Sunday, August 10, 2008

Intra-marital Shot

this incident took place after 3 days of my marriage.i was working in kitchen when my mother in law called out. i was cutting vegetable and my thoghts were elsewhere,i got distracted cutting my finger. i cried out loudly. my mother in law came running and asked what had happened.she took me to my husband in his clinic. he was very angry with me for my carelessness. then he tied a tight bandage on my wound. rhen he told me to lie for an injection. i hate needles and i refused. he shouted' lie down idiot ek to kaam thik se nahin karti upor se chik-chik' i got very much scraed and quietly lied down. i was wearing jeans . he prepared the injection and i got scared seeing the huge needle he was going to use. he came close and removed the jeans exposing the full butt. no feelings were flushed up. he then cleaned the area and injected it slowly. it was paining a lot but being scared i kept quiet. at yhe end the pain became untolerable and i cried out. he removed the needle and swabbed the area. then he made me relax. then he kissed me and said sorry.i cannot forget this incident and i am now very careful while working in kitchen

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