Monday, February 25, 2008

gave a shot in the butt

hi friends i am fakhar from lahore. i am injection fetish since childhood. finally i got job as a dispenser in 1 clinic. my worked there just preparing medicines and preparing injection only. dr himself gave injections. but i have 100%chances i could see him giving injections.

one day 1 christian family came there. husband about 40 and wife about 30 . his doughter was not feeling well her age about 20 or so..they came and sat on chairs. girl sat in the centre of her mom and dad.dr checked her. and told her doughter has strong infection in her chest thats why continuous coughing. then dr order me to prepare injection of germacin which antibiotic. when i was preparing i was happy because i knew antibiotic injection given hips only. i prepared injection and put on the table.

the girl wore red shulwar kamiz and she was looking good in this dress.most interesting is that she had no idea of injection will be given in her hips. although her parrents knew. dr picked the injection in his hand and walked towards them when girl saw she tried up her sleeves of left arm.but atonce her mom tried us ki agey se thori se kamiz hutae may be us ka nala kholney ke liye. that was really interesting moment for me becoz there was injection room but didnt use just want to give injection her by sitting on chair.

that made girl afraid and she said horribly nahy mom maine bazo per lugwana hai but her father picked his hand nahy beta merey terf dekho ye teeka aap ko choley per lugey ga. us ne bety ke hath pukerey mom ne kamiz ke under hath daal ker nala khol deya.baap ne us ki kumer upni terf kerky us ki ami ki terf jhukaney ki koshih ki lekin mom ne kha nahy aap isey upni terf bend kerain mere ye kaboo nahy ayee gi phir us ki abu ne usey upni terf jhuka liya aik hath us ke sir per doserey hath se us ke dono bazo per liye mom ne peechey se us ki kmiz oper ki is mokey per lerki hath churaney ki bohut koshish ki lekin us ke baap ne usey muzbooty se pukerey ki nahy nahy awazain bohut oonchy arahy ki ami ne jaisey hi kamiz oper ki to right side se us ke butt ko rexpose keya dr ne forun spirit se saaf kerkey injection luga deya. jaisey hi needle under gae lerki cheekhain nikul gaeen usney churany ki bohut koshis ki lekin us ke ami ne peechey se us ke legs pukrey rukheen. jub medicine under janey lugi to tukreebun lerki roney lugi us ki ami musulsul ye kehty raheen beta bus lug geya inj itni si baat thi....jub inj khutum hova to lerki sedhi ho ker upni shulwar oper kerli or tight kerli i saw tears in her eyes when she stood for home i saw she continuous rubbing in hips. i would this experience for a long time hope u too. plz send me ur toughts about thi story

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