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From the archives - Injection Peeping

A couple of years back I had a mobile sales & service outlet, adjacent to a small clinic.The compound wall behind the mobile shop/clinic was built narrow, so if one happened to open the back door of the mobile shop nobody could find out. There was a 1 feet wide slit ,in the clinic's window, but the Doctor was too busy to fix it up, making it the ultimate time pass for me. So whenever I was free and found that some hot female was inside the clinic i would move to the backdoor.

Annie Jacob was one of the hottest women in the entire area, she's around 39 married with two kids and was quite rich too. She had an excellent figure, what guys generally call "super aunty". She was fully developed, big boobs ,shapely thighs and sort of full/plump ass. She mostly wore jeans/tshirt or sleeveless top/knee length skirt. One day i noticed her parking her kinetic honda in the front gate, it was around 1 p.m afternoon, so nobody else was present, in both the clinic and the mobile shop. So immediately I closed the front door and reached near the backside compound wall.

Related image
The Doctor was a nice guy in his early 40s, well regarded in the area. She entered and greeted the Doctor. Annie wore a pink colour t-shirt and tight blue jeans that brought out her shape nicely. Dr.Durai then checked her vitals and she had a long conversation with the Doctor about symptoms and causes of infection. The discussion went on for around 15 minutes and the Doctor then told her about his diagnosis. She agreed with him and he searches his shelf for medicines mentioning that particular vaccine is not given on a regular basis, so he wants to see if he has stock ,otherwise she may have to come next day. He returns back to her smiling that luckily its available, so she can take her injection today itself. 

He asks her to climb on the table near the window and lie down. She just goes to lean sideways, he again asks her to leave her slippers in the floor and loosen her pants, lie down in her stomach. She just follows the Doctor's words and he asks her to pull down her pant and panties 

Image result for nude ass jeans
.Meanwhile he picks up some cream and comes near her. He asks her to lower her pant and underwear down,she looks confused at him. He then explains to her, about the medical procedure, that the EMLA cream he was holding is a local anesthetic, he had to apply that in the injection spot, leave it for 15 minutes and then give the injection. He shows the medical procedure guidance written in the medicine vial, to convince her. She agreed and pulls her jeans still down, but it wasn't enough, the Doctor with his own hands helped her to pull the jeans well past her butt, to mid thigh and adjusted the white panties near mid thigh too.

OHH my god, I could not believe what was happening, Annie Jacob was lying down in the Doctor's clinic with her buttocks fully exposed, also thighs partially.

I really envied the Doctor, but still thought I was very lucky that day. Her buttocks was sooo smooth and fair, I was going crazy. The Doctor then applies the cream in the center of her left buttocks first for a minute and then the right buttocks next. He then keeps talking to her standing there ,every now and then glancing on that gorgeous ass. He explains why he had to do this, the medicine is not a liquid its actually a suspension, i.e. semisolid. Since the actual medicine is so thick, it will be mixed with another liquid so that it can be given as injection .Even after mixing, it will still be a highly viscous fluid, so it's going to be very painful. 

Annie Jacob looked back and gave a shocked look. He mentioned thats why he was giving the injection as two doses, one in each side. He convinces her that, if she takes the injection today, she wont have any further problems. After around 10 minutes, he goes to prepare the injection, the room was totally silent. I sensed that Annie Jacob was very jittery about the injection, because Doctors always say it wont sting for painful injections,but today he told her that it will be very painful.

He mixed the actual medicine,the Benzaldehyde penicillin and Lidocaine in a new bottle using syringe and kept on shaking the bottle so that it suspension dissolves well enough. He drew up the liquid in two syringes, came to her.

He waited for a couple of minutes,checking her ass about the anesthetic. Then he kept on taking to her ,to relieve some tension and cleaned the right cheek first. He smacked her right ass hard, grabbed some ass between fingers, then jabbed the long needle and drove the medicine slowly in.It took more than 10 minute. ,Annie Jacob was constantly making moaning, squirming aaaaah,oooh,sssssss..It was clear that she was in tears, she pleaded the Doctor not to give her the next one, but he somehow smiled and convinced her to take it.

He gave the shot in her left cheek,using the same method,now she was clasping her hands and gritting her teeth making louder noise. After giving the injections, the Doctor asked her lie down for 2 minutes, the applied two small band aids in the extremely sore injection spot. She screamed when he put the band aids on, now he helped her to pull up the jeans and panties, her face was fully red now, she sat down with great discomfort and composed herself. 

She paid the Doctor fee,and the Doctor advised her to use ice packs, folding ice cubes in kerchiefs and keep them on her buttocks, during night. He told her that the injection had to be given, so he did that and it will at least pain for 3 days. In case if she had any allergy she has to call him and inform.I ran to the front door and she came outside very upset, rubbing her buttocks and she had trouble sitting in her scooter seat. 

So on this lucky day, I got to see a hot female revealing her ass for about 20 mins and getting a very painful injection. I was very jealous of the Doctor too, he could ask her to expose her ass and touch it, give her a painful shot in her buttocks.

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Doctor Romance with Patient and Injection videos.

  1. Doctor Patient romance with patient.
  2. Ass injection to bhabhi.
  3. Dehati Injection song.
  4. Full song where the doctor, is convincing the young patient to take injection in ass. Amazing expressions and one of the earliest bhojpuri ass injection songs. 
  5. Dehati ass injection video. The Actress looks great

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Memoir of a Doctor - Part 6: contract with Dr. Das

Me: Wow! wonderful dear. Wonderful!

Related imageI brought out the champagne bottle and popped it open. Madhu bought 2 glasses. I was sitting on the sofa and she came and sat on the sofa handle cushion. So that her butts protruded towards the inside and she was actually sitting on her thighs. The saree was stretched on the butts and it was thin and she was not wearing any panties, so I could see the injection spot which had a band aid on it. It was scintillating for me. I gently touched the injection spot.,,, “ssssss’ hissed my Madhu.

Me: Hmmm, Madhu, is it paining still?

Madhu: No doctor, just little numbing pain, sort of pleasure. Anyway, Doctor, shall I tell you about other 2 injections…
Me: I looked at my watch, oh Madhu, its 2 am , I have to go now, I think u should sleep as well
Madhu: Ok Doctor, what should I do tomorrow ?
Me: Hmm that depends dear, what do you suggest?
Madhu: He has prescribed me antibiotics for 10 days and he told he will  
Me: (Cutting her words) Aaaha! smart asshole, acting as he has hit a jackpot right
Madhu: ha ha ha ha, you are right!
Me: (I took out a cream and spray) Apply this on your buttocks, it will reduce pain.
Me: So Madhu, What do you say?, What should be done tomorrow?
Madhu: Even I am not sure, doc. Should I go to clinic tomorrow or not? I am still thinking.
Me: Madhu, I want you to indulge him for few more days, its like addiction. I hope you understand. Let him call u tomorrow, wait for it. Tell Dr Das, that you are not well and u wont be coming. My guess is that he will come to your house. Tell him no and that you will get injection from a compounder near your house.

He will insist, allow him. Then when he comes, u know what to do right. Take the injection from him. Let it go on for a few days. After few day u disappear. He will come to me enquiring about you

Everything happened as per our plan. He came to my clinic. I was happier than ever

Then in my clinic.

Dr Das comes to my clinic to enquire about Madhu.

Me: Oh Dr Das, please come.
When he asked about Madhu. I said him I don't know. I asked him whether she is safe, and what happened?
He was very afraid and he blurted out everything.

Me: Hmm doctor, you r very naughty, please dont be afraid. I will manage everything.
Dr. Das: Doctor, won't there be any police case.
Me: Dr Das, nothing of that sort, I promise. I want you to relax. I have an appointment with a patient, I want you to stay along.

I had instructed Madhu to come along but wearing a burqa, so Dr Das does not recognise her. As she came along,  I took her behind a screen. Examined her and then came out prepared an injection, rather large one, as I prepared it, I winked at Dr Das, then smiled at him. I went in gave her the injection, There was glass separating the examining section and the consulting room. Dr Das was able to see everything in hazy, but not completely
After that the patient left, Then I broached the topic

Me: Dr Das, I will call Madhu Sharma, personally and make sure that she doesn't do anything funny. I will also meet her and ensure that nothing gets out.
Dr. Das: Hmmm Dr Manit, I am very grateful to you. I don't know how to repay you.
Me: Dr Das, I have done nothing.
Dr. Das: Dr Manit, I think u r very lucky, you get the best of patients and the best of everything.
Me: Dr Das, Dr Das, I understand how you feel, But you know what I consider you to be very lucky, Seriously.
Dr. Das: Dr Manit, please stop joking, just 10 mins ago we had proof right here isn't it!....
Me: Dr Das, I am serious let me explain, I know that you have recently won a plump posting with Air India. Congratulation for that.
Dr. Das: Oh, I don't know y u r calling that a plum popsting, theres no work, nobody respects me, I am getting frustrated, I go everyday, sit and come back.
Me: I know Dr Das, Hear me out. Do you know how many employees, are there in this air line?,You are the  Chief Medical Officer there
Dr. Das: I don't know may be 1000, but nobody comes
Me: Do you know there are 100s of Air hostesses and a several hundreds of ground staff.
Dr. Das: So?
Me: Dr Das, I have a proposal for you, I believe this is lucrative in every way. I think you don't understand it still, but I can help you, but what do I gain?
Dr. Das: Dr Manit, you tell me how you can help me and how you will gain?
Me: What you need is a team which will propose and execute new medical plans for the airlines..
I will create a proposal , in exchange you will provide the contract to my company to provide comprehensive medical services.
Dr. Das: (Angrily) And what do I gain?
Me: Coming to that: First, monetary we will split 50:50 all the profits between, my company and yours after all costs.

And  do you understand that globally Airline staff have to undergo medical tests twice a year and on an average
have to take anywhere between 3-5 vaccinations per year. Dr Das, do you understand what I am saying?

I saw that Dr das was still confused.

Me: There are almost 600 women at your disposal all of them will have to take vaccinations atleast 2-3 times a year. And you know where those vaccinations go don't you…

I was seeing Dr Das eyes light up. He was very happy, He actually got up and hugged me

Dr. Das: Doctor, You are great , you are genius!!
hand,needle,finger,medicine,nail,lipMe: So Dr Das, I take it that you have agreed to my proposal. I have a small contract here, which seals our deal. I hear that a lot of people are behind you for this deal. And I don't want to lose the chance, by delaying

Dr Das, was a bit hesitant …
Me: Dr Das, look everybody can give you a lot of money. What I can provide is something more than just money. First nobody will be able to trace that any transaction has happened, I will make sure of that, mostly because it's just 2 people. For others it's a lot of people involved from non medical fields, there is a lot of risk. Then the most important thing, lets not deny it, you have a liking for giving , you know certain treatments such as injections to the the fairer sex, and mostly intramuscular right. So as me

We both laughed.

Dr. Das: Dr Manit, you are spot on! I passed the contract to him, I have signed it , I want you to sign it now.
I will tell  you the details later.

Dr Das signed the contract after reading it. He got up to go, but I felt he was hesitant

Me: Dr Das, We are friends now, what is bothering you, is there anything I can do for you?
Dr. Das: Dr Manit, I am a little worried about Madhu, you know, if anything comes out, It will be very bad for me
Me: Dr Das, I assure you nothing of that sort will happen
Dr. Das: Dr Manit, if you say so, And another thing, I don't know how to put it, I want to... I want to, you know, Madhu right? I told you everything, she is special, if possible, you know if she agrees, I would like to... like to
You know give her, give her complete dose u see, some 5 injections are left
Me: Ok Dr Das, I will try speaking to her.

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Forceful injections to wife

Image result for cinderella esqueIt was Meera’s 30th birthday and she wanted to have fun - a grand celebration indeed. Meera and Mohan (Meera’s husband) had planned the party together. They had booked a party hall, got it decorated from the professional decorators, bought delicately made yummiest cake in the town and everything was set. They were eager for evening to start. Meera wore the finest of her attire - a pure white, strapless, cinderellaesque gown. She was looking stunningly beautiful. Mohan, like a gentleman which he was, dressed in black, sharp-looking and well-fitted suit.

As sun started to drown and night started to dawn, the party hall started to fill with family and friends. Everyone was trying to have fun in their own way. Meera and Mohan were looking lovely together. Mohan just as he turned towards Meera, couldn’t stop noticing her smile, a very beautiful smile. He wanted to kiss her right away. But just before he made his movement, he sensed something is different and the reason for her smile is not just the party or himself. It is something else. When he turned to see what she was staring at, it was him, Aarav - the person Mohan hated the most. He was Meera’s ex-boyfriend. Though Meera had said Mohan everything is over between Aarav and her, Mohan always had a feeling that they have an ongoing relationship. While Mohan was indulged in his fury, Aarav comfortably walked upto Meera and gave her a peck on her cheeks and wished her a happy birthday. Mohan wanted to bash him immediately but he controlled himself and decided to take a break from the party. He walked towards the balcony, gulped down the champagne and stood there wondering what he should be doing about this.

After an hour, when Mohan came back to party hall, he couldnt find Meera anywhere. He was wondering where did she go. Quickly he ran to the reception to check if she went out of the party hall. But for his shock, the lady at the reception said that she is in room 506. Mohan was sure what Meera was upto. Mohan before running to the room decided to drive to a medical stores nearby and get a few medicines which his wife might have to take later. Once he got all the medicines, without any delay, he rushed to room no. 506. Kicked and opened the door.

There she was, on bed, with her ex-boyfriend, Aarav. Her beautiful gown was on the dressing table. She was wrapped up in a towel. And Aarav was half-naked. As soon as Aarav saw Mohan, he got out of the bed, put his shirt back on and got away. But Meera was lying there in a shock - unsure of what to do. She was trying to talk. But she was not sure what to talk. All she could blabber was, “I… I… I am sorry..! I didn’t mean to do this. It was just.. Just…” Mohan cut her sentencse. “DO YOU LOVE ME?!!!!”
Meera: I absolutely love you
Mohan: Then, why did you do this?
Meera: It was just.. I don’t know.. I am really sorry about this. I… I..
Mohan: Enough, Meera! I don’t want to take this shit! I am going down to party hall and will announce to everyone that our marriage is over!
Meera: Oh no no.. Please… Please don’t do that! I love you! I will make sure this will never happen again. Please, forgive me this time.. Please…
Mohan: How can I believe you?!
Meera: I will do whatever you say. From now on, I won’t be in contact with Aarav as well.
Mohan: I will make sure of that. Even if he tries to contact you, I will make sure you don’t talk to him.
Meera: What do you mean? What do you want to do now?
Mohan: You know what I mean, my doll! You know what I mean! Take off the towel. And get on to a doggy position!
Meera: Mohan, no, no! Please don’t do that here.
Mohan (In a stern voice): to your position, now!!!
Meera: Please Mohan, spare me this time..
Mohan: You invited this trouble Meera. Don’t ask me to spare you now! Get on to the position right now!

Image result for injection in doggy positionMeera takes off her towel completely and get on the doggy position. Mohan goes forward, ties her hands with a cuff. And gets out the medicines and the apparatus he brought. He places everything in front of Meera to scare her more - two 2 ml syringes, two 5 ml syringes. And a powdered medicine bottle and a bottle of saline.

Mohan: Meera, you know what are we going to do now. Right?
Meera: Ya Mohan.
Mohan: Call me sir!
Meera: Yes sir.
Mohan: Good!

Mohan bends towards her face, get the 2 ml syringes and fill both the syringes with the medicines. Place them in front of Meera’s face. And take 5 ml syringes and fill them with saline and keep it near her. She cringes looking at that.

Meera is a robust soul. But the only thing that could make her a scared kid is injections. Since childhood, she always feared injection. She had episodes of faking giddiness before the vaccination just to escape from the shots. But her family always made sure she gets what she needs - no matter if it is by tying her up or all the nurses holding her down. Mohan, although wanted to help her overcome the fear, the best way he found in treating this fear was by exposing her to injections again and again. Along with helping her, he found fun in injecting her soft, white, buttery buttocks while making her scream in pain.

Mohan: So, Meera, are you ready?
Meera: Yes sir. (Her tears already rolling down.)
He took the first 2 ml syringe of liquified powdered medicine. Pouring alcohol all over her buttocks asked,
Mohan: Do you want to know where I will inject this?
Meera: No sir.
Mohan: Are you a scared chicken now?
Meera just nods her head.
Related imageMohan: Aww, baby, you could have thought about it while you were (Snaps the needle in the inner part of the right butt)..
Meera screams and jerks.
Mohan: Where was I? Oh ya, while you were sleeping with your ex! Is it hurting, baby?
Meera: Yes, sir.
Mohan: You will get the actual pain now!
He pumps the medicine inside. Meera couldnt control her scream. She starts begging him to stop.
Mohan: No, baby. It is for your good! Relax!
He injects the entire medicines and take out the needle.
Mohan: So, ready for the next shot, honey?
Meera: No, please.
Mohan: What are we supposed to address me as?!!
Meera: Siiiiirrrrr! (He darts the next needle in the left butt even before she completes her word)
Mohan: That’s like a good girl!
He starts pushing the medicine.
Meera: Ssssss… hmmm…. ammmmmmma……….Mooohaaannnnn, pleeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeee stooooppppp!
Mohan: Second one done, baby.
Meera: Sir, I can’t take more shots. Will you please give me after the party?
Mohan: After the party?! Are you kidding me?! You got to take it now!!
Meera starts sobbing.
Mohan: Stop crying! And get ready for the shot.
Even before Meera responds, Mohan pushes needle in on the same injections spot where he had given the first shot. Meera, tries to wriggle in pain.
Mohan: Meera, stop it! You will break the needle!
Meera tries to control her movement.
Mohan: And baby, this is gonna burn.
Mohan pushes the needle in and starts pumping the medicine. Meera starts crying loudly.
Mohan: Baby, it is 5 ml. And it will make sure you never think of seeing your ex again.
Mohan, without any mercy, pushes the medicine in furiously. Meera tries to move but Mohan get hold of her by putting his hand under her tummy.
Mohan: Meera, dont move!!!!
Meera: Please Mohan, I beg you!! I ll never see him again! Stop injecting. I can’t take it.. She cries loudly in pain. Ssssss………..aaaaaaaaaaah….
Mohan: It is over baby… It is over!

Mohan: So, Meera, now, it is your cal. If you assure me you will never see him again, i will spare you from this injection. And in case, you meet him again in spite of telling me you wont, you would be getting 5 of these kind of shots. Or you can take the last shot now and get to see him one last time. What do you want to do?
Meera: I won’t meet him, Mohan. I will never meet him. Please don’t give me that injection. I beg you!
Mohan: Okay, i believe you. Get up now and get ready. We will go to the party hall. Everyone might be eager to see this limping doll now.
Meera gets up from her doggy position. Mohan takes off the cuff and helps her dress up.
Mohan: So, are we ready?
Meera: Ya (she nods her head)
Mohan: Let’s go. (He give tight spank on her injection spots)
Meera jumps in pain and walks towards the lift limping.

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Indian injection videos - 5 amazing injections in navel and buttocks

  1. Bhojpuri lady wearing blue saree gets injection in her butts, slightly above butts, nice expressions and good exposure.
  2. Yestear actress Nalini gets multiple injections around her navel from Doctor, later falls in love with the doctor. She is wearing white and red saree. Injections are given as she lies down in the clinic.
  3. Navel injection to telugu actress in recent movie Ayyindha Leda, where comedian hero gives injection to heroine for dog bite. injection is given to navel and heroine is wearing tshirt and small shorts.
  4. Comedy video where a young girl shows her ass for injections. Dehati video.
  5. Same girl as first video comes for 2ndd injection in ass wearing different saree, amazing expressions and exposure. 

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