Monday, February 25, 2008

wife receives a shot

I am an injection fetish who loves to see pictures of cute girls getting shots, most particularly I love to see pictures of girls and ladies getting the injections in their shoulders (arms). Because in that position only one can see both the piercing of needle and the face reaction. But that doesn’t mean I hate seeing pictures of injections in buttocks. I like the shot in arm for the particular reason that I can see their face reaction, squirming and grinning in pain. I also love to read stories of females getting injections in arms, buttocks etc. I am contributing this story for your group.

I am married to my wife 3 years ago and we both have a baby. My wife Charu, is very beautiful. We have a doctor in our locality who is practicing from 7.30 to 9.00 P.M. I am a medical rep. and I regularly visit this doctor regarding my profession. His clinic is divided into two parts, viz. consulting room and waiting room. Consulting room is separated from waiting room by a wooden screen. The screen has a small hole in it, which enables me to look into the consulting room through it to see patients getting injections. The people living in that locality are illiterates and did not have the habit of sitting in the waiting room decently and wait for their turn. They used to stand and crowd at the door of consulting room and try to peep inside. So nobody bothered me or stared me in a different way while I was watching through the hole.

One day our baby developed a mild fever and my wife insisted me to return home early to go to the doctor. I instructed my wife to give some homemade medicines and added that I will try to come early. Then I noticed her eyes. Her eyelids were red and swollen. When I enquired about that she said that some insect might have bitten her in the night. I insisted her not to forget this mater while consulting the doctor. At the evening I was late. She phoned me through my cell at 8.50 p.m. and said that she is herself going to consult the doctor and asked me to wait for them if I returned home in the meanwhile. We had an argument through the phone since I did not turn up in time. We quarreled with each other via phone. I was very angry since she chided me and severed the connection. I went straight to the clinic. When I reached the clinic it was already 9.05 p.m and no patient was waiting outside the clinic. When I peeped through the hole as usual, I saw my wife had already came and consulting the doctor. The doctor was about to administer an injection to our baby. He swabbed his small butt with the cotton ball and injected the medication. Our baby squealed in pain. I did not want to enter the room and I was still peeping through the hole. My wife tried hard to lull our poor kid by swaying and cuddling it in her arms. Finally the loud cry turned into whimper and after some time it calmly started to doze. My wife then complained about her eye and added that she has also having slight fever. He examined her and suggested to take an injection of antibiotic to cure the both swelling and fever. He added that it would be painful medication for it works both on fever and inflammation. He prepared the injection and approached her. The medication was loaded upto 3ml in a 5ml syringe. My wife did not know where to get the shot, since our baby was resting in her arms. She was wearing a sari and a full-sleeved blouse, which could not be adjusted in one hand to get the injection. If she let the child down to get the injection it will once again start crying. The doctor understood the position and said that he will give the injection in her arm piercing through the cloth (sleeve) covering her shoulder. I was witnessing the whole scene but did not entered the room to help her (how mean!!!?). My wife had a little big round beautiful vaccination scar in the middle of her shoulder. I used to kiss it during our foreplay. Now the doctor went to my wife with a spirit soaked cotton swab in one hand and the syringe in other hand. The baby was dozing on her left shoulder and so she extended the right one. The doctor perfused the right sleeve with alcohol by smearing the spirit dipped cotton ball on it. He took another cotton ball drenched it in spirit and once again did the same process. When the sleeve became wet in a round shape he inserted the needle into her shoulder through the sleeve of her blouse. It should have pierced her scar for she made a small sound of Shh... and then opened her mouth widely. She tried not to scream or jerk for she did not want to wake the baby up. Her face squirmed in pain and her mouth distorted into rictus and finally she grinned and gritted her teeth. She did not yell or clenched her grip since she was holding the child. The doctor removed the needle from her shoulder and once again swabbed the spirit-drenched cotton on the sleeve. She could not even massage or rub her sore arms to ease the pain. So she twitched and shoved her right hand slightly. I stealthily eloped and returned to house and waited for their arrival.

They returned home after 5 minutes. She was very angry with me, since I did not turn up to the hospital (I never confessed to her that I came there.) I apologised to her and said that I could not come in time due to traffic jam.(It was a bluff). Then I asked what happened. She narrated the whole incident. She said that the doctor gave an injection which was awfull.

"I could not even able to scream or tighten my grip against any object since munna (our baby) was sleeping on my shoulder".

"You were also not there at that time, It made me more angry since that was a very painful ordeal and I patiently endured it gritting my teeth".

She told that the initial jab of the needle itself was as painful as sting from a couple of hornets at a time. The medication also intensified the pain as it squirted and barged through my muscles like a liquid fire.

"That was one of the most painful injection I had in my life". she added.

When I placed my palm on her shoulder she nudged me and told not to touch her shoulder because it was very sore. But without heading to her pleas, I pressed her shoulder. She yelled a small moan of Shh....ow.. and tried to push me but I grabbed her and said Hushh.. Don't make noise, or munna will wake up. She stared at me and stopped agitating. Having succeeded in my emotional blackmail, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She resisted softly but I continued my process untill I removed it and said

"I will ease your pain, but don't make noise." I inspected her shoulder to see the mark of the needle, which went straight into her vaccination scar to make way into her deltoid muscles. I went to the kitchen and prepared hot water. I sat beside her and slowly massaged her shoulder. When I clenched her shoulder with my fingers, she winced in pain, opened her mouth and closed it to bite her upper lips. She converged both the lips and bit them together and closed her eyes. When I massaged her shoulder tiny droplet of blood peeped through the hole in the scar. I wiped it with my palm and kissed the scar. I continued to buss the scar for about a minute to be-slobber it and then raised my head from her shoulder with a smack. I wiped away the saliva besmearing on her vaccination scar with a towel and started to foment her throbbing arm with hot water. She was delighted and thanked me by giving a smack on my cheek. I looked her to see small droplet of tears on the verge of her eyes. I wiped it and kissed her. I slowly removed her bra and .......................end

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