Monday, February 25, 2008

tenant received shot in butt

This was my first experience in giving injections. I am 21, a medical student and live in india.One afternoon when I was sleeping there was a knock on the door , I got up and opened the door. My neighbour was standing at the door. She is a gorgeous looking married lady living just upstairs. She asked if I was free and then asked me a favor, she did’nt tell me what but just that I need to come to her house upstairs. I just locked the house and went upstairs. She was wearing a red saree, her midriff was exposed, she had tied the saree quite tightly so her ass was also bulging.I just went in to her appartment. I sat down in the sofa. She sat in front of me. She was feeling quite unconfortable while sitting, but I ignored it. Then she told me that she needs some help. I asked her what was it. Then she kept quite for some, and then she hesitantly told me that she wanted me to help her take an injection. I casually what the injection is for, she told that it was a pencillin injection she was taking for the past 7 days as a part of a 10 day course. Then she went to the refrigerator and took out the medicine, and she opened a 5 cc 20 gauge disposable syringe and began loading the syringe, I went near to her and took both the syringe and the medicine and told her I would do it. I just asked what does she takes she told me its 4cc. She did have a good physique and stront shoulders but no way 4cc of penicillin would go in her arms, obviously they would go in her ass. Oh that's why she was feeling difficult to sit, my god 7 days of 4cc each, I wonder what would have happened to her ass right now. I really liked the idea of seeing her ass and punturing it . Now as I filled the syringe I faced a dilemma , how the hell to ask her to remove her saree and lie down for the shot. In the meantime she had sat down on the sofa, I should say she dint have any _expression on the face. As I finished loading the syringe, I just replaced the cap of the needle and went and sat opposite to her. There was a awkward silence. I expected her to break the silence. At last she said "I think we can do it now". I told ok. She got up and asked , "shall we go to the room". I agreed and we proceeded to the room. Now comes the exciting part. Both of us knew that her ass would be puntured in a few miutes, still we acted as if we didn’t know. Now she sat down on the bed , I reassuringly pressed her shoulder and told her that I'll do my best to reduce her pain. Then I moved the syringe I held in my hand in a way to signal her to lie down. Probably she did not see it , she didn’t move. So I was forced to ask her if she wanted to do it lying down or sitting. She told that she would lie down and asked me to be a gentle. As she lied down I asked her left or right , she told me left. Actually she lied down side ways, so it was apparent. Now she started to untie the thread of her lehenga and and moved her saree down. Slowly she started revealing her skin, It was pure white and she was wearing a black panty. Now I sat down beside her she removed her hands from her saree . I took over.We had totally forgotten about the spirit and the cotton. I asked her where to get it from . She aske me to open the drawer where I found it. Now I slightly lowered the panty completely. The AC was on and her ass would have felt very cold. I could see 3 bandages from previous shots. I asked her if I could remove them because there was no spot left to give the injection. She agreed. I removed all three bandaids quickly , and she left out a screech with each being remove. I asked her to relax. I also asked her if she wanted the medicine to be injected slowly or fast. She told me whatever is better. Now I started pressing her buttock cheek to determine the spot which would pain the least at last I got the spot. I told her that I would prefer to do it quickly so that it over with fast. She agreed. I told her to take a deep breath but she was scared and tensed her buttocks, so I slapped the cheeks to release the tension, this would have hurt a lot but she didn’t give out a cry. Now I applied spirit and held the needle in a vertical direction, and told her I would prick her at the count of 5. I started counting 1 2 and then suddenly darted the needle into the cheek , while she was still counting 3, she might have been surprised but pain surpassed surpise. Now I started pressing the plunger hard as the medicine was a bit viscous. She moaned and cried, but I didn’t take notice of her. As I pushed the plunger faster she cried ahh ahhhhh ahhh oww ohhhh arrrrr ssssssss. At last I finished injecting her the medicine now as I pulled out the needle she let out a cry ahhrrrrrrrrsssssssssss. It was in a way quite sexy and raunchy. Now she pulled her panties up and thanked me very much. I left her in writhing pain hoping to be called again for tha same procedure.

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