Sunday, December 28, 2008

Doctor's experiance

Am experience of a Medical Doctor in her own words

I get fascinated by injecting young guys n girls. Thats why I joined medicine so that I can give injections to boys n girls.
               I want to share the experience I had 2 years ago when I got a chance to inject this guy name Sam. He is my classmate n my childhood friend n also my neighboour. Two years ago he met with an accident n had bruised his elbow n had a wound over his feet. So he came up to me n asked me the opinion. I examined him n dressed his wound n told him to get TT injection n also inj.taxim for 5 days n inj.Voveran. He went to the chemist to get the prescription. He came back half an hour later with the medicines. That day I had a chance to inject him thrice. Two through intramuscular route n the antibiotic through intravenous route.
                I went n washed my hands.I told him to remove his pant n his undy. Initially he hesitated but upon repeated insistence he removed them. That was the first time I saw my childhood friend almost nude. I saw his tool going up almost touching his tummy. I started preparing the injection. I took TT amp broke it open. Then I took 2cc syringe drew the medicine into it n capped it. Then I took 5cc syringe n similarly broke open Voveran amp n drew the medicine into it. He was watching the process quietly from the distance. I took the prepared syringes near him. Now I could see the fear in his face. His face was blushing with fear. I swabbed his left buttock with spirit. I could feel the spasm in his gluteal muscles. I consoled him that nothing will happen. I took the TT syringe n gently poked it in the upper n outer part of his buttock. He gave a jerk n then I started pushing the medicine with the piston. The medicine went in within 5 secs. Then I gently removed the syringe n swabbed the area again with the spirit. I took another swab n wiped the right buttock took the voveran syringe n poked into his right buttock. He gave a similar jerk. As I started injecting he started screaming with pain. I could see sweat dropping down from his temple. He begged me to stop injecting. I calmed him down n finished the process. I was thoroughly enjoying gourav’s pain. I told him to wear the pant.

               I started preparing taxim injection which is a powdered medicine comes in a vial that has to be mixed with distilled water n then has to be injected intravenously. I tied a tourniquet around his arm to make his veins prominent. I took the syringe n jabbed the most prominent vein n withdrew the piston for confirmation n then I started injecting the medicine slowly into his vein. I looked at Gourav’s face. He had closed his eyes tightly enough. I completed the injection in 2 min. then I removed the syringe n put the swab at the site n told him to hold the swab in the position for few min.
               After 5 min he left my house thanking me. I reminded him of the injections he is supposed to take for the next 5 days. The same night he came for the antibiotic injection. He asked me to give it intramuscularly as he started liking the pain of the injection. So for the next 5 days I had a chance to give intramuscularly. 
               That was a memorable day for me coz it was the first injection I gave.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

INjections to Doctor - Really nice

This Article was sent to me by one of the viewers.

I went to a lady doctor, whom I always admired because of her tight and saucy and tidy body, and her manners always made me admire her.

I told her that I am from a reputed Software company and I am very much bored with my life and I wanted to get counselling. 
After 4-5 days of counselling, the topic turned to Sex and the Doc was asking me if I have any Fetish, I was very very shy, and wanted to avoid that question, but I told her that I like Injections
She told me to tell what exactly I wanted in my fantasy, I told her that I want to give 3 injections to very beautiful lady, who is wearing saree, and has very nice figure, and very very emotionally compatible with me.

The injections should be really painful. 
She told me to come the next day for counselling, and the next day when I reached, she said, "you have a surprise today, see what I have for you" She removed the White Cloth on the Kidney tray, and there were 3 Glass syranges and the needles were very big, and also the gauge of the needles was bit and it was not a plastic holding needle, it was old fashined Steel Holding needle, instantly I got a big erection.

She asked me, "How do you like it?"  I said, I am excited now. 
She then did not say anything, and she loaded the first syrange with Red liquid, after breaking the glass of the Vial.  The injection was loaded with 6cc.  My heart started thumping.  She took the second injection and she loaded it with transparent liquid, again 6cc.  She said that the last syrange has to loaded at the time of giving the injection, as the powder, once mixed with the distilled water gets solidified once in contact with the air, it is very very painful injection, and needs to be administered immediately after the loading.  The other two injections are also painful.
I was getting spasms at my groin.
She stood up, and she was wearing saree, it was yellow saree, she was just covering her navel, but the curve of the waist was only covered with the saree, not the petticoat, it was so curvy and saucy, she exposed her navel to me, and removed the "naada" of her petticoat by untieing.  now her petticoat is loose, she turned her back to me, and said give me the Red Injection, I took the Red injection admiring and was trying to hand it to her,

she said, "Inject me", I was shell shocked with awe.  she slowly pulled the saree over her curvy waist, and was expecting me to pull the petticoat down, I took the Injection, and reached her from behind and pulled the petticoat to expose her soft smooth, round, and beautiful buttock, a bit too much, she suddenly had to use her hand to prevent me from totally making her nude,

then, I looked around and took the cotton in my hand, there was no spirit, still just to act as if I am professional, I pretended as if I am rubbing the spot with cotton, and I took the injection with the needle right below my 
index finger, and I pushed her buttock with my index finger and then skill fully slided the entire needle inside,

I got a immediate response from her "ssssss" once I inserted the needle, I started pressing the plunger, and I could see her reactions in the face through the mirror, but the liquid was getting inside easily and fast, the smell was B-complex type smell.  Once I finished the entireliquid, I was still trying to plunge in some more liquid, but there was no liquid and only the syrange was being pressed, she was gripping her teeth hard,

I once again jerked and slowly pulled the needle out.  She was nodding her head, and said the second injection is very painful, the colourless one, I took the injection and said that I would give it on the other side, she said, "no, give it on this side only"
I immediately took the syrange and with my index finger, I once again pushed the same spot where I gave her the first injection, now the needle is inserted almost 1 or 2 mm below the spot, and this time, the reaction was "ssss......aaaah", and when I was really injecting the fluid, she was closing her eyes very tightly and feelign the pain, the fluid was also moving in slowly, it seems it was thicker fluid.

It took almost twice the time to inject the fluid and when I removed the needle, I could see one or two drops of her tears.  she immediately started rubbing the spot very vigourously. and she was doing it for almost 2 minutes,
She told me to prepare the third injection by putting the distilled water into the vial and shaking it and loading again 6 cc, While I was preparing the injection, she turned towards me, and she started pulling the petticoat of the left side buttock a bit too low and she was pressing her buttock very hard, like Chapati floor.  she was obviously very scared.  when I finished the loading, she told me to give the injeciton immediately. but I delayed it a bit, and slowly inserted the needle, and when I started pushingthe plunger, her reaction was a big "hhhhhaaahaaa......." I myself was scared but I was pushing the plunger with force, very large force as the liquid was getting solidified, it was the most painful injection, I have ever imagined, she was shedding her tears down her cheeks, but I was not going to leave any drop of the Injection.

I injected the entire fluid, and removed the needle.  She simply put her index finger and cotton on the spot and she was just staring the roof, weeping for almost 2-3 minutes, and then, I started to presse her both buttocks with my powerful hand, she did not object, and I started after sometime, fondling her, and then finally sex, it was the best experience I ever had, with a beautiful lady doctor, willing to fullfil my fantasy. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shivranjini orgasms through injection part 4

Dr Motiwala was slowly rubbing Ranjini's ass with a cotton ball and the huge ass cheeks was jiggling and Ranjini started to moan a bit due to the pain/pleasure. Dr was rubbing the smooth silk like cheeks that resembled a ball of butter. The cotton and the spirit left a large round shining spot on her cheeks with a small red dot in the middle. The doc continued to massage the pained cheeks in a rounded fashion...

Dr: Mallika, I am sorry I hurt you while I came . I really did not mean to hurt you. Is it still hurting...

Mallika was in two minds, she had masterminded all this drama for herself , but it had horribly backfired on her friend, ranjini. On one hand she really wanted to satisfy her crave for getting injected in her bum, on the other she really dint want, what Ranjini got, and is going to get in the future.
Mallika: Ji doctor kuch nahi..
Dr: Dont be scared, nothing will happen..

Now mallika is a bit angry and furious
Mallika: How do say that? I am damn scared of you and ur injections. Poor girl you just took an injection you would give cattle and shoved it up her damn fucking ass. What do you think of yourselves you male chauvinistic pig.

Dr Motiwala is unperturbed and continues to massage Ranjini's bum and amid Ranjini's moans and hisses, turns to Mallika. He does not look angry, just gives a sly smile.

Dr: ha ha , bitch now you speak!

Dr Motiwala removes his hand from Ranjini and mallika is sitting on a chair right across the bed. She is sitting cross legged in an extreemely arrogant position , with her hand going up and down on her well grown plump ass.

Now Dr Motiwala, got up and his hand went straight up to mallika's ears which were covered by her hair, then he suddenly started twisting her ear, as a strict school master twists the ear of a naughty student.

ow, ow owowow owwwwwwwwww, please what r u doing, Mallika quickly got up from the chair and tried to break free from Dr Motiwala, but his grip was quite tight, Now her both hands were trying to catch the hands of Dr Motiwala, in an attempt to breakfree from him. .

Dr Motiwala now sat down on the chair that Mallika was sitting, his grip strong on her ears. Now Mallika had almost bent down and had started getting restless and started moving her hands and legs violently. Please doctor Please leave me , I am sorry , i should not have told it. All this while Ranjini is lying on the bed unconscious and enjoying her pain, occasionally moaning, hissing and moving her hands over her bums.
Dr Motiwala brought Mallika's face close to both his thighs and her torso bent over his knee. It looked like he had on her knees and getting ready to spank her bottom. Now after few mins, Mallika cooled down a bit and was helpless and was sobbing a bit and tears rolling down her chin.

Now the doctor spoke and the lady on his knees listened , anyways she did not have a choice.

Mallika, you think you are a smart ass. You are right, your bottom is indeed smart...

Smack, he gave mighty blow on her ass

owwwwwwww, she howled..., Doctor what are you doing..
But I am smarter than you,
you bitch, What do you think , I dont know the games you play!

Mallika: What What doctor, I am confused, What are you talking about..

Smack, Smack Smack, Smack, Smack, there goes another 5 hard seasoned
blows on her supple bottom

Mallika: ok ok ok ok, sorry sorry sorry!. I will tell u..But I still dont know what you are talking about. Please don't do like this doctor please tell me what you want, she pleaded..

Doctor: Promise you will tell the truth, otherwise, the doc picked up a 10CC syringe fille
d for Ranjini held it at Mallika's eye level with one hand and while the other hand pulled the nada of her petticoat and went to dismantle the knot of her saree. Now the doctor had released his grip on her ear. She had no reason lie on his knee with her bottom in such a vulnerable position, yet she continued to lay there still mesmerized by his fear. Seeing the huge syringe and his actions on her saree, she was stunned with her eye balls popping up and she clenching her butts tightly and taking in a deep breath. She was certainly horrified.her heart was beating fast and she had goose bumps all over.

Mallika: Doctor please please, I will tell u the truth.

Doctor: WHy did u call me?

Mallika:(Still taking a chance)Because Ranjini was not feeling well.

Dr Motiwala was furious now, he removed knot of her saree and opened up the petticoat and the saree, like a kid opens up his gift. Now her panties were exposed, the panties had gone and scuttled in her ass crack completely and both her ass cheeks were completely visible.. He started applying spirit to her right ass cheek. and he started pushing out the air bubbles out of the syring..

Now mallika knew she had no choice.

ok ok doctor you are right ranjini dint have any pppppppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeeeeemmmmmm.

By the time she had finished her sentence Dr Motiwala had inserted the needle in her ass and she started experiencing the first fists of pain that she longed for all these days. She experienced ecstasy, joy and a slight orgasmic experience that she could not explain. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and raised her neck and head and let out a light moan aaaaaaaaaah, and she just let herself be in that feeling. That pretty little needle though was big and scary for most would not have caused much pain to her fully mature, fleshy and fluffy ass, yet her eyes were moist may be because of what she experienced and her longing for it. She turned around to look, her eyes were moist , lips were curled and her face expressed only thanks and gratitude for the doctor who had satisfied her crave.....

Now Mallika If you do not speak I will ahead and pump this whole stuff in here.... the doctor threatened her..

No doctor no, you are right doctor, I called you for this only. Both of us have severe liking for injections given to our butts. But our husbands suspect that we have a liking so we really cant get our liking satisfied regularly, and thats y we called you doctor.


Doctor, poor Ranjini she is in real pain, Why did u do it to her...

Oh no I was just having a bit of fun. Ask her once she gets up she must have enjoyed a lot...

How do u know doctor?

I am am giving injections to ladies like you from a long time dear..

ok doctor can you remove the needle,

oh you should I remove it , i will complete the injection.

No doctor I cant take it please please.

Comeon dont be a sissy, be bold

No doc please,,

ok I will give 5 cc, is that ok with u

oh ya 5 cc, will be difficult but I think its ok. and doctor will you give Ranjini the rest of the shots forcefully.

No dear, only if she wants

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shivaranjini orgasms through injection- Part 3

as her friend helped her to bed, she 

couldnt get her eyes of the syringes, they were all 10ccs with long thick needles and each was almost half ful


Now her friend was also in pain.. she had got hit by Dr s huge bag and the fallen to the hard floor was not graceful either... And She was also fond of injections, but now even she was afraid... She badly wanted an injection just warm her buttocks and enjoy the pain, even she did not want such heavy doses injected into her smooth buttocks. She did not want to agonise the pain. But if she dint say or do something she would not get a single injection and the whole drama would be wasted!!.

mallika wanted to do something, she was already in pain and limping..She really dint want to let this chance go.

Now she was helping ranjitha get to the bed. Beads of sweat were formed on her head and she was looking all the more raunchy. Dr Motiwala was all the more amuse at the state of these horny bitches. He had converted them into his slaves in a small span of 30 mins. Now he wanted more. While Mallika was helping Ranjitha get into bed
they were whispering..
Mallika: I think you got too lucky, with 4 injections baap re.
Ranjini: please I dont need those injections they will be damn painful and My butt will hurt probably for months. those loook like injection given to animals. oh!!, I donno I just cant bear them.

What is all that whispering commands Dr Motiwala, Now both the ladies get consious, nothing sir , nothing.
ok ranjini , I want you to get ready for the shots... Do you want to turn around side ways or stand or sleep on ur tummy or something else you decide.. At this point both the ladies were stunned beyond words. their jaws dropped and Ranjini gripped with fear as she dint know what to do. All she expected was a simple injection which would pain at the most a week and mallika too expected the same. But .... her butts will get more.

Now Dr motiwals, held one syringe vertically close to his eyes. The syringe was really enormous, exactly like what Ranjini had guessed, it resembled one of those injections given to cattle. It was atleast 10 CC syringe and a 2 inch needle. and the needle was 15 guage, that was quite thick. And he slowly aspirated, and the scene looked marvellous. Little drops of water fell off the huge syringe. and Dr Motiwala was gently tapping the syringe and pressing the plunger holding the syringe upwards at the level of his eye , and these two women were staring into nothing ness with their jaws dropped.

Dr Motiwala took out a large cotton swab and opened a bottle of spirit. He liberally poured the spirit into the cottton ball. The smell of the spirit spread across the room intoxicating everybody in the room including the doctor, and the 2 shell shocked ladies.

Doctor : Ranjini Ji please , turn around. Mallika please help her loodsen her saree.

Now Ranjini dint really have any choice or did she.  She decided to try out the first shot, She turned around such that her backside was onto the doctorr's face, She loosened the nada of her petticoat, and pulled the expanding petticoat. Now malika pulled her saree along with her patticoat down to expose her vast butt cheek . A bit of the crack was also visible. Then the doctor went ahead and applied spirit to her entire right butt cheek

Ranjini:ssssssssssssss, she hissed and moaned, Her long crave for a real injection ....At this time she had goose bumps on all her body, particularly on her butt cheeks.

Dr Motiwala , took a dry cotton swab and wiped the right cheek lightly, just to take out the extra spirit.

Dr Motiwala :Ranjini ji please take a deep breath, this is going to sting a bit.

Ranjini: oh is itttttttttttttttttttt. docccccteeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

By the time she had finished the sentence, out Doctor had inserted the needle into her soft plumpy butt cheek. The scene looked similar to poking a soft burger with a tooth pick. This time the tooth pick was much sharper and bigger. Now Ranjini was trying to turn back to see whats happening. Mallika was worried that show would see the plight of her butts so she was moving her her head towards left and firmly placed her hand on her waist.

The syringe protruded away from her butts towards the ceiling and the doctor was sitting and aspirated and no blood was seen.

Dr motiwala: Ranjini Ji please do not cringe ur cheeks , it will hurt more.(as if it was hurting any less now)

Now Ranjini had tightly closed her eyes and her lips widely parted. and was waiting for the pain.

Her expression was similar to that of her first fuck when she was in immense pain and thorouhgly enjoyed and had a wonderful orgasm.

Now slowly Dr motiwala started pressing the plunger, Initially the pain was  less , bearable and even pleasurable. Slowly her cringe dissappeared and she smiled a bit and started enjoying it. and even moaning like while having sex.

Ranjini: mmmmmmmmm, ummmmmmmm, aaaaaaa

After about 1 cc of medicined had gone inside , it started to sting , 

mmmm, aaaa, oh oh oh wow.
As an instant reaction she tried to place her hand on the injection site. Mallika made sure her hand is placed at the right place.

Now almost 2cc had gone in, just now ranjini had started experiencing real pain. Now Dr Motiwala stopped for a while , for he know that the pain would really start now!.

Dr Motiwala: Mallika ji, You need to hold her tight now, Ranjini ji, please done scream

Mallika tightened her grip on her waist, Ranjini dint understand and thought that she will not scream, 

Ranjini: ok Doc I wont scream , Please continue...

Now he started pushing the plunger ...

oooooooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh doctor please plaease she started pleading

Mallika ji please put ur hand on her mouth so that she stops screaming , Ranjini ji please dont scream , You r not a kid..

Mallika :But doctor then she will start moving then..
Dr Motiwala Dont worry, I will manage,
Mallika : But how doc you are giving the injection
Dr Motiwala now did something that surprised Mallika to no bounds, He got up and put his one leg towards Ranjini's left side and the other on her right side and literally sat on her thighs. He was very heavy and Ranjini was literally immobilized now.

Ranjini: ufff ufff uff,
she was panting and every breath was difficult .

Now Mallika moved closer to her and lighly closed her mouth. now all set Dr motiwala again started pressing the plunger, as the medicine was going in , it not only stinging it was also burning , so Ranjini ws trying hard to escape and shout and howl. She even tried to bit mallika' s hand,...

Mallika : oww, she removed her hand instantaniously 

Ranjini:woooooo wooooooo woooooo , oiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ma am ama ma ama ma am 
Now the doc was almost done and he removed the needle from her butt and a small drop of blood was seen on her butt cheek , he quicky took a large cotton swap and pressed the spot tightly, she let out a scream and was almost silent next instant...

She had almost passed out due to the pain...

Mallika : What happenned doc?
Doc: Oh nothing she just passed out due to the pain, 
Now the doc turned her and let her sleep on her stomach 
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