Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rectal temp and butt shot to Meena

Credit to the original author - Meena , I am just consolidating content related to injection
original post here - http://voy.com/181253/915.html

I'd gone to Germany in 2005 for a duration of 3 months and encountered this shocking experience.The main component manufacturing plant of our company is located in Germany and i was given the chance to work in an important assignment.I'm Meena aged 27 from chennai,i'm considered to be attractive with dusky complexion.The office was located in a remote German town,so it was quite calm out there.
I visited during winter season,unfortunately i started suffering from throat infection and slight fever.It was Saturday,i was told there was small clinic nearby and the doctor would be available only for a couple hours during weekends.By evening i gathered some strenght and visited the doctor.In my estimate he was atleast 65 years of age,with a booming voice.His english was sort of broken,but he sensing that i was from a foreign country dealt me with concern.After preliminary checkup's and listening to my symptoms,he took a thermometer and applied some vaseline on the edge.I was surprised why he was doing that,normally here in India the nurse would ask you to hold it below toungue.He asked me to go near the bed and explained me what i needed to do:Bend over the edge of the table and pull my pants down.He was going to put the thermometer in my bum and take the temp.I was shocked to say the least,i protested vehemently for about 5 minutes.I asked him if that was the standard procedure,he said it was the accurate method.I told him how it was done back in India,he said he didn't bother with that,this is how we do it here.Then i asked him,if there was a nurse who could take it,he told me the nurse worked for him only weekdays.He told me that lots of girls if they came to him on weekends,didn't have any problem him taking their temps in the rear,so i need not worry unnecessarily.Besides he said in a very joking manner that he was very old and that should reduce my discomfort,so very reluctantly i agreed.I moved to the edge of the bed,He pulled a chair beside me and sat on it.I was feeling very queasy about this,but had no option at all.I pulled my jeans down and then my panties,bent over the edge of the table.Then he pulled my panties further down to expose my ass fully,the cold air was blowing across making me aware of my position.He pried open the cheeks of my butt slowly and pushed the thermometer inside,it was cold and i squirmed and expressed my plight.He asked me to relax and wait for few minutes and it will be over.The thermometer slid outside once or twice,so he held my butt in one hand the thermometer in the other.I was desperately waiting for this procedure to get over,then he took it out and read that i had a slight fever.
I pulled my panties & jeans up and stood up red-faced,he mentioned that for the fever he would be giving me some medicines and for the throat infection he will give me a shot.He asked me to wait for a couple of minutes near the table,he would prepare the shot.I understood that,he's going to give the injection in my buttocks,so i waited near the table nervously watching him prepare the injection.He came and sat in the chair again and asked me to assume the same position.I was very upset,but managed to turn around pulled my jeans down and panties just a bit and leaned on to the desk.He asked me to pull my panties for halfway through the buttocks.It was very embarassing,but once i did that,he applied the alcohol and told that it's gonna burn a bit.Then he jabbed the needle,i started to cry,the medicine was thick so it was very painful.After a while,he removed the needle and started cleaning the injection spot,i was in tears by that time.He gave me some time to compose myself and i paid him the required amount,i promised myself to stay away from any illness till my return to India.I remember rubbing my bum all the way to my room and the pain lasted for three days.

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