Saturday, July 12, 2008

nida got injection in studio

today i am writing for others to make them alive.
nida is doing job as a news anchor in private channel. she is very cool good looking lady. last sunday when she came she was looking very beautiful and red shulwar kamiz with blue dupatta.
she started her news at 9 am. she was feeling not very pleasent but she didnt care.after 12pm news bulletin she startted feeling weakness. but she didnt want to go home becoz 3pm bulletin still left. and news was very warm of that. she went to doctor (also doing job in studio)told him about her condition. he gave her some energical tonics. and told if they didnt work i will give u neurobion injection to make u fit before 3pm news.
nida knew about that injction but she didnt want to take becoz this inj must be given in hips more worst was that female nurse was absent that day.
after 1 pm her condition became more worse she went to doctor . very small room just 2 chairs there. nida sat on chair. dr just started preparing injection.nida try to convinse her pls give some more syrup or tablet instead of inj. but dr refuse.
then nida started thinking how to get injection here.
dr loaded syringe of 3cc red color fluid in it. and came towards nida. although she knew this inj must be given in hips she started pull up sleeves of left arm.
dr said pls move towards left side and facing wall coz inj be in her hips. sorry there is no bed to lying down.
nida stunned for a sec then she moved towards left side.dr stood her back and forced her to bend little.then picked her shirt from behind moved up to her waist.
in the meantime nida her hand under shirt from front and loose shulwar nala.
dr surprised to that she was loosing her shulwar becoz specially young ladies use lasttic in shulwar.
soon after loosing shulwar nida just slipped her shulwar from right hips to expose for inj. but dr pulled her shulwar more.almost half of the side was exposed.
then he applied spirit. nida closed her eyes.trying to forget what was happening on her back.
then dr jabbed needle in started pushing medcine in. nida jerked her body little and made a sound like aeee ohh ahhhh. she also moved her legs. dr was saying pls stop moving pls pls almost done.....
then needle came out nida atonce pulled her shulwar back. she was in so much pain but instead of rubbing she started tighting her shulwar. and went to her room. she sat on her chair put head down on table and started rubbing her hips over shulwar. actually she did not want to rub her side in front of that male. inj was really painful. she rubbed almosat 15min. but injection made her fit before 3pm news.

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