Monday, February 25, 2008

beautician gets it in her ass

I am Vahab . I am very crazy with butt injection. I received a lot but yet not given to any body.but very much interested to see the beautiful girls getting their buttock shots at hospital. I would like to share such a incident here .

It is about the girl (lady) named Reena a Beautician. She is around 33 with a good height and structure with a wheatish color.All of her beauty is vested in her buttocks .Her house is just
opposite to my office which is near to the junction ,where I am working for the last 4 years.I usually see her in home dress of gown (nightie) and very much interested to see in sarees because it give a excellent view of her buttocks which is very attractive.It is like the "veena kudam" a classical musical instrument.Whenever we got free time in our office our discussion will be about her back which is well shaped and nice one.Often I will imagine to give a shot to her
butt , but one day it came true to see me it.

It was a very heavy rainy day and I got out from my office after six o clock. When I was waiting for my bus at junction I saw she was going somewhere with her 5 year old son. I felt strange and handed over my bag in a shop and decided to follow her.She turned towards south and walked , my guess was correct , she entered in the S J M Hospital which is a small one.One the way I met
a friend and lost 2 minutes. I rushed the hospital. I have a doubt in my mind who is sick , her self or the child. 2 years ago I made a similar attempt but Reena escaped with some pills .That is also in my mind When I entered the hospital there was no body in the waiting chairs,with the small conversation i guessed that she is in the doctors cabin.i just went near to the cabin and looked
inside through the half door where i could see the lady doctor is taking her blood pressure. i sat on a chair. she quickly came out and went towards the pharmacy , as there is no rush she got her medicine and exchnged the cash and turned back.I am disappointed. But the nurse called her back and gave a piece of paper and told something, reena looked towards the injection room and slowly walked .My heart beat was its peak The injection room is located in a L shaped corner.
No body other than injection need not come to that area . when Reena was out of my sight i got up the chair and followed. a man came out from there with folding arms and piece of cotton between it.There was a round pillar at the edge of the corner, i stood back on it.usually there is a injection table is placed inside the room where the injection is carried out , but inaddition to that a new bed is placed out side the room where a old lady was sitting. the nurse came out with a syringe and a rubber tube and gave a injection to the old lady in her wrist vain. She speaked very loudly and from here speech i understood that she is taking the injection continously for the last four days for her cough but she is yet not relieved.

The nurse went inside and the old lady gave a unstrange smile to reena and left . The nurse came out and bought the prescription from Reena and without telling anything she went somewhere. reena sat on the bed, nurse came back quickly and when she approached reena she made a gentle smile and told in loclal language"kidanno reene, injection chandikkanu"(lay down reena, injection is on your buttocks)and she went inside. reena turned pale and her approach was she was not interested in it. she still sat in the bed.The nurse come out with a injection and told reena again "kidanno"'(lay down). The nurse pointed out her on buttocks to indicate reena that the injection is on buttocks.Reena told her something in a feable voice and nurse gave a reply.i coulnot here it but guessed that she pleaded for an arm shot and the nurse refused it.the nurse looked her wrist watch , she is in urgency to go her home because her duty time is over All the attempts of reena failed and with a half mind she decided to take the shot in butt. She stand up and turned against me , inserted her hand inside the saree to loose th skirt staps, then sat
on the bed and untied her chappals.the nurse told her something, she again standup and now turned towards me.I adjusted my position behind the pillar and her child was interested someting outside through the near by window.reena slowly moved the saree from her stomach and abdomen part and it is the first time i saw her deep and round navals. her abdomen was very much whitish in colour and seen slippery. she used a low hip while in dressing. she loosen the safety pin which is fixed her saree with the skirt and pierced it in the blouse, then took out the folding of the saree fully out from the skirt and lay down straight. nurse told her to turn her side and she laid on the side way. nurse moved the red saree from her right buttocks and she was wearing a maroon skirt under that. reena tried to slide down both the skirt and panties along but the nurse told her to take back her hands.she tried to do it on by one but find
difficult to slide down the skirt. so she told reena to lift her hip from the bed and when she did it nurse pulled down the skirt.Oh what a lovely seen was it my beauty queen was laying half naked, on the right buttock with a black panties.there was strap mark of her skirt around her waist and also a black thread around the hip. the panties could not cover more than half of her buttocks and it was comparitively a small one.The lower portion of her buttocks between
the panties and skirt where fully eyes turned red.There is no need to off the panties for taking the injection because the nurse can do it by just lifting the under portion of panties to required height.but she began to slide down it too. Strangely she hold the top mid of the panties and slided it from that region towrds thr right side. it also gave me a clear view of her buttock channels for more than two inch long. i could not control my self. There are also some tight marks around her low hip that is of her panties.Some white pregnancy stretch marks are also there in around her waist and hip but the buttock is seen very polished .Reena lifted her head to see whether any body watching it but the nurse replied there is no one. she rubbed the cotton on the middle of buttocks but so close to the buttock channels. It is the first time I saw a nurse injecting a shot such close to the channels, so why she removed the pantie.when the nurse swab the cotton her butt muscles gently shaked like the leaves move in the gentle breeze. Nurse pushed down the needle, reena remained calm but when the medicine begin to move in the muscle she felt pain. she lifted her head to see what is happening on her back.after a few second she did it once again. Then with the right hand she hold firmly above her waist and last she forced her face into the pillows. it took about 20-25 seconds to carry out the shot Then it happended .two guys quickly came into the corridor and they also saw the great scenary,they came to search some one in the hospital in a doudt.when reena felt it ,the nurse took out the needle and reena quickly lifted her skirts to cover the butt.all happened in a second.the two guys already turned back.nurse rubbed her buttocks over the skirt and told her to fold and release
her knees for some time . she did it the nurse told her to massage the area for few more seconds but she didnot did it.she tied her skirt strap in the position of laying without lifting the panties.
she got up the bed by holding her saree in one hand moved towards the corner to dress again. her saree is completely dis located and on the back side it lay on a low level which helped me to see the buttock size once again on a bare skirt.But upto the last she didnot lifted her panties to cover the buttocks, the nurse came out the room and she closed the door i felt to stand there stange and came out the hospital.

The two gents were stan ding near the hospital gate.reena came out after a few minutes the injection wsa very painful one she was rubbing the butt with her little finger firmly and when come out she took her hand away When she went near the gate one of the man asked her something.(he isher neighbour) with a shy face she answered and walked away with her son . the two men where enjoying her buttock movements and smiled by looking each once face.then i followed her .i felt she is in discomfort while in walking due to the mis position of her
panties.who knows other than me that she is walking with a slideddown panties upto thigh .

While on the way i met my coworker sasi he is on the way to his home on a bike. he asked me where i had gone I simply pointed towards a shop. but in my mind i say thanks to him because it is due to the one of the mistake committed by him in the evening forced me to stay so long in the office which results such a lovely realisation of dreams.At that time reena entered in her home by holding one arm of her son

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