Saturday, August 16, 2008

enormus syringe in my smooth butt

I am Bobie 24 year old girl.really i am exited about this forum.i would like to share my exp with u people. two years back i got pain in my stomach and my periods are irregular.i went to a near by nursing home with my friend.the lady doctor went to see a emergency case. i hav to visit the gent doctor. both are husband and wife.he asked me to lie down in the bed so that he can check my stomach. he came near to me and pressed my stomach smoothly i got pain at that time. then he asked me to take an injection in my butt . i was scared and asked for some pills. then he convinced me for five mins. finally he told it is must. then i removed my jeans and panties little bit. he has taken a 5ml syringe from the hot water. it is a glass syringe . then he taken a medicine from the fridge and filed it in the syringe. the medicne color is dark red. i am very much scared. i hold my friends hand tightly. he taken a cotton and dip it in spirit then he rubbed my left cheek with cotton. he warned me it is a painful shot u should not shake your butt while giving the injection.i tightened my butt muscles. he asked me to relax the muscle and asked my friend to hold my butt tightly so that i cant able to move further. finally he lossened my panty little bit then he inserted the enormus syringe in my smooth butt. he slowly injected the medicine at that time i groaned very hard and cried out . after the shot he gently rubbed my muscle gently. i had recieved many injections in my butt as well as in arm. but i recieved th most painful injection on that day.

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