picnic was fast approaching and I was not feeling well I told my room mate. She touched my body and found that I had fever.Since we were due to leave next morning she asked me visit a doctor.

She was quite fair lady. she examined me and prescribed two three capsules. she then took a huge syringe and started to fill it with some medicine . I was shocked that I am going to be given a shot.She then prepared the shot, the needle was thick and long. I was asked to lie upside down. I brought down my pyjama ofmy dress a bit down and also the panties. she asked me to still lower it. I did. she then with her own hand brought it down to expose the full buttocks. I felt very akward. She then swabbed the spot 2 3 times and darted the needle. I almost cried. Tears ran down my eyes as she injected the fluid. Its over she said and removed the needle and massaged the spot with cotton swab for a minute.I just could not get up. I managed to get up wore my panties and tied my pyjamas.Next the the fever went but I could not sit properly.My picnic was a painful enjoyment...

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