Monday, February 25, 2008


This incident haapened with me in Madras, I was looking for a job and I need to get attested documents from the Goverment officer. There is a clinic run by the Goverment doctor and I went there. He comes only in the evening and provides the consulting. This is a very small place. It has couple of chairs for visitors and inside there is a table, couple of chairs and a small bed. You can hear all the conversation doctor has with the patients. I went there around 9:30P.M and there is a couple waiting there. They may be in mid thirties. After few minitues they entered into the doctor's cabin. The doctor was inquring the problem. The husband told his wife is very weak and ver tired. He checked her pressure and listened to her heart beat. He told her, he is prescribing some medication for her. He also told that he is going to give two injection today and asked her to come in the following week for more injection. There is a small screen separtes the waiting area. The screen was not closed completly. So, I can see what is going on inside. The lady tried to adjust her sleeves to get the injection. The doctor told the injection has to go into her hips. The lady got up and and loosened her petticoat and then pulled her saree down. The doctor came with the injection and pulled her saree more down. Then he cleaned her left butt with the alcochol and injected her. She made the sound ahhhhh. He removed the injection. Then she pulled the saree and petiicoat on the left side up. Then she pulled down the saree and the petticoat on the right side down. The doctor told her, this is a vitamin injection and it will be more painful. Then he pulled her saree more down. He injected her in the middle of the buttocks. She cried and made a big noise. The doctor pulled the injection out. The husband started massaging her buttocks. Then the husband paid the fees to the doctor. She was rubbing her both buttocks on her way out.

Rabies shot
During a summer holiday in the early 80´s I had a very evil happening with a huge dog ( dane or mastiff ) I spent some days with a group of classmates in a holiday camp. There was an older warden who owned the dog which he sometimes had around him - usually at the end of a short line. The dog seemed to be friendly; he never barked, nor did he seem to be dangerous in any kind of way. One Morning when we just wanted to leave the camp for an outside tour we met the warden together with the dog. I was the first person to pass by the two, when suddenly the dog turned his head towards me, and before his master could react, he gave me a huge bite into the back side of my upper thigh. Fortunately the warden took him away very quickly, before more damage was caused. But the pain I felt after one or two minutes was at least as great as the embarassment caused by the body part involved and the fact that a lot of my class- mates had watched the scene. The injury was not that big, but the warden - after taking the dog into his cottage - brought me to his room and called a doctor immediately, who arrived after 15 minutes. It was a female middle aged emergency doc, accompanied by a very young female assistant. I was asked to lay prone on the sofa, then the doctor started my treatment.
It was very embarrassing to lay there with my trousers pulled down to my knees, fortunately I wore some blue shorts so that my bottom was covered. The door to the warden`s room had not been locked, and some of my classmates were outside and watching.

The doc cleaned the wounding by putting some desinfectant on it, which was very painfull. After that she covered it with a big bandage. The whole procedure lasted not more than about ten minutes, and I was very glad, when she replaced the rest of the bandage material into her emergency bag. I started to get up, when she said: "Well, we are almost ready. But you will need some antibiotics, otherweise there is a lot of danger for getting an infection. Stay as you are". I had no good feeling after that. Indeed she opened another bag, took out a small package, a glass bottle and a small transparent plastic container. " You aren`t afraid of shots, are you ?" she asked me. Then she opened the container, took out a long needle and then opened the package. Nothing seemed to be more terrible to me than to watch her while she assembled the big shot I would receive in a few seconds. After completion and filling the syringe out of the glass bottle - it looked to me as a dangerous projectile with the long flashing needle and the yellow fluid - the doctor told her assistant to leave the room and close the door. I wondered whether she would tell my classmates about my following treatment, but before I could think more about it, the doctor pulled my shorts down and exposed my buttocks. It started with a cold feeling of fluid, a short smell of desinfectant, and just after that a terrible and deep sting followed. The procedure lasted about half a minute, then it was over, and I could dress again. The assistant returned immediately and smiled at me with a look of compassion and awareness . Had she told my classmates about my injection or not ? When I left the room the first question of my classmate was: What was worse, the bite of the dog or your buttshot? So I knew she had not. For the next days my buttshot remained main topic at many occasions. It was really embarrassing and worse than the bite of the dog.

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