Saturday, July 19, 2008

experience of a nurse

I am reena i am anurse in a hospital i want to share my experience.So giving shots in buttocksis so common for me.last week .I was sitting in the injection room one around 16 year old girl along with her sister entered the room.The girl is so scared about injection when doctor has prescribed that her sister give me the slip it was penicillin injection.i told her sister to stand outside and then asked girlyou have to lie on bed to take shot she started crying while hearding that then i told her that u r a big girl why u behave like that it will over soon.while telling that i started filling the syringe at that time she is standing in front of me i again told her dont looke at the shot just choose your position she is so cute girl and is that shot painful? i told her that injection is not painful then she lie her up in the bed i fully ready for her shot and told her while tapping the needle nothing to worry it will be over soon then removed her jeans and pantie and then exposed her bottocks which i have chosen to dart the needle i rub the alcohol using cotton she started crying at that time i told her if u cry before injection then the shot hurt surely please relax and fold your legs then i hold a injection at the angle of 90 degrees and with a quick movement dart the needle intoher cheeks she does the small movement then i told her now needle is in so dont cry and then slowly inject into her bottom she slowly moon but when i saw her she dont show it and after that i remove the needle massaged her site .after the injection is over she thanked me i told her no thanks

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