Monday, July 14, 2008

spanking Neeta and Nisha

Neeta and Nisha were twin sisters. Their father was a doctor and mother was a housewife. Both their parents believe in strictness towards their kids. Although both the girls were now 19 years old and very sensible and studious but still they regular get spankings from their mother. No matter how hard they try not to make their parents upset but still for one reason or the other they always end up getting hard spankings on their bare bottoms. Its always their mom who used to punish them for their mistakes and spank their bare bottoms and never their father saw them with their panties down and receiving their punishment.
Neeta and Nisha both love watching football and that was the only thing they can’t give-up no matter what. Once just before their exams there were some very interesting football matches which they did not miss and put their study on hold for sometime. The results were obvious and they both got just average marks. Right when they had their results in their hands they knew that they are in big trouble but it was too late to do anything.
As soon as they got home and showed their results to their mom, they understood that they are going to get a long and harsh punishment. Mother was verry very upset but somehow she managed her anger and said: “U gals will never forget this day”. This very statement sent shiver to Neeta and Nisha’s spine. Then their mother told them to strip. Gals were shocked to hear that as their mom never ever asked them to strip completely in front of her. Usually they just have to take down her pants and panties for spankings. They stood their in complete state of shock for sometime. Mother again shouted and told them to strip. They reluctantly started to take off their clothes. They were shy to remove their shirt and took long time to take off things. They were shy in front of each other and also bcoz their mother never saw them naked. With great hesitancy and shame they removed every single piece of clothing. Standing there in front of their mom these young girls started to cry with shame and humiliation.
Mother told Neeta to bend and hold her knees. Neeta couldn’t believe her ears that her mother can ask her to take such exposing position. She was just thinking about it and suddenly her mother slapped her butts with full force and she immediately took the required position. Her mother told her to open her legs wide and she with tears running down her face did as she was told. Nisha was already crying and scared to death with the things happening to her sister as she knew that shez going to be next.
Mom started spanking Neeta …… one, two, three, four,……………… twenty. Twenty hard bare hand spanks on Neeta’s cute little butts made them blistered. She was crying loudly and saying sorry to her mom. But mother was determined to give her a good lesson. Mom stopped for a while and just when Neeta thought that its over she again started to spank her. Another 20 spanks. Neeta was crying very loudly and begging to stop.
Mother stopped and told her to stand straight. Neeta tried to hide her private as much as she can with her hands but that made her mom even more angry and she told her to stand straight with her hands behind her back.
Then it was Nisha’s turn……. She also got the same punishment. 40 hard spanks on her bare bottom. She was also made to stand with her hand behind her back . 30 minutes of corner time and then they were both sent to their rooms. They both ran and dressed themselves and went in their rooms.
They were so ashamed and shocked by the humiliation that both of them sried all night long. They did not come out for lunch and dinner and they did not know how their father reacted to see their reports.
Next day in the morning their mother came in their room and see that both girls had very high fever. She immediately called her husband. Girls’ father came in and chkd their temperature. It was way too high. He immediately told his wife that he will give injection to both of them so that the temperature will come down. Although the girls were too scared of needles but they didn’t say anything. They sawy their father preparing the injection and when he turned to Nisha and told her to roll on her tummy and lower her panties she almost fainted with shame and shock. She protested and insisted that she can take the injection in arm too but her father didn’t listen. Nisha’s mom forcefully rolled her on herr rtummy and pulled her panty down and to add more to her embarrassment she rolled herr shirt up too. Exposing her way too much then needed. Father looked at her red butts and told her that hez very upset with her results and will deal with them later. And then gave her the shot. It was painful and she cried loudly.
After Nisha it was Neeta’s turn and she also had to roll on her tummy and herr panty was also pulled down and shirt rolled up to give her fathe a good view of her red blistered bottom. Shot increased the pain of their already stinging bottoms. And being so exposed in front of their father was a terrible experience for them.
From that day they never took their studies lightly. Their mom was right when she told them that they are not going to forget that day ever.
Still when they remember that day they feel ashamed and extremely embarrassed.

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  1. Great story. Hope to see more like it


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