Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Butt-holding injection

this is the true story happend just 2 days before. there is a girl named anjali of age 1 door. both her parents do job hence she is alone all the day. 2 days before i went to her. it was paining badly in her stomach. i told her to go to doctor, but she denied. i made a phone call to her mother & stated all the condition. her mother convinced & forced her to go to doctor with me.

i took her to a doctor who was my friend. i told her that this girl hav pains in her lower stomach. he told her to lie on the table. she wore a frok. the doctor 1st checked her stomach with stethoscope. then he made her frok slide upward so as to expose all part from belly to toe. anjali was very embarassed. he then pressed her lower stomach. then he tried to slide her panty down, but she hold it tightly & didnt allow it. he then angered at her & told me to hold her hands. he then slowly slided her panty down & down & down & ultimately removed it completly. now anjali was totaly exposed from belly to downwards, was very embarrassed. the doctor then tried to open her legs but she holded very tightly. he again angered at her @ told her that he would hav to call 1 more person to hold her & she would be exposed nude to 1 more person. finally she convinced. now he told me to release her hands. i did that & went to front of anjali. now i was getting a good look of her pubic. it was an extremely enjoyable thing to see a developing teen girl nude. she was having non rough hairs at there.

the doctor then spread her legs & did the physical exam. during all that time i was enjoying nudity of anjali. then he told her that she hav to receive an injection. she didnt reply. he went & prepared the injection. by the time she slided her frok down & covered her private parts & lied on 1 side to receive the injection. now the dovtor came & again slidede her frok upward. but now she, being on 1 side, her complete buttock was opened to both of us. then he inserted the needle in her right butt. she jerked a little bit. then he pushed the medicine inside. she moaned aaaa... it was really a very nice sound to hear. then she stood up & wore her panty. the doctor gave her some more tablets. & then we went to home.

during the complete journey from clinic to home neither she made a eye contact with me nor she speaked a single woed with me. it was cleraly suggesting how angry she was to me. she felt well after that. her mother thanked me at the evening when she came to home from office. it was really a very pleasurable experience. remember this is the true story.


  1. good yaar
    Pls post some videos of indian girl butt shot

  2. good yaar
    Pls post some videos of indian girl butt shot


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